Many developments in the mobile phone have been in function and software. Where advances in physical technology tended to be accompanied by different repair needs (iphone repairs are more complex than other mobile phone repairs) any advancements in software tend to not have this problem. We can include new apps and usually not suffer any issues, unless there are compatibility problems or virus threats. But viruses and compatibility problems are just as likely to be an issue if we keep our older phones; older phones do not have the latest virus protection, and will eventually be incompatible with other devices and networks. For the most part software updates do not affect phone repairs.

Some new phone trends for 2016 might have interesting repercussions for phone repair. One is the flexible phone. This refers to a phone that is physically flexible; the functionality in phones is already flexible enough. So far a physically flexible phone has been more a concept than a reality, but that might soon change. If so, all the issues with dropping and breaking a phone should disappear. A bendable phone should be a resilient as a piece of rubber. Batteries made in the fashion are already available. Once a touch screen is added the concept seems quite feasible.

Advances in phone cameras have progressed both in function and resolution. Many stand- alone camera have long since been made obsolete. HDR (high dynamic range) photography is a means of putting present resolution and function to greater use. The camera takes several identical shots at different exposure levels and combines them for a much higher contrast image. The hardware is the same, but this function makes better use of what is already there, and the results show the improvement.

4K is the super high definition standard for film and television. This is steadily becoming the standard for phones. With other imminent advances we might well be able to shoot films on a smartphone.

Wireless charging will probably become standard. This is not a new concept, just something that phones have not previously incorporated. It works by putting power through one coil of wire that is picked up by another coil of wire in the immediate vicinity; a process used in transformers for many decades. By putting the receiving coil of wire in the phone, and by putting the phone near a charging coil, we induce a voltage in the phone’s coil and charge the phone battery. This does away with the physical plug, meaning there is one less thing on the phone to break.

Mobile Phone Repairs

In the past new technology mean more complex devices and more repairs. With newer phones we may be able to avoid this trend. Phone will have better functions and repairs will be less necessary than in the past.