Psoriasis Clinic Sydney

Psoriasis is unpredictable and irritating, and certainly not fully understood. The number of ways that it varies amid individuals only makes any understanding more elusive. Psoriasis is characterised by a build-up of red skin and white scales that can appear almost anywhere on the body. It is most common on the elbows, knees and scalp, varying from one individual case to the next.


Psoriasis Cure Sydney

The build-up of red skin is caused by skin cells that multiply up to ten times faster than normal. These skin cells die and accumulate at the surface; their large volume creating the raised red skin and white scales. While it is understood that the rapidly dividing skill cells causes the psoriasis it is still not fully know what causes the cells to start rapidly dividing, though recent research shows that it is strongly connected to the immune system. There are treatments for this, but presently no cure.


Individual cases find that certain environmental, dietary, lifestyle or emotional factors affect psoriasis. Certainly stress can cause or exacerbate an outbreak. Serious stress is one of the few factors that seem to affect all psoriasis sufferers. Other factors that cause or exacerbate psoriasis outbreaks vary greatly between individual sufferers.  Reactions to blood pressure medication, anti-malarial or ibuprofen are fairly common.


Psoriasis Treatment Sydney

As the condition has at least some connection to the immune system it makes sense to look after the immune system as much as possible. It is quite possible that the body’s immune system normally compensates (at least partly) for the psoriasis, but cannot compensate adequately if it also has to deal with other health issues. This would explain the apparently random factors that cause outbreaks in different individuals. When the individual has an allergic reaction the psoriasis grows worse as the immune system cannot simultaneously handle too many health issues.


Psoriasis Acupuncture Sydney

Acupuncture both enhances the immune system and reduces stress. Both these factors are connected to Psoriasis. While this will not provide a complete cure it will put an individual’s body in the best condition to deal with the problem.




dental focus - wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are still something of a mystery. They are the third molars that emerge later in life, usually by our late teens or early twenties. For some individuals these are just an extra tooth filling a space at the back of the mouth. For many others there is insufficient sufficient space for these third molars to properly emerge, and the teeth end up buried in the jaw or partially covered by the gum. It is often necessary to remove or at least uncover these partially emerged teeth. We are not sure if the teeth every really had a particular function.


 Wisdom Tooth Removal Sydney

Unattended wisdom teeth can be extremely painful. Teeth will always cause some discomfort when emerging, but teeth that never fully emerge continue to feel worse over time. As if this pain was not bad enough the partially emerged wisdom tooth is prone to infections and decay; it is very easy for food to be caught where the tooth and gum meet. Complications and problems vary greatly; healthy teeth can be pushed out of alignment or damaged by poorly emerging wisdom teeth.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Some individual are free from any problems with wisdom teeth; some never individuals or ethnic races never develop wisdom teeth at all. But if there are any issues beyond the initial discomfit of a new tooth emerging the problem should be attended to immediately. Wisdom teeth should be removed before problems get worse.


Dental Focus look after individuals from following locations: Burwood, Homebush, Concord, Granville, Parramatta,  Wentworthville, Guilford, Smithfield, Greystanes, Bossley park, Fairfield



Eyelash Extension Course Sydney   

The eyes are almost certainly the aspect of our appearance we modify the most with makeup. Given the option of only using one makeup item most women choose eyelash mascara, with many of the other using eyeliner.  Eyelash extensions allow us to do away with mascara while still have the realistic look of long and full lashes.

Eyelash Extension Course Sydney CBD

It’s worth the effort  to get your eyelashes extended, if only because you can forgo mascara and false lashes for two months. The process is a little slow and meticulous, but the results justify the time spent.


Having had the extensions I can say:

  • It can be difficult to keep your eyes closed for several hours. Then again, this depends on my mood. I was impatient the first time. Later is tried to see it as a meditation session.
  • Eyelash extension supplies vary a lot. I was surprised at the options available. There are longer and shorter lashes, double and triple lashes, and countless colours.
  • Extended lashes do require some maintenance, but this is not so much an inconvenience as a change or routine; my old false lashes and mascara tricks actually took more time. I found that cotton pads leave lint in the lashes, so I have had to move to makeup wipes. And I do have to comb them every day; but I got used to these new habits quite quickly.
  • You have to avoid getting the lashes wet for 24 hours after they are first applied. Not a problem as long as you remember.
  • It doesn’t take too long to get use to the new lashes, but it feels very strange when they are not there anymore. Honestly, without the lashes I feel something is missing. You will find yourself getting them renewed or topped up every other month, but only because you like the effect.



Eyelash training Sydney CBD

You can go to any Sydney lash studio for the lash extensions, and consider doing an eyelash extension course. The results are exactly what you have been trying to achieve for years with makeup.






We want our dog to look clean and smell clean. Our advice:

  • Brush the dog at least once a week. This tends to be the easiest part as the most animals are comfortable with being brushed. If more brushing means slightly fewer baths, then brushing is worthwhile.
  • Clean ears. The technique varies with the breed, but wiping with a cottonwool ball soaked in commercial canine cleaner is usually fine. Google or ask a vet for any specifics for your breed.
  • Brush the dog’s teeth. If one part of a dog smells less than pristine it is often the teeth. Apart from using the dog’s brush and paste this is the same procedure that we use on ourselves.
  • The bath. First give an initial brush, to remove larger foreign particles. Then stand you dog in a tub of warm water. Use a sprayer set up to completely wet the dog; use warmer water is possible. Be careful of the eyes and nostrils.

Shampoo the dog, starting at the head and working to the tail. Then shampoo the undercarriage.

Rinse the dog thoroughly, and repeat the shampoo. Some longer hair dogs benefit from a cream rinse; this makes combing easier. Rinse this out after a few minutes.

Dry the dog with a towel, or blow dry if this works for you pet.

  • Trim nails when necessary



Pet Shampoo Online

We recommend Organic pet shampoo, Pet cologne, and Pet soap. Animals are as affected by artificial substances as we are. Organic materials prevent at least some health issues.


The seemingly small details can compromise, occasionally ruin, an otherwise good situation. Many of these could be avoided with a little foresight. It is always frustrating afterward when we realize how easily things could have been different.


  • Turn off any sounds that you camera makes. A click or beep is very distracting during any quiet moment. Any decent camera should give you this option. Avoid any camera that does not let you keep this option when you turn the power off.


  • Pre-plan shots, especially at the reception site, especially for getting important shots like the wedding vows. Remember that you might be standing in a place that is used for seating. Far better to have two good photo positions reserved beforehand than try and move some guest during the ceremony. Talk to the wedding couple and explain that you need to get these important images of their day.


  • Part of the reason for preplanning is to remain unintrusive. You want to capture the event without ever becoming part of it. You want to get that photo of the bride walking down the aisle without standing in the aisle yourself. This is difficult at times. There are actually two issues- You want to stay out of everybody’s way, and you want to not appear in the image. More than a few photos have been compromised by the photographer’s shadow.


  • If you’re working as part of a photography/video team you also want to stay out of the way of your colleagues. This can be a problem as you might bother want the same shot at the same time. It helps considerably if the wedding videographer and photographer are used to working together.


  • Find some good backgrounds for portrait shots. A lousy background can be partially covered up with soft focus or Photoshop, or turning the image black and white; but you are better off finding a pleasant background or something nice and neutral.


  • Flashes are never going to make people happy, especially the ones that light up several times before the shot. Find better ways to work with the light you have.


  • Get every important shot. Ask in advance what the couple want. Attend rehearsals and look for anything significant to this particular wedding. If there are foreign traditions involved find out what is significant to that tradition. Leave out the boring segments, but capture everything else.



House Painting Services Sydney

Many people would prefer their homes to be larger, or at least for the rooms to feel bigger. Few ever ask for a room to be smaller, though asking for something more cosy is a euphemism for this. Some might actually want smaller rooms for the sake of less cleaning. But most of the time people want to feel there is more space around them.


There are actually two issues here. One is the best use of available space; the other is making a room feel more spacious. The two issues aren’t exactly incompatible, but they can interfere with each other. However, it is possible to be better off on both counts.


Best Use of Space

This can mean more storage space, or it can mean more space to move about in. Storage space is not too difficult to increase if you don’t mind tall cupboards. You can also be tricky and use areas under couches or beds. But if you are not using tricks the storage areas tend to eat into the practical living space, which may be an issue. Using height for storage (tall bookshelves, cabinets…etc.) will lose less floor space, but it does tend to make the room feel more full. Using more floor space will literally take up the room you more around in, but the empty space at head height makes the room at least feel more open. There may be a trade-off here. It helps the feel of a room if storage space looks open, with racks and glass rather than solid, dark  shelves. But the space you move within will still be reduced.


House Painting Sydney

The colour scheme of a room makes all the difference. It is misleading to think that white walls always look more spacious. Our brains work better in contrast, so bright and vivid primary colours contrasting with light (often white) walls makes for a room that feels more spacious. Of course, this is wasted if most of the wall colour is covered with furniture.


The basis points would be:

  • Walls with contrasting light and bright colours. This contrast can be between white walls and bright furniture.
  • Keeping furnishings low to the ground makes a room feel more open, as there is more space at head height.
  • Use storage space low to the ground, under coaches and beddings.
  • Open furniture, racks and glass rather than solid wood, give a feeling of space.


Painters Sydney

Talk to the painters about what you want with a room. They have seen many rooms transformed with colours, and then improved with the right furnishings. A room that seems bigger and brighter is not too difficult to achieve.




A few Myths

Martial Arts supposedly developed at a Shaolin Monastery in about 477 AD.

There apparently was such a monastery, but martial arts in one form or another have existed as long as there has been warfare, and warfare has been here since the beginning of civilization. The Chinese has a legend about their martial arts being developed by the Golden Emperor dating back to 2000 BC. This origin is probably mythical, but the practice already existed. Martial arts predate 477 AD by many centuries.


Military Martial Arts are the Real Thing

This is probably were martial art developed, and the original techniques were appropriate for the time. But today’s military no longer has many armoured opponents on horseback, something encountered even less in civilian life. The military is about defeating the opponent quickly, about organized strategies involving many troops, and is very far removed from sporting events or a street fight.


The origin of anything is not the final word on the subject, and certainly not the latest version. Modern martial arts are for sport, personal development and self-defence. It is not measured against anything except itself.


There is a Technique that works in any situation, to knock out the attacker with a touch.

Just not true, a Hollywood myth. The element of surprise is a good tactic and can be applied to many situations, but this is a generic idea. And if we are learning about self-defence it will really tend to be the attacker who is using the element of surprise. There is no one move that works anywhere. Being prepared is about the only good advice.


Black Belt is the goal, the highest Rank.

Not really true at all. Black belt is the level where things start to get serious. There is a lot to master and many other levels above this. Many people want to achieve a black belt because it sounds like they have mastered the whole art. This is about the same as a car driver graduating past the ‘P’ plates.


Martial Arts Sydney

Learn some martial arts for the sake of developing yourself. It’s not about setting yourself above others, but learning that you don’t need to. Embrace the paradox where you increase your abilities but are more modest about your achievements. Be better for approaching your potential.