Placing a Sign


Places to display signs

  • Shopping centre displays Sydney – the people who shop are the people who buy products. The trick is to match the sign to the demographic.
  • Bus shelters – People see these signs on a regular basis as they tend to catch the same bus.
  • Children’s school bags. Kids will put stickers on their belongings, even if they aren’t the target audience for the product.
  • Lifts – This is not always possible, but people will see the ads at the office on a regular basis.
  • Cinemas – these mostly advertise films, but the same audience will buy film paraphernalia, as well as coffee and snacks. A good place to advertise if you see this type of merchandise.
  • The bus will tour the city all day, and a lot of people will see your sign.
  • Like the other forms of public transport this get the sign shown to a lot of people.
  • Roadside Boards signs Sydney – The rules vary from state to state, but these do get noticed.
  • Aluminium signs Sydney Storefronts. The sign above the shop gets noticed by the people looking directly at the shop, the sign on the footpath gets noticed by those walking past.
  • Service stations. Fine if the customers are looking for you product. The majority of people do drive, so this is a wide demographic.


Consider where your target audience is likely to be, and where they travel. Put your signs where they are likely to be.