Balustrade Background

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A balustrade is the series of shaped vertical supports in a fence; the ones shaped like a vase or a sculptured chair leg. Despite not being part of Greek or roman architecture they have a long history in barricades and fences stretching back to the Assyrians in 600 BC and being popular in the Renaissance era and part of the Gothic influence before that. Even cultures that did not have Balustrade fences still used the same general shape with chair legs and other items. The shape is popular party because it lends itself to being made with a lathe, and partly because it seems to appeal to the human sense of form.

Of course not all modern fences are made from wood, but sometimes they keep the balustrade from because people find it appealing. And as they no longer need to be made on a turning lathe so they no longer need to be symmetrical.

More often than not Balustrades are not made of metal. Cast iron was popular, but stainless steel or aluminium tends to have replaced these. The advantage of these modern metal materials is that they won’t rust under normal conditions. Until recently the big disadvantage was that they didn’t hold paint very well; you had a natural finish that never required painting, but no other options. Now, however, it is possible to colour metals with powder coating, which is very durable and makes any painting unnecessary. Alternately, stainless steel can be treated with chromic and sulphuric acids to give a richly tinted, and very pleasing, metallic finish. The green, red gold, blue or bronze finishes are part of the surface of the metal and never need recolouring.

While not every colour is possible with treated metals it is always possible to find a colour that works well for any fencing situation. New technologies are environmentally friendlier than many previous methods, and allow classic concepts, like balustrades, to be implemented in new ways. These new technologies result in fences that can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

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