Appropriate Gifts for an Alcohol Lover !

My friend is turning 21 next week which is super because we get to party but I don’t know what to get her. But then I got this blog post and it gave me an idea ! I can buy her some alcoholic gifts, maybe a bottle of wine or spirits.

If you want some alcoholic gift ideas, check out today’s post !

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  • Group drinking games that involves taking shots every time you win or lose.
  • Wine bottle stoppers, especially novelty ones. Find one that suits their personality.
  • Wine bottle carrier – a tote bag, cool storage container, vinderalls … etc.
  • Novelty beer holder. Attachable handle for a beer can (yes, it’s a real thing !).
  • Wine barrels, personalised if appropriate.
  • Novelty ice cub trays. Some are designed to be shot glasses
  • Anything edible that goes with drinking – cheeses, chocolates, marshmallows, a night out … etc.
  • Bottle openers, one handed variety.
  • Spill-preventing glass; available for countless types of drinks. Check out spill-preventing martini glasses.</li
  • Giant beer steins
  • Coloured salt for margaritas.
  • Any appropriate type of drink dispensing device.
  • Whiskey stones. They work like ice but dissolve, so the whiskey doesn’t get diluted.
  • Wine pearls, same principle as above except they are stainless steel and work for champagne and wine.
  • Individual can coolers, USB powered.
  • Any book on mixing drinks.
  • Hip flask. For the discreet it can be shaped like a smartphone.
  • Brewer’s kit, wine making equipment or a homemade gin kit.
  • Any type of hangover cure.

  • So that’s some nice gift ideas for an alcohol lover, writing this post has made me somewhat thirsty. I think I might go get a drink now.

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