Do Fly Screens block the Light?

Not really. There are some very tightly woven screens that do block some light, but most are barely noticeable. The whole point of a flyscreen is to let air and light in while keeping insects out.

As flyscreens do not block light they do not block UV, so do not rely on them to protect form sunburn.

 Do Fly Screens keep out all insects?

Pretty much all insects are kept out by a flyscreen Very tight screens are sometime used for fruit-flys, but this is not a big problem.

Why use a retractable fly screen?

Insects are not a problem all year around. You can roll away flyscreens when not in use, which is more than half the year. The retractable screen is conveniently with the window for when it is needed next summer.

What are the types of retractable insect screen?

Screens can slide to one side of the window, or roll away above the window. These re sometime part of the windows’ original design, sometime designed latter to a window that was installed at an earlier date.

There are also magnetic screens that simply attach to the metal frame of the window. When not used they are stored elsewhere. This is convenient unless you are prone to losing the screen.

What is cleaning like?

Quite easy; flyscreens are easier to clean than windows. Detachable screens can be cleaned with soapy water. Many screens can simply be vacuumed with a soft attachment. If cleaning is gently there is hardly ever an issue.

Are Pets an Issue?

Younger pets, like kittens, can be an issue. If you are worried you can purchase tougher screens designed to be pet proof. Or you can spray citrus juice or a commercial animal repellent on a surface to deter animals. Google the animal in question and use what is appropriate.

Are there tougher types of flyscreen?

Yea, though nothing is indestructible. The type of screen used on security doors is very tough. Its only disadvantage is that, being rigid, it cannot be made retractable.

It is also possible to fit a metal grill over a flyscreen. This is much more secure and animals tend not to climb it. Again, it cannot be easily removed.




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For most boys their first exposure to decals came through plastic model kits. Girls often first saw decals with novelty nail kits, or toy dolls, though these days a few girls also make plastic model kits. But initially decals were applied to pottery, and called decalcomania. They date back to at least 1865.

There was a craze for ceramics in the 1870s that help popularize the decals, even as other methods of decoration were also used. The direct descendants of these are the decorated fine china and tableware so ubiquitous today.

Even as porcelain and ceramics continued there was a decal craze in the late 19th century. This extended into personal décor but also high art. A few surrealists used decals to create famous works of art, though there is some confusion here as decalcomania can refer to several different artistic techniques.

Today decals have remained a steady background trend. They are so versatile they can be used to apply fine designs to almost anything.  A few examples are:

  • Guitar decals, for customizing.
  • Plastic models, for realistic recreations.
  • Wall designs, especially for modern looks.
  • Front panels
  • Hard cases for instruments or other important equipment
  • Cars, particularity sports cars
  • Personalized mugs
  • Computer cases

The advent of waterslide decal paper make waterslide decals easy to realize. Inkjet decal paper means any computer design image achievable in software can be turned into a physical image on a physical object.

The advent of modern 3D Printing will probably open up more areas for decals. 3D printing can provide virtually any shape; the decals can provide all the fine detail.

A Few Physitherapy Myths

From: Ready GO Physio, Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Lane Cove Physiotherapy.

THERE’S A LONG WAIT FOR GETTING INTO PHYSIOTHERAPY: Not really. In normal business hours there’s not too much of a wait at all.

PHYSIOTHERAPY IS ONLY TEMPORARY: Not really true. We aim to get you body back to normal working order, teach you how to keep it working well and prevent any future problems. Often an acute problem can be dealt with after just a few sessions.

PHYSIO IS ONLY FOR INJURIES: we don’t just treat those who suffer accidents, or who are growing old. We also work with sports persons who want to improve their performance, people who want to maximise their health, as well as many others.

PHYSIOTHERAPY IS AN ART NOT A SCIENCE: This is confusion at several levels. There is no reason is cannot be both! Architecture is an art and a science, as is computer design, many things are. We deal with objective facts and some well understood scientific principles; we also deal with what approach is best for a particular situation. These is a lot of knowledge and formal qualification behind all Physiotherapists, but as it is dealing with individual people there is always some art.

MATTRESSES CAUSE BACK PAIN:  There is no real evidence that a mattress causes back pain. More than three quarters of the adult population suffers back problems at some point in their life, irrespective of which mattress they use. It might be possible that a different mattress might alleviate back pain, but there is not much evidence for this either. If a certain mattress preference helps you sleep, and if you don’t have bedbugs, then that’s all you need worry about.

STRETCHING PREVENTS MUSCLE INJURY:  This needs some clarification. Static stretching has been questioned for the past few years; it does not seem to do much to prevent injuries. It might improve performance, but event his is questioned. Dynamic stretching may be beneficial, the matter is still open. But at least avoid ballistic stretches which may actually cause injury.

DO NECK BRACES HELP RECOVERY FROM WHIPLASH? Not really, they prevent pain by reducing mobility and stoping the neck being put in an awkward position. They don’t appear to affect recovery time.

PHYSIOTHERAPY IS ALL ABOUT PAIN: Actually, we are about getting rid of pain. And the best way to get rid of pain is to fix the underlying cause.

PHYSIOTHERAPY IS EXPENSIVE: A lot of this is covered by Medicare, at least for the first few visits; even more by Health insurance. If you can be fixed within a few appointments you may find there is little out-of-pocket cost.  Anyway, this is your health – your good health is invaluable.

For any enquiries about ,Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Lane Cove Physio, talk to Ready GO Physio.