What is Spirit?

The etymology of the word ‘spirit’ is ‘breath’ or ‘wind’; the Greek word ‘Pneuma’ and the Latin word ‘spiritus’ can both mean spirit or breath. As there are other words in these two languages that have overlapping meanings (‘anima’ in Latin can mean breath, wind, soul or mind) so the whole area becomes confusing. Perhaps there are several distinct phenomena referred to by these words; a soul and a spirit might be two different things. Else, the same word might refer to different things in different contexts. It is further complicated by the use of the word ‘spirit’ in a metaphore.

Spirit can be used to refer to an individual’s general behaviour and attitude. It does not refer to an individual act or comment but an ongoing part of the person’s existence; the tendency to think an act a certain way is a pattern that we can refer to as their spirit. The spirit does not refer to their physical body, but the ongoing way they act, the ongoing way that they are.

In a similar way the word spirit can refer to the attitude of society. The term ‘Zeitgeist’ or spirit of the times (attributed to G. W. F. Hegel) refers to the attitude of the society at a particular point in history. With this understanding the spirit of early 20th century Europe and America was optimistic and inclined towards progress; the spirit of famine stricken medieval Europe was pessimistic and believed the world was ultimately unchanging. Spirit here refers to the overall perspective and not one isolated event.

We are used to hearing phrases such as ‘spirit of the law’ or ‘written in the spirit of’. This is a metaphoric use of ‘spirit’ which juxtaposes a literal interpretation of a law with its intension, or seeks to find the mentality that produced certain written work. Again, the spirit refers to an overall tendency rather that an individual element,

The link between ‘spirit’ and ‘breath’ are understandable given how essential breathing is for all living beings. If we die we stop breathing, and the spirit departs. This is true no matter which understanding of spirit we prescribe to. Those who believe in the supernatural can claim the spirit continues elsewhere; others, that the spirit has died too.

Ultimately spirit always seems to refer to something that is not explained, or not explained easily, by the existence of physical matter. It is invisible, but produces visable effects. This need not imply the existence more than the physical, of something supernatural, only the acknowledgment of the mental, or something that results from the extreme complexity or interacting matter. As a noun refers to an object so a verb may refer to an action performed on or by that object. A materialist ‘physical matter only’ understanding of the world could loosely equate nouns with matter and verbs with spirit; spirit would be a process of the physical matter. Acknowledgment of the supernatural, however, can put the spiritual first and make matter subordinate; matter is moved by the spirit that inhabits it. Some confusion still remains as many religious writings use the word ‘spirit’ in both supernatural and physical senses. Context should provide some clue as to the intended meaning.

Thanks to ‘The Procession of the Holy Spirit’, a dissertation submitted to the UCS University of California.
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Balustrade Background

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A balustrade is the series of shaped vertical supports in a fence; the ones shaped like a vase or a sculptured chair leg. Despite not being part of Greek or roman architecture they have a long history in barricades and fences stretching back to the Assyrians in 600 BC and being popular in the Renaissance era and part of the Gothic influence before that. Even cultures that did not have Balustrade fences still used the same general shape with chair legs and other items. The shape is popular party because it lends itself to being made with a lathe, and partly because it seems to appeal to the human sense of form.

Of course not all modern fences are made from wood, but sometimes they keep the balustrade from because people find it appealing. And as they no longer need to be made on a turning lathe so they no longer need to be symmetrical.

More often than not Balustrades are not made of metal. Cast iron was popular, but stainless steel or aluminium tends to have replaced these. The advantage of these modern metal materials is that they won’t rust under normal conditions. Until recently the big disadvantage was that they didn’t hold paint very well; you had a natural finish that never required painting, but no other options. Now, however, it is possible to colour metals with powder coating, which is very durable and makes any painting unnecessary. Alternately, stainless steel can be treated with chromic and sulphuric acids to give a richly tinted, and very pleasing, metallic finish. The green, red gold, blue or bronze finishes are part of the surface of the metal and never need recolouring.

While not every colour is possible with treated metals it is always possible to find a colour that works well for any fencing situation. New technologies are environmentally friendlier than many previous methods, and allow classic concepts, like balustrades, to be implemented in new ways. These new technologies result in fences that can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

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Public Debating Tuition

There are various forms of learning. Some concentrate on the accumulation of facts, others on developing analytical skills. The better ones foster originality and creativity. Debating is something taught in a different way to most skills. Public debating tuition is about helping an individual find his or her own voice. Individuals are taught to engage with the topic at hand, but to analyse both their own reaction to it as well as the various other possible reactions afforded by others. Debate is about the ability to argue, but to argue persuasively, to show there is more to the topic than the first impression. Individuals are assessed on their ability to be persuasive, but this is a complex matter, and includes the ability to construct solid, even airtight presentations that are difficult for opponents to refute.

There are several career paths that benefit from debating skills. And the more advanced the education the more likely it is that debating, or at least public presentation skills, will prove useful. Competitive fields or any progressive endeavours often encounter questions with no definite answers. New scientific discoveries have possible uses and consequences; new medical breakthroughs have ethical considerations; political matters are always the subject of debate. The ability to successfully and respectfully debate the opposing opinions of other, and to accommodate conflicting perspectives in oneself, is paramount to problem resolution, progress, and sometimes just the acceptance of matters as they are.

The Public debate tuition Sydney’s North Shore Debating provides is applicable to so many areas of life. Even without entering the public forum debating enhances personal growth. Debating requires engaging with a real issues, and hence some part of the real world. It prevents the stultification that may result from relying on a detached perspective by making an individual apply their knowledge or potential to learn, and makes one experience the multiple aspects of a subject not provided by detached facts or a limited textbook education. Debating is about application and pragmatism, and a pragmatic attitude is always useful in life.

Comments on Moving Out

Before you move out of your house / living arrangements, make sure that the area is completely clean. If you are unable to clean it yourself or are worried that you lack some cleaning ability, then don’t worry. JKP Cleaning can help you out, their Bond Cleaning Brisbane services can help you get a shiny and clean house.

The best way to learn to do something is to have already done it before. If that’s not an option, you can learn in the process of doing something for the first time. Only, mistakes can be expensive. If you have to get it right first time you may benefit from observing others and listening to some experience.

Rules for moving out of a rental residence vary according to the laws of the land and the type of accommodation. You usually need to give 28 day notice, but this varies; Google the arrangements for you state, city and type of accommodation. Failure to give adequate notice might mean paying rent for a period after you leave.

If all matters are fine with the property you should receive the full bond amount back. If you are to receive less than this you should agree with the landlord on the amount and the reasons. If you sign a bond claim form is should show the amount to be refunded; do not sign if it doesn’t show the refund amount.

Just to be safe, take some photos of the property after it has been vacated and cleaned out. Digital photos are super cheap, so take plenty of images.
The bond refund and any rent you owe are two separate matters. You cannot use the bond money as part of your rent. If you owe rent you must pay it before you receive the bond money back.

Avoid any circumstances where your possessions are left behind on the property. If you do leave possessions behind, arrange to collect then as soon as possible. A landlord cannot keep your items, even if you owe them rent, but they are not obliged to keep the either. Consumer Affairs Departments in different states have different ways of dealing with this. It is best to take all possession with you to avoid complications.

Remember to :

  • Disconnect utilities, gas, electricity and water.
  • Arrange for re-directed mail and change of address information.
  • Purge your possessions of what you don’t need before you move. But remember, some items might be more valuable than you realize. Take notice of old furniture, paintings, musical instruments … etc.
  • Look at the insurance situation. If you can, transfer insurance to the new house, and see if it covers the removal as well. Look at the insurance the removal company has.

Coated Tongue

A coating on the tongue without other symptoms is not a sign of anything serious. It is a build-up of bacteria and debris due to a dry mouth, mild dehydration, or as a side effect of not eating or talking. Drinking more water and removing the coating with a tongue scraper is usually sufficient to solve the problem

Occasionally a coated or discoloured tongue really is an indication of a more serious problem. Some oral infection are characterised by a white tongue. Infections like scarlet fever can produce red spots on the tongue. Smoking can produce a coated tongue and dry mouth amid all its other side effects.

Individuals should consult a dentist if their tongue changes colour or a coating appears for no apparent reason; if their tongue feels sore in any way; if a coating on the tongue persists for any length of time, perhaps two weeks.

Discoloured patches that develop on the tongue or cheek may be a reaction to irritation in the mouth, possibly from recent dental work, possibly from teeth that aggravate the surrounding tissue and need dental work. In rare cases they are linked to cancer.

Discolouration and coatings are usually not harmful in themselves, but may indicate other health problems in the individual.


Drugs or Acupuncture?

A study in Melbourne emergency departments has found that methods of acupuncture was as effective as drug treatment for at least some forms of pain. The study focused on back-pain, migraines and sprained ankles; patients compared the amount of pain reduction after one hour of treatment. The results show that the relief was similar for both acupuncture and drug treatment.

Oddly, a combination of treatments seemed to have no real advantage. Drugs treatment or acupuncture were equally effective; combining the two saw no discernible improvement.

The use of acupuncture seems appropriate for some situations, though it may not be appropriate for all. Research in the future may focus on which areas it is most effective. It would have an advantage for patients who wish to avoid drugs and their side effects; pregnant women are a prime example, as are areas of medicine where conventional drugs have proved ineffective.

Patients treated with Acupuncture seem to have faster recovery times, and adverse effects seem to be rare and minor.

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/national/health/acupuncture-as-effective-as-drugs-in-treating-pain-trial-shows-20140329-35qec.html

Benefits of Massage

Throughout our lives we go through different things which may affect both our physical and psychological mentality. During these times we can often do some reckless things just to ease the pain. Many people have different safe places and ways to solve their issues but many feel like they are lost and don’t know what to do.

Might I suggest having a massage, it not helps you relax but also affects your health in a positive way. If you don’t believe me, have a quick read over these following points and I’ll let you be the judge.

  • We tend to spend a lot of time sitting than our ancestors did, especially if we have a desk job. This can lead to a weak lower back. A massage can compensate for this.
  • Massage eases pain. It increases circulation. A hard knock is more painful if the body part is cold, because circulation is poor under these conditions. We instinctively rub a bumped appendage. Massage eases pain in the same way, but over more of the body.
  • Anxiety and depression are also eased by massage. Great in combination with another treatment. Cure the cause and the symptoms, which can interact and just make things worse. Aching because your stressed, and the stress gets worse because of the ache. Massage can get you back to optimum.
  • Get a better night’s sleep. Get a better night’s sleep for you infant, and he/she won’t wake you during the night. Infants who are lovingly touched tend to grow better, sleep better and cry less.
  • Massage seems to boost immunity, apparently by boosting white blood cell count.
  • Headaches can be greatly relieved by massage, especially if due to tension. Try booking a last minute massage.
  • Look better because improved circulation is feeding you skin. Get nutriants in your body to the areas your body needs them through better circulation.
  • Just feel and function better. No weird tricks, just your body at optimum. Be alert.

There are some reasons as to why massages may be helpful in life. If you don’t prefer massages, why not try something else like acupuncture?

From that list, I found that relieving depression and anxiety is the most important point about massages.

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