Floating Timber Floors Perth

There are advantages to an engineered wooden Floor.

  • The seperation from the surface underneath provides great insulation. This means that under moderate conditions the floor is quite warm. Heating inside is not lost directly to the ground, nor does the cold does not rise from the floor.
  • Wooden floors are flexible with the Season. Add a thick, warm rug in winter.
  • Engineered floors have the natural appeal of wood. Even though they are a hybrid of several layers of material the top wood really is the real thing. Older engineered floors and laminate look poor be comparison.
  • Stability of these floors is unsurpassed. Nothing is perfectly stable, but engineered wood has several layers of material that provide strength in all directions, making more stable than any other flooring material.
  • Like any good wood the surface can be re-sanded and refinished, should you want to redecorate.
  • Individual floor boards can be replaced if damaged, with minimal fuss.
  • The entire floor can be removed if needed, and even recycled as the flooring in another room.
  • Engineered wooden floors work well with underfloor heating.
  • They are possibly the easiest floor to install. Fine for DIY.


Timber Flooring Perth

A floating engineered timber floor can be installed in a new home, or over an existing floor. Consider the advantages.

Car Ceramic Coating Perth


Pristine, shiny paintwork is the most important aspect of a new looking car. If the paintwork is flawed there is nothing we can do to compensate; a good looking car always has good looking paintwork. Preserving the shine and preventing damage is the Holy Grail when it comes to the looking after the appearance of an automobile.


It is possible to cover the whole vehicle with a car wrap, and this will preserve the appearance of the paint underneath. But the problem is we cannot see the paint. We are effectively hiding the car. This is only really an advantage when preserving the paintwork for resale value, though car wraps are excellent for design work or advertising.


An increasingly popular alternative is Nano coatings. These use the same principle that has been applied to pottery and other materials for many centuries – a clear hard shiny coating is put over the paint to protect it. But when used for automobile paint this protective coating is both more advanced and near invisible.


The technology used for coating a car’s paintwork work is based on polymers. These coatings bond at a chemical level. They are far more than just an additional clear coat of paint or vanish; they literally prevent water from staying on the surface of the vehicle. While the coating bonds to the car paint nothing will bond to the outside of the coating. Moisture and dust slide away, acidic compounds cause no damage, and the Sun’s UV rays do not compromise the car’s appearance.


Car Ceramic Paint Protection Coating Perth

If you have a car’s whose appearance is important to you, or which you wish to preserve for resale, consider a ceramic, nanoparticle coating such as Zenulease. A thorough cleaning of your car beforehand is essential to maximise the benefits of the protective coating.

HI CAR WASH – Car Advertising Perth

hi car wash

Advertising Car Wrapping Perth

The benefits of car wrapping on company vehicles are fairly easy to understand – a sense of solidarity for the employees, free advertising when they drive on the road. But there is another commercial use – simply advertising on cars.


Advertising need not be on vehicles owned by the company. There is a trend where a company pay other drivers to display suitable advertising on their private vehicles. The drivers must be out and about on the roads for a sufficient amount of time, and the general routes they take are noted. If eligible, that can display advertising on their car appropriate for the area they drive in and the demographic most likely to see it.


The drivers collect a fee for this, but not a particular large one. Companies pay $2000.oo for their advertising to be displayed prominently on a private car, which breaks down to about $40.oo per week. This is not a huge outlay for the advertiser compared to some mediums. And it may not seem a huge income for the driver; yet it is supplemental income, and the driver need not do any travel that they weren’t already doing.


Car Window Tinting Perth

A car is physically and metaphorically cooler with tinted windows. It we take some joy in the details of life we should take some joy in looking after the car we drive. Make your car better with just the right tint of windows.


Car Detailing Perth

Car detailing looks after all the little factors that make a vehicle so much better to drive. Take pleasure in the details of life.


Car window tinting, Perth


Heat Reduction:  Been in a hot car in Summer? Nothing good about that situation! Tinting the windows means the car won’t be nearly as hot when you get in, and you won’t have to wait for the air conditioner to set things right. Even better, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, meaning you save energy and money.

UV Protection: Do we need to tell you about what the Sun does to your skin? What about what it does to the car’s interior. Windows can block UV-B, but usually not UV-A; this is only partial protection. Remove the need to wear sunblock inside. Tint the windows and live with a little luxury.

Glare Reduction: It affects you visibility, and that is an issue when driving. Admittedly this is not too much of an issue, but even if it only makes the car slightly safer, isn’t it worth it.

Privacy: Prevent people seeing the valuables in the back seat, and reduce the risk of theft. Not a common problem if you keep possessions safely hidden, just another small benefit.

Preventing injury: If a normal window breaks it can split and spill into a thousand pieces. Safety glass is better in regards to this as the glass is far less likely to be sharp, but a broken window still means countless pieces of glass in your vehicle. The film of a tinted window will tend to hold the broken glass in one piece, which prevents it from hitting passengers and being lost in the car interior for the following weeks.

The right Tinting can just look great on your Car:  it depends on the colour of the paintwork and the style of car, but there’s a tine to suit every vehicle.


For car window tinting, Perth’s Hi Car is a great option.

Give your car the treatment it deserves

Does your ride need cleaning? A new fresh layer of paint? It can sometimes be a hassle to wash your car; you need to gather sponges, detergent, a strong hose and time! It may be easier to go to a car wash company and reduce the stress and effort of cleaning your car. Hi Carwash is a professional car wash and detailing company that operates in Perth, Western Australia. Popular services that they can provide to their clients are window tinting and hand car wash. Aside from car wash and tinting services, they also provide sensor fitting services to assist rear and parallel parking; this is conducted by a FM7 Australia technician.

Roller Blinds

Today’s post was supplied to us by Luna Deco. Luna Deco specialise in wallpaper, roller blinds and interior design in Perth.

An accurate measurement of your windows is necessary for a blind, but the matter is really quite simple.
Generally blinds are mounted on the window frame and cover the whole window recess, though it is possible to make the blind smaller and mount it inside the frame. An external mounted blind should overlap the recess to prevent light coming in.


There is the recess width, with is the internal dimensions inside the window frame. This will be the smallest width measurement.

There is the width of the frame itself; this tends to be the larger width measurement.

The width of the blind itself should be 75mm (3 inches) greater than the recess width to avoid light coming in. This is the EXACT BLIND WIDTH.


This is how far the blind comes down, the vertical dimension.
There is the internal dimension of the window inside the frame, this is the recess drop.

There is the external dimension of the frame, the largest measurement.

The EXACT BLIND DROP should extend 75mm (3 inches) past the top and bottom of the internal dimension of the window if you wish to successfully block out light.

If in doubt about what information you need to provide then provide a diagram with internal and external measurements. Unless you confuse feet with inches this should prevent any major problems.

For any interior decorating needs, including printed roller blinds, talk to Perth’s Luna Deco.

Luna Deco – Roller Blinds Perth

Luna Deco – Wallpaper, Roller Blinds & Interior Design Perth

Luna Deco Guest Post

There is a balance between making a bold statement and overpowering a room. If your room has windows then any decoration should be aimed at making the windows part of the room, and not simply a functional item that happens to be there.

Roller Blinds (or curtains for that matter) control the amount of light you want coming into a room. At the same time they also determine the amount of privacy. Separating these requires some pre planning. A translucent material will allow most of the light, and give almost complete privacy when drawn closed. A more solid material will either give complete privacy and complete light blockage when closed, or give maximum light and little privacy when opened. Mixing two types of material, in two different layers, allows several options depending on what is needed at the time. The same principle has been used with curtains for many generations; light material to let in some sunshine with heavy drapes that can be drawn at night.

Decorating the room’s window, as well as making it functional, is very much at the heart of the matter at our Perth Roller Blind Store. Modern ideas allow for countless options, as long as the blind either matches or contrasts with the rest of the room. Given the choice of blinds and the effect they have upon a room it makes a lot of sense to alter the room to fit the design of the blind.

Light is one of the most important factors in any room. Whether we are conscious of it or not our eyes are automatically drawn to the brightest part of a room. Ever notice how different some rooms look and feel in natural sunshine from the window compared to electric light in the middle of the room? This is a good reason to get the window decorations right, and to never have bare light-bulbs that draw our eyes to harsh light.

Consider giving your room a ‘psychological cleaning’; this means looking at what is essential and what is redundant. A sparser room tends to be better (unless you want creative chaos in a man-cave or art-room), and essential items can be stored under beds or other places, or beds folded into seating, if necessary. Think of how a blind or full wall decoration should work for you, and move the room around this idea. If in doubt use light, neutral colours. Anything is fine as long as it works with the main decoration. If your window or wall decoration has a theme, then the rest of the room can follow it. But remember, the room still has to work if your decorative blind is in the concealed/up position.

Part of the attraction in what we supply at our Perth Roller blinds store is the ability to go between two different look when a blind is opened or shut. Design a room so it works with a blind’s design, but can also work on its own merits when the blind is drawn.