For most boys their first exposure to decals came through plastic model kits. Girls often first saw decals with novelty nail kits, or toy dolls, though these days a few girls also make plastic model kits. But initially decals were applied to pottery, and called decalcomania. They date back to at least 1865.

There was a craze for ceramics in the 1870s that help popularize the decals, even as other methods of decoration were also used. The direct descendants of these are the decorated fine china and tableware so ubiquitous today.

Even as porcelain and ceramics continued there was a decal craze in the late 19th century. This extended into personal décor but also high art. A few surrealists used decals to create famous works of art, though there is some confusion here as decalcomania can refer to several different artistic techniques.

Today decals have remained a steady background trend. They are so versatile they can be used to apply fine designs to almost anything.  A few examples are:

  • Guitar decals, for customizing.
  • Plastic models, for realistic recreations.
  • Wall designs, especially for modern looks.
  • Front panels
  • Hard cases for instruments or other important equipment
  • Cars, particularity sports cars
  • Personalized mugs
  • Computer cases

The advent of waterslide decal paper make waterslide decals easy to realize. Inkjet decal paper means any computer design image achievable in software can be turned into a physical image on a physical object.

The advent of modern 3D Printing will probably open up more areas for decals. 3D printing can provide virtually any shape; the decals can provide all the fine detail.

Luna Deco – Roller Blinds Perth

Luna Deco – Wallpaper, Roller Blinds & Interior Design Perth

Luna Deco Guest Post

There is a balance between making a bold statement and overpowering a room. If your room has windows then any decoration should be aimed at making the windows part of the room, and not simply a functional item that happens to be there.

Roller Blinds (or curtains for that matter) control the amount of light you want coming into a room. At the same time they also determine the amount of privacy. Separating these requires some pre planning. A translucent material will allow most of the light, and give almost complete privacy when drawn closed. A more solid material will either give complete privacy and complete light blockage when closed, or give maximum light and little privacy when opened. Mixing two types of material, in two different layers, allows several options depending on what is needed at the time. The same principle has been used with curtains for many generations; light material to let in some sunshine with heavy drapes that can be drawn at night.

Decorating the room’s window, as well as making it functional, is very much at the heart of the matter at our Perth Roller Blind Store. Modern ideas allow for countless options, as long as the blind either matches or contrasts with the rest of the room. Given the choice of blinds and the effect they have upon a room it makes a lot of sense to alter the room to fit the design of the blind.

Light is one of the most important factors in any room. Whether we are conscious of it or not our eyes are automatically drawn to the brightest part of a room. Ever notice how different some rooms look and feel in natural sunshine from the window compared to electric light in the middle of the room? This is a good reason to get the window decorations right, and to never have bare light-bulbs that draw our eyes to harsh light.

Consider giving your room a ‘psychological cleaning’; this means looking at what is essential and what is redundant. A sparser room tends to be better (unless you want creative chaos in a man-cave or art-room), and essential items can be stored under beds or other places, or beds folded into seating, if necessary. Think of how a blind or full wall decoration should work for you, and move the room around this idea. If in doubt use light, neutral colours. Anything is fine as long as it works with the main decoration. If your window or wall decoration has a theme, then the rest of the room can follow it. But remember, the room still has to work if your decorative blind is in the concealed/up position.

Part of the attraction in what we supply at our Perth Roller blinds store is the ability to go between two different look when a blind is opened or shut. Design a room so it works with a blind’s design, but can also work on its own merits when the blind is drawn.