Diecast Models Australia

Diecast Models Australia

Diecast toys have been popular for several generations. Being metal they tend to last, even as the vehicles and objects they represent become obsolete. They have remained popular collector’s items since the children who originally owned them grew to maturity.


Early die cast model toys were little more than the outer shape of a vehicle with working wheels. Over time more details were added, including windows and interiors. Opening doors and other features were introduced as different manufacturers competed for sales. Latter models had very fine detail, and were aimed at adult collectors rather than children. Many were not suitable as toys, sometimes being mounted on an immovable base designed for display.


The values of die cast toys is as unpredictable as any other collectable. Any toy from a popular film or cultural phenomena will tend to be popular, but value is often based scarcity rather than popularity. Nonetheless, famous model vehicles, real or fictional, are well worth investing in.


Diecast Online Australia                      

Unlike some items, such as clothing that must be the right size, die cast toys are ideal for online ordering. They remain popular as presents and as collectables.

Car Ceramic Coating Perth


Pristine, shiny paintwork is the most important aspect of a new looking car. If the paintwork is flawed there is nothing we can do to compensate; a good looking car always has good looking paintwork. Preserving the shine and preventing damage is the Holy Grail when it comes to the looking after the appearance of an automobile.


It is possible to cover the whole vehicle with a car wrap, and this will preserve the appearance of the paint underneath. But the problem is we cannot see the paint. We are effectively hiding the car. This is only really an advantage when preserving the paintwork for resale value, though car wraps are excellent for design work or advertising.


An increasingly popular alternative is Nano coatings. These use the same principle that has been applied to pottery and other materials for many centuries – a clear hard shiny coating is put over the paint to protect it. But when used for automobile paint this protective coating is both more advanced and near invisible.


The technology used for coating a car’s paintwork work is based on polymers. These coatings bond at a chemical level. They are far more than just an additional clear coat of paint or vanish; they literally prevent water from staying on the surface of the vehicle. While the coating bonds to the car paint nothing will bond to the outside of the coating. Moisture and dust slide away, acidic compounds cause no damage, and the Sun’s UV rays do not compromise the car’s appearance.


Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth

If you have a car’s whose appearance is important to you, or which you wish to preserve for resale, consider a ceramic, nanoparticle coating such as Zenulease. A thorough cleaning of your car beforehand is essential to maximise the benefits of the protective coating.

Human Driving


Out state of mind affects our driving. Some examples that cause us to be driving below our normal ability include:



Anger certainly affects how we behave. Deliberate violence against other drivers is rare, but anger massively compromises our ability to concentrate and make rational decisions. Driving can often make the anger worse as there are always situations that aggravate us; often situation that we would dismiss as unimportant when in another mood. Find ways to resolve anger issues, remembering that everybody has their bad days,



Anxiety can lead to panic attacks, poor concentration and other dangerous states of mind. It is a little like the dilemmas we have with stage fright- we are afraid of a bad performance, and realize that the fear actually causes a bad performance.

Anxiety about driving requires professional help. But if you have anxiety or stress from any other factor in your life, the type of thing that we all endure at one point or another, then it might be best to avoid the driver’s wheel for a day or two.


Lack of Anxiety

This seems odd considering the picerroblems that anxiety causes. But lack of anxiety starts to look like complacency. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are 100% safe; drive knowing that the road has a few dangers that need avoiding.



This is surprizing till one catches oneself making a mistake. There is the old joke about the girl who tried to hide the fact she was using a mobile phone at a service station. Trying to explain the situation to the police the next day she was surprized to realize that she had driven off without paying for the petrol, and that was why the police had tracked her down. We don’t realize how covering up our behaviour causes us to act differently and not respond in a normal and appropriate way.


Brake Pads Sydney

Humans and their interaction with the world is a complex thing. But looking after your car means much less chance of mechanical failure. Looking after your car also tends to put us in a better mood and make us better drivers. If we take some pride in our vehicles and our ability to drive them we tend to be more careful with them.


When it comes to your car a brake pads supplier should be high on the list of priorities. The brakes pad catalogue should have at least one, if not more options, for any car.

HI CAR WASH – Car Advertising Perth

hi car wash

Advertising Car Wrapping Perth

The benefits of car wrapping on company vehicles are fairly easy to understand – a sense of solidarity for the employees, free advertising when they drive on the road. But there is another commercial use – simply advertising on cars.


Advertising need not be on vehicles owned by the company. There is a trend where a company pay other drivers to display suitable advertising on their private vehicles. The drivers must be out and about on the roads for a sufficient amount of time, and the general routes they take are noted. If eligible, that can display advertising on their car appropriate for the area they drive in and the demographic most likely to see it.


The drivers collect a fee for this, but not a particular large one. Companies pay $2000.oo for their advertising to be displayed prominently on a private car, which breaks down to about $40.oo per week. This is not a huge outlay for the advertiser compared to some mediums. And it may not seem a huge income for the driver; yet it is supplemental income, and the driver need not do any travel that they weren’t already doing.


Car Window Tinting Perth

A car is physically and metaphorically cooler with tinted windows. It we take some joy in the details of life we should take some joy in looking after the car we drive. Make your car better with just the right tint of windows.


Car Detailing Perth

Car detailing looks after all the little factors that make a vehicle so much better to drive. Take pleasure in the details of life.


ICER OCEANIA – Tyre and Brake Advice Part 2

TEXT ICER OCEANIA – Tyre and Brake Advice Part 2

Brake Pads

Brakes can be made to last longer, while maintaining good performance, with good driving technique.

Sudden stops put a lot of stress and wear on brakes. The force involved goes up as the square of the speed, which is high school physics. Double the speed means four times the force, which the brakes have to turn into heat.

Look at places where other drivers develop a pattern of slowing down. If you can predict this you can slow down in advance, giving your brakes an easier time.

Carry less weight if possible. This is usually a small matter, but if the luggage is heavy enough to affect handling it will be putting a bigger strain of you brakes. When the heavy load in inevitable you will have to adjust your driving accordingly.

Replace brake fluid on a regular basis, especially on older cars. Replacement fluid is inexpensive, while old fluid attracts water and corrodes the system’s insides. It is worth replacing the fluid to maintain the vehicles performance.

Never compromise safety; if a situation forces you to stop suddenly, then act accordingly. Extending brake life is commendable, but brake pads are inexpensive compared to other components like transmissions, or crashed vehicles.

Talk to you brake pad suppliers if you have any questions.

For Brake pads Sydney based ICER Oceania has a full brake pads catalogue, including European aftermarket brake pads.


European Aftermarket Brake Pads Poor weather driving.

icer oceania european aftermatket brake pads

Australia, Sydney in particular, is lucky enough to have reasonably stable weather, at least in regards to driving. European countries have to contend with seasonal snow and other fluctuating conditions. Australians only have to deal with this if they are vacationing in Thredbo or visiting North Queensland in the wet season. Nonetheless it helps to have some knowledge of how to deal with difficult road conditions.

Under any conditions the brakes and tyres should be in fully functional condition. The tyres should have tread enough to cover a match-head; 5mm depth is about the minimum. Brakes should respond consistently; have them checked if they start to feel of behave in a different manner.


Wet Conditions:

If you are driving in wet conditions it can sometime help to wear polarized sunglasses. Polarization reduces glare, and glare from wet surfaces can be a visibility issue. If you find it helps, use polarized glasses. Obviously this will be counterproductive in dim light, so use your discretion.


It takes longer for your car to stop in wet conditions; put as much distance between yourself and the next car as possible, and reduce your travel speed.


Drive in the centre lanes if possible. Better roads are constructed so that they are higher in the centre, allowing the water to run off to the sides. As such, the centre lane tends to be less wet, if only slightly.


Turn your headlights on low. This is so other cars travelling in the opposite direction can see you. Don’t use high-beam or you will blind them with the glare.


Travelling through any body of water is too risky to try. Even if another car succeeded it is still a risk. There might well be a pot hole the other car missed, or a heavy 4WD might get away with something that a normal hatchback cannot. Avoid this mistake.


If visibility is too bad, just stop driving. It’s not worth the risk.


Snow, ice or Sleet.

Stop time for your vehicle in snow is even worse than in wet conditions. Put as much distance between yourself and the next vehicle as possible, and travel as slowly as is practical. Consider not traveling at all.


Show chains are a good investment if you have to deal with snow. As snow only occurs in a few remote parts of our country all drivers should be able to predict when the chains are needed.


4WDs are a little better in snow conditions, but not a lot. If the tyres have no traction on the icy road surface there is nothing that is going to help. 4WDs need show chains as much as any car.


Salt, kitty litter or gravel can help tyres grip in some snowy conditions. This is useful if you are stuck, but not if you are traveling any distance. Carry some of these for emergencies.


Always use quality parts for your car, especially for the braking system. Any Australian or European Aftermarket Brake Pads are available from ICER Oceania. We work with every current and recent model of car.