Car Ceramic Coating Perth


Pristine, shiny paintwork is the most important aspect of a new looking car. If the paintwork is flawed there is nothing we can do to compensate; a good looking car always has good looking paintwork. Preserving the shine and preventing damage is the Holy Grail when it comes to the looking after the appearance of an automobile.


It is possible to cover the whole vehicle with a car wrap, and this will preserve the appearance of the paint underneath. But the problem is we cannot see the paint. We are effectively hiding the car. This is only really an advantage when preserving the paintwork for resale value, though car wraps are excellent for design work or advertising.


An increasingly popular alternative is Nano coatings. These use the same principle that has been applied to pottery and other materials for many centuries – a clear hard shiny coating is put over the paint to protect it. But when used for automobile paint this protective coating is both more advanced and near invisible.


The technology used for coating a car’s paintwork work is based on polymers. These coatings bond at a chemical level. They are far more than just an additional clear coat of paint or vanish; they literally prevent water from staying on the surface of the vehicle. While the coating bonds to the car paint nothing will bond to the outside of the coating. Moisture and dust slide away, acidic compounds cause no damage, and the Sun’s UV rays do not compromise the car’s appearance.


Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth

If you have a car’s whose appearance is important to you, or which you wish to preserve for resale, consider a ceramic, nanoparticle coating such as Zenulease. A thorough cleaning of your car beforehand is essential to maximise the benefits of the protective coating.

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