Karate Goals


Much of the profound wisdom we find in simple sayings is either the clearing of confusion or the clarification of goals. Sometime we forget the point in what we are doing and anything that reminds us of our goal seems insightful. In truth we need to be mindful of both what we aim to achieve and the process we follow to get there.


The goals in Karate vary with the situation.


To win the match/round. The operative word here is competition. The opponent is a fellow competitor; you have no grudge against them, you are respectfully competing for the same prize. The two of you are hopefully an even match.


To get away unscathed. The opponent is probably unknown to you, and they will harm you if they think they can get away with it. Blocking their attack is fundamental. If you can neutralize them without causing serious damage, do so. If you harm them there may be legal problems. The legal defence will accept that you did what you had to do to, but you can never exceed this. You cannot go beyond the perceived threat.


To neutralize the threat. Most of us are not concerned with this; those that are in the military should already have been informed of the situation by their superiors. But unlike most personal self-defence the attacker is a threat to others and not just oneself, so it is not enough to just walk away from the attack; military personal must ensure that the enemy is no further threat to anybody.


One common principle here is to avoid being physically hurt. In self-defence this means avoid attack, and attacking back if you have no other option. In sports this can mean attacking before the opponent can, but the idea is to score points not actually harm them. Military matters are best left up to those who give the orders.


Hopefully most of us will never need karate outside of the training or competition ring. The physical improvement through training and becoming a more balanced individual are often the real results of karate.

Face Shape and Hair style

Round Face

Rounder faces work well with either longer hair styles that add length, or sometimes a longer asymmetrical bob. Shorter hair is hard to pull off here as it makes the face look more round, as will anything that adds volume to the sides. Try to emphasise the jawline, making the face seems slightly longer.


Oval Face

This is probably the most versatile face shape. We see an oval face as balanced, so there is no need to compensate with a certain hairstyle. Those with thinner hair might want to add some body, or go super short. Those with thicker hair can try almost any look they wish.


Heart Shaped Face

These have more prominent and pointed jawlines, often with prominent foreheads. Medium to long hair that has body around the neck can be flarttering to the jaw, especially if it covers the cheeks. The forehead can be covered with either bangs or hair swept to one side.


Long Face

This works well with hair that is short but has a lot of body. You want hair above your head and off to the sides. Use the hair to create width that the face does not have. Avoid long straight hair as this make the face look longer.


Square Face

These may have a prominent forehead, which can be hidden with a style that is swept to one side. Else, a loose bob that comes below the shoulder can make the face look slightly rounder and nicely balanced.


Balayage Sydney Salon

Balayage is a method of colouring hair. It can be applied to hair of virtually any length, and used to further complement the hairstyle that compliments the shape of your face.

Benefits of Concord Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage boosts your immune system. Thai Yoga massage incorporates yoga movements into the practice. This is a more extreme version of the standard technique. The circulation is improved, and toxins are steadily removed from the body.


Thai massage reduces mental and emotional stress. This improves the mind, body connection. Yoga, reflexology and meditation can be combined with Thai massage for this. This deals not only with the symptoms, but also with our ability to change the situations and causes of our problems.


Increases you energy. There are many things that promise to increase our energy, from exercise to special diets. All of them require effort and time, sometime to the extent that the extra energy is spent on the very practice that aims to increase the energy. By contrast, massage requires very little work from the patient; they can relax and soak up the benefits.


Concord Thai Massage

Talk to your massage therapist about the issues that ail you. There is a way to treat all stresses and situations in life.


dental focus - wisdom teeth

Healthy Habits that have a negative impact on teeth.

Drinking Juices – Whether home-made in a blender or shop bought all juices contain sugar. There are probably health benefits in most juice, but the sugar is very harsh on teeth. Sugar content of juice is often similar to soft drink. Try to rinse with water after drinking anything containing sugar. And make sure juice has some fibre in it for the sake of a better GI effect. Drinking with a straw minimises the decay problems.

Brushing Straight After Meals – Many foods will soften tooth enamel, especially if those foods are sugary and acidic. Brushing straight after eating these foods will damage the softened enamel. It is better to rinse your mouth with water after eating, and brush 30 minutes later.

Bottled Water – Tap water contains fluoride, which gives teeth that extra bit of help that they need. Bottled water does not contain fluoride, so drinking bottled water means we miss out on this benefit. Dentists have noticed the general increase in cavities since bottled water became popular. Gargeling with tap water several times a day might reverse this trend.

Cough Lozangers – We might need these for a sore throat, but they are full of sugar. If you need to use them, rinse your mouth with tap water as often as possible.

Sports Drinks – These may or may not be healthy. They claim to rehydrate you and provide energy, but if the energy is a sugar rush you end up feeling more tired when it wears off.  Sports drinks might be fine during half time of your once-per-week compeditive game, but that’s about their limit. Drinking with a straw will minimise the bad effect on teeth.

Water with Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar – Many claim this is a great source of energy first thing in the morning, and it supposedly detoxes the body. But the acid content is very harsh on teeth. If you do drink water with lemon or vinegar, use a straw, and rinse your mouth with water afterwards.


Magnetic Imaging Radiation

North Ryde Medical Imaging

Magnetic Imaging Radiation(MRI uses magnetism, radio waves and computer processing to produce images of a body’s structure.


The MRI machine consists of a large tube surrounded by a circular magnet. Our bodies are made of atoms, and atoms are affected by magnetic fields. The MRI Magentic field affects the behaviour of hydrogen atoms, the simpilist type of atom, and this change in behaviour is detected with the aid of radio waves. The changes are then recorded and processed by a computer in order to produce an image. Images are quite detailed.


Because the MRI image is so detailed it can be used to detect many issues not shown by other methods of scanning. Where X-rays only contrast hard and soft surfaces the MRI can show the fine details of brain tissue or the structure of the heart. Perhaps most importantly, MRI can be used to replace exploratory surgery, which is difficult and expensive.


Safety with MRI

MRI is considered one of the safest imaging procedures, though it can be a problem for those with pacemakers or any form of artificial implant. Most metals are affected by the strong magnetic field, including bullet shrapnel; this is extremely dangerous. But Titanium, used for dental work and some bone reconstruction, is not affected by the magnetic field and appears quite safe.


North Ryde Radiology

Talk to Central Imaging about North Ryde X Ray, North Ryde Ultrasound or any medical imaging technique.

Behind The Best Wedding Photography

There are problems in any Career path. Some issues re almost universal, some are endemic to certain occupations.  Some problems with a wedding photography operation include:


Launching Your Company

The universal dilemma- You need experience to get started, and can’t get experience till you have already started. There are a few ways to get your foot in the door. One is working as an apprentice for somebody else, though sometimes you have to show evidence of potential. Another method is to do voluntary work, which is reasonable if you are still young or have the resources to support yourself. Taking photos of the wedding of friends and relatives, and delivering some good work, is one way to make progress. You can do this even if there is an experienced and paid photographer there. People usually won’t object to a second photographer.


Setting up a good website is not essential for virtually any business. You are depriving yourself of a great resource without this. Having your own work displayed the side is an advantage in this industry. A good looking website with some regular updated blogs is the most effective advertising you will find.


The Business Side of the Company.

Even the best wedding photographer will still has a business side to deal with, probably to their annoyance. You won’t be able to hire someone else to do this until you already have things up and running. So unless you are married to an accountant you are going to spend at least some time filling out paperwork and keeping all the recepts.


Seasonal and Weekly Variation

Most wedding are on Saturdays in the summer and spring. There are other dates, but not nearly as many.  You will have an off season, and the frustration of having to turn down one booking because it clashes with another, followed by a week of no bookings at all. This is a potential nightmare for those with mortgages to pay. Some people turn this this into a positive by having a second job, which might work Monday to Thursday. But then there can be a lot of frustration when the two jobs clash.


As the actual wedding even is only part of the job, and there is a lot of time spend with Photoshop, editing, and making albums, the apparent time off is partly an illusion; there is a lot of time spent behind the scenes. Still, the busy and sparse employment situation can be frustrating.


You own Social Life

The best wedding photography take place on weekends and during the time most people are with families. You might have a partner who has a similar schedule, but more likely you find that they are home when you are not, and vice-versa. This can be frustrating, and difficult to change.

Human Driving


Out state of mind affects our driving. Some examples that cause us to be driving below our normal ability include:



Anger certainly affects how we behave. Deliberate violence against other drivers is rare, but anger massively compromises our ability to concentrate and make rational decisions. Driving can often make the anger worse as there are always situations that aggravate us; often situation that we would dismiss as unimportant when in another mood. Find ways to resolve anger issues, remembering that everybody has their bad days,



Anxiety can lead to panic attacks, poor concentration and other dangerous states of mind. It is a little like the dilemmas we have with stage fright- we are afraid of a bad performance, and realize that the fear actually causes a bad performance.

Anxiety about driving requires professional help. But if you have anxiety or stress from any other factor in your life, the type of thing that we all endure at one point or another, then it might be best to avoid the driver’s wheel for a day or two.


Lack of Anxiety

This seems odd considering the picerroblems that anxiety causes. But lack of anxiety starts to look like complacency. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are 100% safe; drive knowing that the road has a few dangers that need avoiding.



This is surprizing till one catches oneself making a mistake. There is the old joke about the girl who tried to hide the fact she was using a mobile phone at a service station. Trying to explain the situation to the police the next day she was surprized to realize that she had driven off without paying for the petrol, and that was why the police had tracked her down. We don’t realize how covering up our behaviour causes us to act differently and not respond in a normal and appropriate way.


Brake Pads Sydney

Humans and their interaction with the world is a complex thing. But looking after your car means much less chance of mechanical failure. Looking after your car also tends to put us in a better mood and make us better drivers. If we take some pride in our vehicles and our ability to drive them we tend to be more careful with them.


When it comes to your car a brake pads supplier should be high on the list of priorities. The brakes pad catalogue should have at least one, if not more options, for any car.