Face Touch- Permanent Makeup Supplies

Permanent Makeup uses permanent or semi-permanent pigment to colour the dermis just under the skin of the face. Though its operational principles are similar to tattooing its effects very closely resemble conventional makeup, only far longer lasting. As with conventional makeup it can provide a wide range of results, from dramatic to subtle; it often is used to achieve effects that seem completely natural. Many women use permanent makeup to restore a more youthful look, in a manner that is almost indistinguishable from their former appearance. It is used by some individuals of both genders to conceal a scar, birthmark or skin discolouration. Most often it is applied for convenience; permanent makeup allows a woman to forgo most, if not all of her daily makeup routine, while still being given the option of adding to the makeup should a certain special occasion warrant it.

Permanent makeup can fade over time. After initial treatment permanent makeup is noticeably darker than intended; technicians who apply the treatment understand the inevitable fading and compensate accordingly. After a few day to a week the colour stabilizes and lightens, and tend to remain at this level for at least a few years, if not longer. Individual, environmental and lifestyle factors all affects permanent makeup. Subtle makeup tends to fade more noticeably that makeup with dramatic effect.

Permanent Makeup requires:

  • Anaesthetic – applied directly to the skin to provide numbness in any area.
  • Safety Glasses
  • Disposable Protective gloves
  • Optisight magnifier, for fine detail work.
  • Pigments for makeup application. These are permanent, so must be high quality and non-toxic.
  • The machine for applying the permanent makeup.
  • Vitamin A&D ointment for application to the treated area, promotes healing.
  • Disinfectant, for keeping instruments immaculate.

A single site for Permanent makeup supplies allows a more economical service.