Our eyes, along with their respective lashes and eyebrows, are the most noticeable feature of our face. Altering any of these can noticeably alter our appearance. Alterations to lashes are best done by professionals, as are contact lenses for eyes colour changes. But eyebrow shaping can be part of the facial routine we perform ourselves.



The front of each eyebrow is above the nose. Opinions vary slightly about the optimal place for the front of the eyebrow to end, but most believe the end should align with the bridge of the nose. Occasionally some people align the front of the brow with the edge of the lower nose; it depends on the individual’s face. The optimum is always between these points. If the brows are closer than the bridge of the nose they will be almost touching. If they are wider than the nose itself they will look unnaturally far apart. The bridge of the nose is a good default point.

The outer point of the eyebrows need to be aligned to the outer edge of the nose and the eye itself. Imagine a diagonal line drawn from the outer edge of the nose/nostril to the outer edge of the eye. Extend this line up past the eyebrow. The outer point of the eyebrow should just reach this line.


Ideally the eyebrow should form the top of an inverted triangle. The nose is the vertical line of the triangle, and the eyebrow is the horizontal top line. The diagonal line is implied by these two lines.  If this triangle can have the proportions of the classic golden ratio it looks particularly pleasing.


Wedding Makeup Sydney

By all means get professional help with the makeup before the wedding. But we should be looking after ourselves all of the time. Find the eyebrow shape that compliments your individual face, and keep a great look for everyday wear.

Advantages of Black & White


Some of the best wedding photography, some of the best photography, is in Black & White. There is some debate as to the reason why, but for the most part many people just seem to like the look of a well composed Black & white picture.


Best Wedding Photography in Black & White

  • Colours can be distracting and complicated. We are sometime drawn to a noticeable colour even if it is not the subject of the image. Black and White avoids this.
  • Light and shadow are effective in Black and White.
  • Many famous painters would base portraits on geometric patterns. This underlying geometric pattern is a little more prominent in a black and white image
  • We seem to have an association between monochrome images and classic looks, or artistic merit. Black and white is thought of as Classy, or at least feels historical.
  • Just being in black and white gives a certain mood to an image, and this mood is there whether the picture is happy, melancholy, bittersweet or tragic.
  • White wedding dresses and dark bridegroom suits often translate well to a Black and white image. They do not lose much impact when they lose their colour.
  • In going to black and white we tend to lose some imperfections. We can lose minor facial details and are left with the look that defines the person’s face.

Best Wedding Photographer

Of course I’s all digital these days, few images are originally taken in black and white. But the best wedding photographer will Photoshop an image into black and white if s/he sees the potential there.

Asian Bridal Makeup Sydney

We tend to focus more on somebody’s eyes than on any other facial feature. It is for this reason so much makeup concentrates on the eyes. The eyes aren’t the only factor, but they are probably the most important. Our eyelashes are part of this. Good lashes are a very female feature, and many of us go to great trouble to get the right look for our lashes.


Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

False lashes are one solution, but they are neither permanent nor the best looking option. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, lasting several weeks. And if they are expertly applied they approach the appearance on natural lashes. These extensions use mink or synthetic fibres that are individually glued to the base of each natural lash. The individual lashes can be curved, straight and single, double or triple strand. They need to be replaced as each lash grown out; top ups to lashes are needed after about 6 weeks.


Asian Bridal Makeup Sydney

European fashions tend to prefer longer, thicker upper lashes, both for general wear and for formal occasions. Asian bridal makeup tends to distinguish more strongly between a formal wedding look and general, daily fashion. Thicker, longer lashes are popular for casual wear, but Asian weddings often see brides with decorative patterns around their eyes. These patterns are a combination of temporary tattoo and attachments to the lashes themselves. The effect is quite detailed and intricate.


Any Asian Bridal Makeup Sydney has to offer will need to coordinate the makeup and eyelash extensions. Sometimes regular eyelashes extensions will need to consider the extra lash decorations used for a wedding. Discuss the look you want with all the individuals involved. For an indication of how effective lashes can look Google ‘paperself’ for a few images.


Asian Wedding Makeup Sydney

If you are considering false lashes to complement Asian Wedding Makeup Sydney has many fine eyelash extension clinics. Talk to both the eyelash technician and the makeup artist to achieve the bridal look you want.

Face Shape and Hair style

Round Face

Rounder faces work well with either longer hair styles that add length, or sometimes a longer asymmetrical bob. Shorter hair is hard to pull off here as it makes the face look more round, as will anything that adds volume to the sides. Try to emphasise the jawline, making the face seems slightly longer.


Oval Face

This is probably the most versatile face shape. We see an oval face as balanced, so there is no need to compensate with a certain hairstyle. Those with thinner hair might want to add some body, or go super short. Those with thicker hair can try almost any look they wish.


Heart Shaped Face

These have more prominent and pointed jawlines, often with prominent foreheads. Medium to long hair that has body around the neck can be flarttering to the jaw, especially if it covers the cheeks. The forehead can be covered with either bangs or hair swept to one side.


Long Face

This works well with hair that is short but has a lot of body. You want hair above your head and off to the sides. Use the hair to create width that the face does not have. Avoid long straight hair as this make the face look longer.


Square Face

These may have a prominent forehead, which can be hidden with a style that is swept to one side. Else, a loose bob that comes below the shoulder can make the face look slightly rounder and nicely balanced.


Balayage Sydney Salon

Balayage is a method of colouring hair. It can be applied to hair of virtually any length, and used to further complement the hairstyle that compliments the shape of your face.

Benefits of Concord Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage boosts your immune system. Thai Yoga massage incorporates yoga movements into the practice. This is a more extreme version of the standard technique. The circulation is improved, and toxins are steadily removed from the body.


Thai massage reduces mental and emotional stress. This improves the mind, body connection. Yoga, reflexology and meditation can be combined with Thai massage for this. This deals not only with the symptoms, but also with our ability to change the situations and causes of our problems.


Increases you energy. There are many things that promise to increase our energy, from exercise to special diets. All of them require effort and time, sometime to the extent that the extra energy is spent on the very practice that aims to increase the energy. By contrast, massage requires very little work from the patient; they can relax and soak up the benefits.


Concord Thai Massage

Talk to your massage therapist about the issues that ail you. There is a way to treat all stresses and situations in life.

JINNY MAKEUP – Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Makeup Sydney


Should I have a Trial?

For the Bride, definitely. For the bridesmaids and mother, quite probably.

The trial is the chance to find our exactly what works for you. To bring photos of both styles you like in others and the occasional photo of yourself where things look just right. The wedding is a one off event; make it the definitive event by being yourself at your best.

The makeup trial often tries several different makeup styles, giving a range of options for the big day. This takes all the guess work out of the wedding preparations. We take a few photos and make notes about the makeup used, and give you the same thing on the morning of your wedding. Deciding in advance makes the process much quicker.


What Preparations should I Make?

For your trial, bring photos of your intended wedding dress and any jewellery or headpieces; this help us ensure that everything will match.  Bring photos of makeup styles that you like.


Hair tends to style best when it is almost perfectly clean rather than absolutely perfectly clean. Wash your hair the day before rather than the day of the trial.


You skin will look best if you look after it. Ask about some healthy routines and diet advice. Seriously consider a facial.


What are the Unforseen complications?

Sometimes, if the trial was long before the wedding, a bride’s hair has grown considerably. Obviously this can affect the styling. Sometimes this is deliberate; sometimes it just creeps up on us because we didn’t think about it. Having the hair cut a few days before, to restore it to the length it was at the trial, can be a good idea.


If you have ever had an allergic skin reaction to any makeup, please advise us in advance.

Advise the makeup artist if you intend to have you eyelashes extended or perform any other cosmetic alteration.


Bridal Makeup Sydney

Friends, siblings and others all have advice, some of which is helpful and based on personal experience. Your bridal makeup artist has more than a few useful tips based on the experience of many past customers.


Eyelash Extension Course Sydney   

The eyes are almost certainly the aspect of our appearance we modify the most with makeup. Given the option of only using one makeup item most women choose eyelash mascara, with many of the other using eyeliner.  Eyelash extensions allow us to do away with mascara while still have the realistic look of long and full lashes.

Eyelash Extension Course Sydney CBD

It’s worth the effort  to get your eyelashes extended, if only because you can forgo mascara and false lashes for two months. The process is a little slow and meticulous, but the results justify the time spent.


Having had the extensions I can say:

  • It can be difficult to keep your eyes closed for several hours. Then again, this depends on my mood. I was impatient the first time. Later is tried to see it as a meditation session.
  • Eyelash extension supplies vary a lot. I was surprised at the options available. There are longer and shorter lashes, double and triple lashes, and countless colours.
  • Extended lashes do require some maintenance, but this is not so much an inconvenience as a change or routine; my old false lashes and mascara tricks actually took more time. I found that cotton pads leave lint in the lashes, so I have had to move to makeup wipes. And I do have to comb them every day; but I got used to these new habits quite quickly.
  • You have to avoid getting the lashes wet for 24 hours after they are first applied. Not a problem as long as you remember.
  • It doesn’t take too long to get use to the new lashes, but it feels very strange when they are not there anymore. Honestly, without the lashes I feel something is missing. You will find yourself getting them renewed or topped up every other month, but only because you like the effect.



Eyelash training Sydney CBD

You can go to any Sydney lash studio for the lash extensions, and consider doing an eyelash extension course. The results are exactly what you have been trying to achieve for years with makeup.