There is advertising that just gets the company colours on display. Your company car advertises the business.


Then there is Guerrilla advertising that uses creative (and often less expensive) means to reach the audience. Your hot dog company has a car that looks like a hot dog.


Then there is decoration for the sake of decoration. Your car looks like a Salvador Dali painting.


Some recent vehicle wrapping ideas that we liked the look of.

  • Sports cars with a metallic finish, especially gold.
  • A truck that looks like a large aquarium.
  • A truck that looks like a large candy bar. All the better when they manufacture and transport that brand of candy.
  • Anything that makes a car look like a vehicle from the Mad Max series.
  • Garage doors that look like a fancy car is parked inside.
  • A flexi-bus made to look like an accordion.
  • A radio station van that looks like a giant radio.
  • An advertisement on a bus that looks like a snake is wrapped around the vehicle.
  • Anything that looks like a giant shark or monster.
  • Anything with cartoon characters, superheros or the vehicles


Vehicle Wrapping Illawarra

A vehicle warp is about the creativity of the design. A plain design and a truly outlandish one may both have the same printing cost. The difficulty is coming up with the unique design idea.


Car Vinyl Wrap Illawarra

Talk to the car wrap specialists. There are more than a few ideas to spark you creative juices. A good design is as inspiring for the business employees as it is for the potential customers.


Signs Illawarra.

Signs can just be the company logos, or they can be something outlandish. Think outside the box, and have a sign that reflects the company and gets a customer’s attention



A wall decorated as a monthly calendar. Thirty or more numbered squares, each about a foot in size, made for a useful and pleasing wall decoration. Pity that the weeks and months don’t align; we have to continually adjust.


Designer clocks- it isn’t hard to buy a generic wall clock. Any clock with a flat face can be fitted with a decal, and the design options are limitless. We particularity like clocks decorated with classic album covers and books.


Wall 3D effects. Don’t like a flat wall! Have an optical illusion, or anything that creates depth.


Pictures of the sky on the ceiling, to give a great sense of space.


Skulls images in pink. This is the oddest combination of masculine and feminine, but we are fascinated by it.


Fish and aquatic animals on the windows. Make the outside world seem like a huge aquarium.


We have seen many decals put on musical instrument such as guitars. We have also seen decals of guitars applied elsewhere. We’re not sure if there are too many instances of this working both ways. Guitar decals and decals of guitars.


Anything that personalizes a laptop computer.


Plastic model decals have always remained popular. Now with 3D printing we can create any model, and then use custom decals to supply the fine details.



print focus - corporate banners sydney

If you’re looking to make a sign then you have the option of choosing everything. This can be confusing if you feel spoilt for choice; a blank page can be rather intimidating. But the matter is not so much about personal taste as it is about finding what works for a business. You have a company so you want a sign, a logo, an approach that get your company to the customers. When you find the right design you will feel that you discovered something rather than invented it. You have a company and the idea that is behind it; the design is describes the company at a glance.

Create a unique look for you company across many platforms. Huge companies can be recognized by colours alone; or by the logo, or by the silhouette of the company icon.  Some logos and signs are so successful that the companies never fundamentally change them. Disney, Coke and Ford motors have been recognized by logos for generations, even if they do vary them gradually over time. ANZ and McDonalds are recognizable by colour alone. It’s sometimes hard to imagine the same company working had the designs been different.

Corporate Banners Sydney

If you already have a design a corporate banner is easy to produce. It’s also cost effective. While it is possible to pay huge amounts for websites and advertising it is a relatively small outlay for a sign. And signs can be used multiple times.

Pull Up Banners Sydney

Pull up banners are such a straightforward concept, yet so useful. A banner in a shop window or displayed on the kerb can make a small company look serious, and give the staff some solidarity. Large companies continue to use them; they are so useful for conferences, trade shows, employment fairs and anywhere one wants to display the company presence.

All huge companies started off small.  The company logo, the advertising, the image were all part of their success. Any small company can have its own team colours, and at least show the world that it there to do business.