Assessing A Clients’ Needs & Wants

For residential home owners, ask the spouses to write down their requirements separately. Put these requirements roughly in order.

Have the spouses compare their lists and combine it into one final list. This list should also be in a rough order or priority.

As a builder you can assess this list and provide a quote. Look at what is possible and what is not possible or unrealistic. Look to see if anything has been inadvertently left off, and advise on this.

Be prepared for things to change dramatically after you advise them. Try to get things finalised as quickly as possible, but remember you are trying to cater to the client’s needs.

Let clients know that incomplete or insufficient information or supporting evidence slows matter down.

Any Preliminary tasks, such as site surveys, soil testing, drawing of plans, will require a Preliminary agreement on behalf of the owner.
Present designs from overall plan to the details – start with the general layout, the room size, and work down to the details: the light fittings and door handles.

Advise on the situation when obtaining permits and selecting services.

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