Some Sights on Blue Mountains Day Tour

Glow Worms

The Glow worms in the Tomah/Berambing region are a lesser known attraction in the Blue Mountains. This is largely due to the inaccessibility of the site.


Thousands of spectacular glow worms have creates a colony in the Tomah/Berambing region. They are fascinating creatures in their own right, but even without any understanding of their lifecycle or the chemical processes that produce the light the sight of a colony of glow worms are quite poetic. Some have compared the sight of glow worms to illuminated undersea coral, others to the night sky. Really, all natural phenomena are unique.



Not for everybody, but those who do like this find they like it a lot. Katoomba is the home of Australian School of Mountaineering. As abseiling and mountaineering require considerable skill and substantial equipment the use of an instructor is mandatory.



Today’s world is the result of a long and ongoing historical process. Capture some of that history in one of many museums.

  • Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
  • Norman Lindsay gallery and Museum
  • Valley Heights Locomotive Depot
  • Waradah Aboriginal Centre.
  • Leuralla Toy and railway Museum
  • Hawksbury regional Museum
  • Kurrajong Radio Museum
  • Ferry Artists Gallery

And many others.


No Blue Mountains Day Tour can cover all the points of interest in such a large area. The Mountains are worth a few visits. There’s always more to see.

Choosing a Marital Arts School



This is a factor in every aspect of life. Few of us have unlimited resources. Sometimes spending money is an investment, so we can justify spending more. Other times we spend because we should be enjoying life at least some of the time.


Cost is only loosely related to quality. It is quality that has to be prioritised, though admittedly this is a complex matter. There are many average priced martial arts, schools; some are quite good, some are mediocre. If you find a good school, don’t hesitate if it costs a little more. If you learn more rapidly, it is worth it. If the results are better, it is worth it. If your life is improved even slightly, you are probably getting your money’s worth.



All things being equal, closer Martial Arts training is preferable. But no two schools are really the same. Find the better school and train there. Really, you should think of convenience rather than location. 15 minutes travel is hardly different to 5 minutes. And if you can catch a train a moderate travel time hardly seems to matter.


What is being taught in the Martial Arts Training?

Sometime the schools are just turning out coloured belts, and giving you a little exercise. Others emphasis competition rules. The competition schools tend to be serious and high quality, but if you’re not looking to compete they are the wrong school for you. Do you want discipline, fitness or just some solid self-defence? Choose accordingly.


Read Fine Print.

Don’t lock into long term deals. Pay per 3 to 6 months is good; this may encourage you to get past the initial adjustment period, and when you see some benefits you can make an informed decision. Children often change their minds, so avoid locking them into long term deals. Avoid anything that might lock you into compulsory camps or competitions.

Psoriasis Clinic Sydney

Psoriasis Treatment Sydney

Psoriasis is a complex issue. We know psoriasis entails red, scaly skin. We also know it is an autoimmune disease. Matters become a little vague when we try to understand the connection it has with Obesity, Crohn’s disease, and the increased risk of developing diabetes and some cancers. There are various treatments that effectively reduce psoriasis symptom, but our present limited understanding has not found a cure.


Psoriasis Cure Sydney

There is presently no cure for psoriasis, only various different treatments that have been demonstrated as effective. But even the reason for the effectiveness of the treatments is still not fully understood. Some of these include:

  • Ultraviolet Light, including sunlight, can reduce the red scaly skin. This has to be limited as over exposure causes sunburn and increases skin cancer risk.
  • Topical agents applied to the affected skin can reduce the severity of the red, scaly outbreaks, and reduce the itching.
  • Ixekizumab is a drug recently approved (2016) for psoriasis. It initial result look impressive, though it hinders the patient’s immune system.
  • People with food allergies find that removing the specific food benefits the psoriasis as well as the symptoms of the allergy. Undiagnosed allergies may be aggravating some psoriasis sufferers.
  • Acupuncture – As acupuncture can benefit the immune system so it can help autoimmune problems like psoriasis.


Psoriasis Clinic Sydney

Acupuncture is something of an adaptogen treatment – it helps the body deal with whatever health problems it encounters. It does this by optimizing the immune system. And as psoriasis is directly linked to the operating of the immune system (unlike other problems that are dealt with by the immune system) so psoriasis benefits from any improvement in the immune system functioning.


There is no reason why acupuncture treatment need by done in isolation. Indeed, combining with other treatments may be the best approach. The drug Ixekizumab has been show to significantly reduce psoriasis symptoms, but it does so while compromising the patient’s immune system, leaving them prone to flues and infections, including infections form the Ixekizumab injection!  Acupuncture can both reduce the psoriasis issues and reduce the side-effects of the Ixekizumab treatment. Ultraviolet light treatment might also be included here as UV lights are quite inexpensive.

How to live more full


Embrace the larger picture. You are a small part of a large Cosmos. If you harbour egotism you will see less of the outside world and more of yourself, which is very limiting. If you harbour arrogance you are not open to new opinions and ideas, which admittedly includes bad ideas as well as good. Remember, there is infinity beyond us, or more than we can experience in a lifetime.


Set goals, both short term and long. There is much satisfaction in being able to mentally tick off goals on a list. If you have something tangible to show for the goal, all the better.


Don’t let others make you decisions, but be mindful of how your decisions affect others. If you are spiritual, pray about each choice, large or small.


Serendipity is the accidental discovery of something fortuitous. If we look for one thing and find something else, then rejoice in the good luck.


Don’t sweat the small stuff. There will be things that go wrong. Sometimes we bond with somebody over a shared misfortune. The connection with others is probably worth more than the misfortune cost us.


Jealousy is a destructive emotion and only the result of something wrong inside us. Perhaps jealousy of an unfaithful lover is legitimate, but this should probably be given a different name. Most of what we term jealousy is envy of another’s success. Be glad of other’s legitimate success, and appreciate your own. Never


Endeavour to be as healthy as possible. Eat well, exercise, and find how to get a better night’s sleep.


Avoid exposing yourself to cheap junk, gossip or trashy entertainment. Find things that truly engage your interest. Look for classic literature, classic films and classic Television. Cartoons more than a generation old that have remained popular are worth watching; they have proved their appeal by endurance. By contrast, cheap Saturday product promotions are not doing you any good. The same goes for music. If people are still listening to songs a generation after they were released, then there must be some substance in what’s there. There are countless classics, you will find at least some that you like.


Enjoy people and develop social skills.


Pursue creativity, even when you work. There is nothing wrong with conventions if they work, but there are always other options. And todays conventions were creative new ideas at some point in the past.

Aluminium Cladding

Centuries ago there was not a distinction between art and science. It was considered quite normal for a mind to engage in both (think Leonardo Di Vinci); it was simply considered advanced learning.


Modern technology has reached a point where we expect products to be art and science; stylish and functionally advanced. We expect our phones to work without fault, and to look as stylish as any accessory. The same goes for everything from cars to computers. We can still make a mental distinction between art and science; we just expect technology and products to reflect both.


Aluminium cladding has seen a fair amount of use in architecture. Homes with aluminium cladding need not look like some retro-future design with brushed metal. The cladding colour can look like wood, or fibro, or any bright or neutral colour. Houses with aluminium often look no different to the houses around them, except that the aluminium cladding lasts much longer.


Furniture made from aluminium pipe cladding varies a lot. A bed made from pipes is not at all unusual, easily made to blend in with traditional furniture of the same style, or stand out should you want a brightly coloured bed. Coffee tables, stands, shelves, bookcases and many other items are easily made partially of entirely from aluminium pipes. The colours and design possibilities are enormous.


Traditional or modern, consider aluminium cladding for modern architecture and décor. The results can be immensely satisfying.

Some Storage Ideas



Bought Cookware Online Sydney?

If you have ordered some good cookware Online you might want to find some appropriate methods for storing it.


Hang Cookware overhead. Some pipes with hooks are ideal for storing pots and pans. This is especially effective in a walk in pantry. Just make sure the utensils are above head height but still easily accessible.


Some pots have lids, which probably don’t hang well. These can be stored neatly inside a cupboard door.  A pipe across the back of the door, like a towel rack, will hold lids without taking up other storage space.


Magazine holders will often accommodate a frypan or other shallow dish. A few magazine racks in a cupboard. Will let you store pans upright. If necessary you can secure them with blu-tak.


Many people have stored knives on a magnet attached to a wall or cupboard door. The same idea works for some pots and pans, provided that they are also magnetic.


Cookware Online Sydney

Buy some good quality cookware that will last a lifetime. Help cultivate the art of cooking by investing in some utensils to be proud of, avoid processed meals, and be healthier for preparing your own cuisine.

Floating Floors and Electrical Underfloor Heating

Floating timber floors can work well with underfloor heating. Electrical underfloor heating is more common for these situations, but hydro heating can also be used.


If wood is moderately thin and reasonably dense it works well for underfloor heating. Expansion with moisture is always an issue with wooden floors. Heat expansion also occurs, but it is much less of an issue. If the floor is designed to accommodate this expansion there should be no problems.


Floating floors can be easily removed and replaced. This is an advantage should the floor become scratched or damaged; replacing damaged timber planks is a simple matter.


Some Guidelines:

  • The wooden flooring should not be more than 18mm thick, or it will insulate the heating mechanism and prove less effective. Dense thin wood is best.
  • The wooden timbers planks are prone to moving, but this effect can be greatly minimized if the width of the planks is about 10 times their depth. This means a plank 15mm deep should be about 15 to 16 cm wide. Most premade planks tend to follow this pattern, but it helps to check.
  • 27 degrees seems to be the upper limit for the actual temperature of the floor surface.
  • Leave an expansion gap of at least 1 cm on all edges of the floating floor. This can easily be hidden under a skirting board.
  • Wooden planks made with multiple layers of wood will be far more stable for any type of floors, with far less expansion or warping.


If you know the basic architectural details of the room(s) you wish to install underfloor heating in then it is easy to have suitable underfloor Heating DIY Kits assembled.

Underfloor Heating DIY Kits for hydro systems will basically contain:

  • Heat Pump Hydronic
  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating
  • Pellet Boilers
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Solar Hydronic Heating


Electrical kits are more common for floating floor. They can be designed and installed with minimal fuss.