Comments on Moving Out

Before you move out of your house / living arrangements, make sure that the area is completely clean. If you are unable to clean it yourself or are worried that you lack some cleaning ability, then don’t worry. JKP Cleaning can help you out, their Bond Cleaning Brisbane services can help you get a shiny and clean house.

The best way to learn to do something is to have already done it before. If that’s not an option, you can learn in the process of doing something for the first time. Only, mistakes can be expensive. If you have to get it right first time you may benefit from observing others and listening to some experience.

Rules for moving out of a rental residence vary according to the laws of the land and the type of accommodation. You usually need to give 28 day notice, but this varies; Google the arrangements for you state, city and type of accommodation. Failure to give adequate notice might mean paying rent for a period after you leave.

If all matters are fine with the property you should receive the full bond amount back. If you are to receive less than this you should agree with the landlord on the amount and the reasons. If you sign a bond claim form is should show the amount to be refunded; do not sign if it doesn’t show the refund amount.

Just to be safe, take some photos of the property after it has been vacated and cleaned out. Digital photos are super cheap, so take plenty of images.
The bond refund and any rent you owe are two separate matters. You cannot use the bond money as part of your rent. If you owe rent you must pay it before you receive the bond money back.

Avoid any circumstances where your possessions are left behind on the property. If you do leave possessions behind, arrange to collect then as soon as possible. A landlord cannot keep your items, even if you owe them rent, but they are not obliged to keep the either. Consumer Affairs Departments in different states have different ways of dealing with this. It is best to take all possession with you to avoid complications.

Remember to :

  • Disconnect utilities, gas, electricity and water.
  • Arrange for re-directed mail and change of address information.
  • Purge your possessions of what you don’t need before you move. But remember, some items might be more valuable than you realize. Take notice of old furniture, paintings, musical instruments … etc.
  • Look at the insurance situation. If you can, transfer insurance to the new house, and see if it covers the removal as well. Look at the insurance the removal company has.

11. Neat Cleaning Hacks

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  1. Get rid of grease on hard surfaces (like walls) using chalk. Just cover the greasy stain with chalk, wait a few minutes, and wipe away with a damp cloth
  2. Clean dirt barbeque grates with half an onion. Put the onion on the end of a fork and rub over the grate when it is hot
  3. Coca-Cola can be used for more than just a nice drink. Use it for grease stains on hard surfaces like cement or metals
  4. Silica Gel Packs, the type that are used in vitamin packets and other consumables. These are great for any area of your house or belongings that attracts moisture, and hence mould or damaged woodwork. A few silica gel packs will get rid of the moisture without worry. I even put a few in the piano to prevent this problem
  5. Alternatively, you can use a sachet of dry ice to soak up moisture. This will rid you of any problems with moisture inside gumboots or rubber gloves
  6. Clean coffee stains with baking soda. Bicarbonate Soda, sometimes with vinegar, cleans a multitude of stains
  7. Need to dry some clothes in a hurry? Put the clothes in the dryer along with a dry towel. The towel soaks up a lot of the moisture, and the clothes dry much faster
  8. Clean conventional ovens by leaving a bowl of ammonia inside overnight. Clean microwaves with a bowl of water and a little vinegar. Use the microwave to heat the water solution for a few minutes, and then wipe the inside of the oven
  9. Glitter can be removed from many surfaces with clay, play-dough or something similar
  10. Nail polish can be soaked up with sugar. Pour sugar on while the polish is still wet
  11. Mirrors can be cleaned with a combination of 2 cups water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of corn-starch. Wipe with a newspaper
  12. These are 11 neat tricks which you can use around your household. Just because we’ve told you some neat tricks doesn’t mean you can solve all your cleaning problems. Make sure you head over the JPK Cleaning’s website. For those harder cleaning jobs, hire JPK Cleaning to solve those problems.

    What other neat tricks do you know that wasn’t listed here? Make sure you leave a comment below!