Liberal Christianity

Some background information to help understand the Procession of the Holy Spirit.

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Liberal Christianity does not refer to a political movement or Progressive Christian views. Rather, it is a broad area encompassing many views that all seek to interpret the Bible as an ancient text that is the product of its time.

More traditional interpretation of the Bible saw all scripture as ‘God Breathed’, inspired, divine revelation. They were not so much to be interpreted as simply learnt and obeyed. This was felt to be supported by 2nd timothy 3: 16-17. Liberalism saw the Bible text as allegorical; it was symbolically important, but not literally true. The virgin birth and resurrection were literary devices, something only a simple mind might take literally.

The moral teachings of Christ were respected in Liberal Christianity. Christ’s teachings were often conveyed by stories that illustrated his concepts, using analogies such as fishing, harvesting or sheep grazing that would have been familiar to the people of the time. Christ’s life, or the recorded version of this, was interpreted in the same way – an illustration of his moral idea.

The recorded history of Christ’s life (the gospels) was interpreted by the Liberal Christians as a product of the Disciple’s wish to further their mission. The disciples were thought to have fabricated the miraculous stories in order to give their teaching and authority more weight.

Hell is either downplayed or considered fictional in most Liberal interpretations; no loving God could send people to Hell. More tradition, and literal, interpretations considered mankind to be doomed to Hell after having fallen from grace. Christ’s intervention was to set people free from something they had bought upon themselves. God was not sending people to Hell, he was offering them a way out of this otherwise inevitable fate.

Because of their disbelief in Hell the Liberal Christians had no need for a literal resurrection. Traditional and literal interpretations had Christ’s death and resurrection as the conquering of Hell and death. Liberal interpretations saw it as symbolic only, perhaps symbolic of the teachings surviving their creator.

Liberal Christians believe those traditionally thought to have written the Bible were not the actual authors. As prophecies about the future were not taken literally the Liberal Christians believe that the books were added to or rewritten afterward, after history had already unfolded, to make the predictions appear valid. Historical evidence sometimes supports the existence of historical figures that Liberal interpretations consider fictional.

There is a great deal of emphasis on loving thy neighbour. While every Christian denomination approves of this there are two problems. One is that traditional interpretations consider mere human beings incapable of loving all without God’s assistance; but that things impossible with man are possible with God. The other is that the liberal view tends to accept addiction, perversion and other human failing without question. Traditional views accepted human individuals, but wanted to remove the human faults that held them back, as a parent loves a child and wishes the child to develop well. The difficulty in doing this is acknowledged.

Traditional and literal interpretations of the Bible note the scriptural references to false prophets and those who would deny the deity of Christ. Liberal theologies do exactly that.


Roller Blinds

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An accurate measurement of your windows is necessary for a blind, but the matter is really quite simple.
Generally blinds are mounted on the window frame and cover the whole window recess, though it is possible to make the blind smaller and mount it inside the frame. An external mounted blind should overlap the recess to prevent light coming in.


There is the recess width, with is the internal dimensions inside the window frame. This will be the smallest width measurement.

There is the width of the frame itself; this tends to be the larger width measurement.

The width of the blind itself should be 75mm (3 inches) greater than the recess width to avoid light coming in. This is the EXACT BLIND WIDTH.


This is how far the blind comes down, the vertical dimension.
There is the internal dimension of the window inside the frame, this is the recess drop.

There is the external dimension of the frame, the largest measurement.

The EXACT BLIND DROP should extend 75mm (3 inches) past the top and bottom of the internal dimension of the window if you wish to successfully block out light.

If in doubt about what information you need to provide then provide a diagram with internal and external measurements. Unless you confuse feet with inches this should prevent any major problems.

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Optometry, Sydney

Optometrists conduct eye tests to determine if there are any vision problems and prescribe corrective treatment when necessary. Eyeglasses effectively compensate for focal problems, where the individual’s eye mechanism is near or far sighted. Contact lenses can also be suitable for this, though it depends on the individual. Occasionally more serious eye problems may require surgery. Though rare, some untreated disorders can lead to partial or complete loss of vision.

man have eye test with optometrist

Our optometrists are qualified and registered to

  • Examine your eyes for vision disorders
  • Detect and diagnose signs of eye disease
  • Prescribe, supply and repair spectacles
  • Analyse and treat eye co-ordination disorders
  • Prescribe and supply contact lenses
  • Prescribe other specialized optical aids
  • Contribute to the care of the partially sighted
  • Advise on lighting

Optometrists can also provide eye care and health care advice. Talk to a Sydney Optometrist on the best methods for occupational protection safety for your vision.

All parts of the human body are part of an interconnected system. Eyesight problems can be the symptom of another health problem apparently unrelated to vision; stress, infections and conditions like diabetes can all affect eyesight, and must all be addressed by proper medical attention.

It is also possible for headaches, fatigue, learning difficulties and other problems to be traced back to impaired eyesight. The symptoms do not initially appear to be related to the eyes, but corrective measure can remove, or largely alleviate, seemingly unrelated issues.

An initial eye test can be fairly quick. Many Sydney CBD optometrists can conduct eye exams during a lunchbreak if booked in advance.

Balustrade Background

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A balustrade is the series of shaped vertical supports in a fence; the ones shaped like a vase or a sculptured chair leg. Despite not being part of Greek or roman architecture they have a long history in barricades and fences stretching back to the Assyrians in 600 BC and being popular in the Renaissance era and part of the Gothic influence before that. Even cultures that did not have Balustrade fences still used the same general shape with chair legs and other items. The shape is popular party because it lends itself to being made with a lathe, and partly because it seems to appeal to the human sense of form.

Of course not all modern fences are made from wood, but sometimes they keep the balustrade from because people find it appealing. And as they no longer need to be made on a turning lathe so they no longer need to be symmetrical.

More often than not Balustrades are not made of metal. Cast iron was popular, but stainless steel or aluminium tends to have replaced these. The advantage of these modern metal materials is that they won’t rust under normal conditions. Until recently the big disadvantage was that they didn’t hold paint very well; you had a natural finish that never required painting, but no other options. Now, however, it is possible to colour metals with powder coating, which is very durable and makes any painting unnecessary. Alternately, stainless steel can be treated with chromic and sulphuric acids to give a richly tinted, and very pleasing, metallic finish. The green, red gold, blue or bronze finishes are part of the surface of the metal and never need recolouring.

While not every colour is possible with treated metals it is always possible to find a colour that works well for any fencing situation. New technologies are environmentally friendlier than many previous methods, and allow classic concepts, like balustrades, to be implemented in new ways. These new technologies result in fences that can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

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