Commercial Cleaning Tips

It is a mistake to think that you can do all the office cleaning yourself. A new company might make this work. But cleaning is more time consuming than most people realize, and that time can be far better spent either running the company or enjoying the benefits of you success. It is usually better to employ a commercial cleaner so you can get on with more important aspects of your life.


Aspects of Commercial cleaning Sydney.

Windows – There were once the bane of all office cleaning. Not only were they prone to streaks, not only had they to be dried with newspaper, not only did you need special equipment like rubber squeegees, but they were always hard to reach. Now matters are easier with modern environmentally safe products, but windows will also be hard to reach and cleaning them is still time consuming. Let the professional handle these things.

Carpets – These are so prone to problems that many high traffic rooms avoid them entirely. Perhaps office carpets they are subjected to less abuse than floors in homes with pets and children, but carpets accumulate all sorts of unpleasant substances. Have then cleaned outside of office hours, so you can avoid chemical fumes and return to a clean office the next day.

Pub Cleaning Sydney

Large scale cleaning is all but impossible for an individual, especially if they are running the operation as well. Pubs, clubs and entertainment venues are at least partly dependent on the appearance of their facilities when it comes to attracting clientele. Professional cleaning ensures that a commercial operation starts with a clean slate every day.

Employees for Commercial cleaning Sydney.

Employees for cleaning companies are screened to ensure that have a clear past history and a reputation for honest work. This is just one more way that commercial cleaning ensures a better situation and environment for your business.

Strata Cleaning


Strata buildings are multilevel apartment blocks, with private ownership of individual apartment. They have many shared facilities even as each apartment is private property.


Advantages and disadvantages of strata buildings and apartments vary between individuals and the strata building in question. Different people and families may simply prefer one situation over another. It is just personal taste and suitability.


  • Strata tend to have several facilities that a private home would not have, including larger outdoor areas.
  • Strata can often be quite social; you are part of a community.
  • Accommodation tends to be quite secure
  • There is little preparation needed for trips away, neighbours look after the remaining few responsibilities.
  • Carpooling is fairly common.
  • Child minding is often quite easy if you get along with the neighbours.
  • You won’t have to worry about mowing or gardening.
  • Studies have shown that there are mental and physical health benefits for those either living in strata communities or living with families.


Strata cleaning

The common areas of strata are frequently cleaned and maintained. Common area strata cleaning is part of the contract. It is often possible to arrange for the private apartments to be cleaned by the same service providers, at an economical price.


We feel different in an untidy environment. Some studies have shown that a chaotic looking neighbourhood seems to increase the likelihood of crime; individuals did not feel the need to be honest when living in disarray. If we live with disorder long enough we simply stop caring, not only about the keeping the surrounding in order, but in trying to keep anything else organized as well.


Cleaning your house, or simply have it cleaned, gives one the feeling that you have at least some control over your circumstances. Leaving it messy eventually gives the message that it is acceptable to be messy, and disorganised, and give up. The effect varies between individuals; some people have thin boundaries, and quickly absorb their surroundings. Others either take matter into their own hands and start their own organizing or they leave.


Of course matters can go both ways. A messy house may be the result of a sad, depressed person who has given up; else, it may be encouraging the person to give up and grow sad or depressed. But this is a balanced equation. If we change one side we can affect the other. Tidying the house may be the first step towards recovery; this works even if there is outside help. Else, after recovering from a problem we might feel compelled to start organizing our house again.


Our office space is similar to the house in terms of psychological effect. We will not be at our best in a mess; we will do much better if come to a clean office each morning. Almost every office employees a cleaning service for this very reason. The time taken to clean your own office is considerable; time you spend in an office already cleaned by another is far more productive.


Disarray gets us down. Dealing with disarray is time consuming, even if there is some initial sense of satisfaction. If we arrange for our homes and offices to be cleaned we have the best place possible for getting some real work done. Let a cleaning service get you in the best position for you to perform you best work.


Carpet Cleaning Sydney

A robotic vacuum cleaner- These may not have been the wave of the future that 1980 TV programmes promised, but they can be purchased for under $100.oo! They might sell for novelty value, but they do actually perform a useful function. If you read some literature while the house gets vacuumed you have your money’s worth.


Home Cleaning Sydney

  • Cleaning slippers – the kitchen floor and other hard surfaces get clean when you walk! They apparently can be cleaned in the wash. Various styles.
  • Microfiber cloths- they don’t need cleaning fluids, they remove most bacteria and problems without much effort.
  • A UV Light wand. Disinfects surfaces in minutes. Great for pillows and mattresses that cannot be put in the washing machine.


House Cleaners Sydney

  • A laundry folder device that folds shirts. There is such a thing; Sheldon uses one on the Big Bang Theory. Simple, it works, and it last for years.
  • A Dish brush that lets you blow bubbles with the soap.
  • A remote control garbage can. As if the pedal variety was not enough.
  • UV toothbrush cleaner.


End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

Perhaps not the place for traditional gifts, but cleaning vouchers might prove very useful. Else, a great way to sort and store what is being moved.



Why Office Cleaning Sydney

We sense that a clean space is somehow better that a disorganized one. It feels right to us. This is not a myth, we actually are better off in a clean space. Admittedly, there is such a thing as creative chaos, and that does complicate the argument; but we do benefit from a clean workspace.


  • Clutter tends to increase stress. If there are piles of paper we feel there is a hopeless amount of work to be done. We either give up, or undertake the work half-heartedly.
  • If a room smells bad there is probably a hygiene risk. And even if there isn’t a poor smell will tend to have a negative impact on your mood.
  • Clutter means confined space, which we associate with less physical activity. We tend to physically move less in a confined space, of something that feels confined.
  • Spatial ability is connected to memory. If we are confined, or feel confined by clutter, we cannot really flex our mental abilities very much.
  • When people start to take control of their surrounding and keep them tidy they also tend to take more positive control of their lives. We can see this when different people react to the same crisis. The individual who compulsively cleans their house will tend to sort their problems out, with a little time. The individual who lies down in the middle of the mess will take much longer to get their act together.


An office cleaner cannot decide what you keep on your desk- that’s your responsibility. But if you keep your desk organized the hired help can look after the other 90% of the cleaning. It only takes a moderate improvement in productivity, or a better mood, to justify the effort made. If we have to work for a living, we are better off being content in the task.


Office Cleaning Sydney

Unclean surroundings are a problem. Sometime a problem inspires us to be creative; and if we are creative in a useful way this can be worthwhile. But most of the time clutter is a problem that distracts us from doing something useful. We are distracted by the clutter and don’t really concentrate on any real problems or creative endeavours. A clean office means a clean space for getting useful and creative work done.


It’s not really debatable if Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS Foam) is recyclable; it’s just not widely accepted. The material is a problem due to the shear amount produced, and because it does not disappear on its own accord. But there have been several recycle methods discovered. It is dealing with the physical bulk of EPS foam and implementing the recycling methods on a large scale that presents difficulties. The issue is practicality, not possibility.

Polystyrene can have the air extracted and be turned into resin. This is useful for making plastic products, and is much cheaper than new resin. This is one approach to recycling, turning the old product into something new.

Another approach to recycling is reducing the material to its components and reusing it, hopefully in the natural environment. The odd discovery that mealy worms can digest polystyrene means than the material can be used for animal feed. Mealy worms can live on a healthy diet of EPS and little else. They, in turn, can be used for fish bait or bird food. Though considered pests in other circumstances mealy worms do have this practical recycling use; and feeding them recycled polystyrene would prevent them from eating useful products like grain.

EPS can be dissolved by Limonene, an oil derived from oranges and other citrus fruits. This process occurs at room temperature. The resulting material from is still has to be reprocessed or recycled, but the reduction in bulk, as huge issue with recycling is massively reduced.

The bulk issues with EPS are usually solved with machine processing. This does not change the material at a chemical level; it just removed the air, about 98% of foam’s physical size. This makes transport much easier.

According to some sources the alternatives to EPS may be worse than EPS. And every time an alternative is discovered there is always the risk that it may cause some yet undiscovered side effects in the future. EPS Recycling with EPS Equipment looks to be viable, especially if methods can be used to break it down without using further energy.


A Classic Home cleaner

The two oldest cleaning agents still in use appear to be soap and bicarbonate of soda, combined with a little water. These both stay in use because they work in different, perhaps opposite ways.

Soap is essentially fat and ash, though modern variations use oils and other substances to create a more refined product. It works as a cleaning agent by making many substances soluble in water. But as a fat/oil it is of limited use in removing other greases.

Bi carbonate of soda has also been used as a cleaning agent for decades, with similar sodium compounds used for centuries before that. It is an alkaline like soap, but unlike soap it is not greasy. This makes it useful for removing many grease-like stains.

  • Crayon marks, especially on hard surfaces like wall, can be removed with a paste made of bicarbonate of soda and warm water.
  • Coffee and tea equipment can be cleaned with bicarb and warm water. Stubborn stains may require soaking overnight.
  • Kitchen sinks can be cleaner by scrubbing with bicarb of soda; use an old toothbrush or something mildly abrasive. For difficult situations mix vinegar and bicarb of soda and clean after 20 minutes.
  • Silverware can be cleaned with bicarb of soda paste; just mix bicarb with water.
  • Greasy grills from stoves or BBQs can be cleaned with bicarb of soda and vinegar. Leave the grill soaking in the solution overnight.
  • Fridges and whitegoods are sensitive to some cleaners; harsh products ruin the finish. A Dilute mixture of bicarb of soda and water solves almost all problems.
  • Fridges or cupboards that produce a bad odour can be remedied with bicarbonate of soda. After removing the source of the smell any open containers of bicarb will remove lingering odours.
  • Oil spills on hard surfaces like concrete can be cleaned up with bicarbonate of soda.

Home Cleaner

Some of these cleaning properties are in such common use we might forget that bicarb of soda is most often used for cooking. The fact that it is edible shows it is non-toxic (at lease in moderate doses), making it a safe cleaning option.

Always use rubber gloves when combining vinegar with bicarb. Though non-toxic the smell is unattractive.