Myths about Wooden Floors


Wooden floors are moderate in cost, and outlast many other options. Because they last for decades, even centuries, they are far cheaper for long term use. Alternative floors are not too much cheaper, especially if carpet (which will be replace periodically) is added to the cost.



Wooden Floors can be swept and cleaned with a damp mop. Many find microfiber mop are extremely effective. Occasionally some cleaning fluid appropriate to the type of wooden can be used to restore the original shine. This is no more difficult than vacuuming a carpet.


Wooden floors and scratching

Almost all types of floors are prone to scratches or other damage. Wood has two advantages in this situation. One is that it is usually just the top finish that is scratched, and this can be easily restored. And even if the actual wood is damaged the surface can be sanded down, basically giving a whole new floor.

Placing coasters under furniture are removing shoes in the house can prevent almost all floor damage.


Environmental Impact of Timber Floor Sydney

Using wood and replacing the trees is actually very good for the environment. Growing trees absorb a fair amount of CO2. Once the tree is grown it can be used for building; most of the C02 remains stored in the wood, unless it is burnt. Replacing the harvested trees means more c02 is being absorbed from the atmosphere.

Other building materials such as metal require more energy to mine and produce, making them less environmentally friendly.


Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo is still a relatively new building material in the western world, but it looks to have similar environmental advantages to many woods. Well grown and processed bamboo is sufficiently durable for long term flooring.

Floating Timber Floors Perth

There are advantages to an engineered wooden Floor.

  • The seperation from the surface underneath provides great insulation. This means that under moderate conditions the floor is quite warm. Heating inside is not lost directly to the ground, nor does the cold does not rise from the floor.
  • Wooden floors are flexible with the Season. Add a thick, warm rug in winter.
  • Engineered floors have the natural appeal of wood. Even though they are a hybrid of several layers of material the top wood really is the real thing. Older engineered floors and laminate look poor be comparison.
  • Stability of these floors is unsurpassed. Nothing is perfectly stable, but engineered wood has several layers of material that provide strength in all directions, making more stable than any other flooring material.
  • Like any good wood the surface can be re-sanded and refinished, should you want to redecorate.
  • Individual floor boards can be replaced if damaged, with minimal fuss.
  • The entire floor can be removed if needed, and even recycled as the flooring in another room.
  • Engineered wooden floors work well with underfloor heating.
  • They are possibly the easiest floor to install. Fine for DIY.


Timber Flooring Perth

A floating engineered timber floor can be installed in a new home, or over an existing floor. Consider the advantages.



Time and experiences has shown us a few things about the cookware we use. Some of the products that demonstrated great benefits later proved to have unfortunate side effects. A few cooking materials are now being banned.



This was very popular in the 1980s. Its non-stick properties looked impressive to those people who were used to scraping food out of cast iron pans. Unfortunately Teflon will give off toxic fumes if overheated, and the PFOA chemical has found its way into almost everybody’s bloodstream. Due to possible links with cancer these cooking products have been phased out of production.



This has heating properties for cooking, but copper cookware gets copper into the food. Our bodies need a small amount of copper, but high levels will cause ill effects. It is uncertain whether our bodies can dispose of excess copper; it seems to vary between individuals. Occasion use of copper might be fine, but avoid products with nickel, which is harmful to our health.


Cast iron cookware

The most popular choice for many years, these are heavy but reliable. When properly prepared with oil these cast iron pots and pans work quite well. They will leach a little iron into the food, but out body need iron; we become anaemic without it.


Glass Ceramic and enamel cookware.

These often contain lead. Avoid cooking in them. They are fine for serving food, and for decoration, but do not cook or heat food in these.


Stoneware Cookware

This is a combination of materials that are designed to be both easy to cook with and completely non-toxic. They are also extremely long lasting.


Cookware online Sydney

Ordering cookware online is a fairly safe bet. If we know the materials that make up a pot of pan we have a good idea how safe the product is. Order some stone cookware, take pride in your cooking anilities, and know the products are as safe as anything on the market.

Environmental Wood


It is easy to get the wrong impression and think that use of natural resources like wood is detrimental for the environment. But growing trees is beneficial for the atmosphere, and continually growing and replacing trees is even better. Harvesting wood is good for combating climate change.


Trees absorbs carbon from the atmosphere as they grow. About half the weight of the wood produce from a tree is carbon. About 95% of this carbon stays permanently stored in the wood rather than the atmosphere.


Established forests have already absorbed a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. But a forest that is in the process of growing is absorbing even more carbon. It makes sense to keep growing new forests, and to use the wood for building. As long as the wood is not burnt almost all of the carbon remains stored.


Wooden homes are also faster to build than metal structures, requiring less energy. And because wood is a good insulator is can be used for energy efficient homes, providing that the overall building is designed for efficiency.


Sydney bamboo flooring

Bamboo is a grass rather than a wood. But as it is fast growing is both absorbs a lot of carbon from the atmosphere and is ready for use as a building material in under 7 years. Regular growth and harvesting of bamboo should have a great benefit for the environment, and bamboo floors are quite similar to quality wooden floors.


Responsibly sourced wood is a renewable building material. Processing of wood required less energy, thereby producing less carbon, than almost any other building material. Growth of wood actually removes a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Houses build from wood can be designed to be more energy efficient than most alternatives, which is a further advantage for the environment.

Strata Cleaning


Strata buildings are multilevel apartment blocks, with private ownership of individual apartment. They have many shared facilities even as each apartment is private property.


Advantages and disadvantages of strata buildings and apartments vary between individuals and the strata building in question. Different people and families may simply prefer one situation over another. It is just personal taste and suitability.


  • Strata tend to have several facilities that a private home would not have, including larger outdoor areas.
  • Strata can often be quite social; you are part of a community.
  • Accommodation tends to be quite secure
  • There is little preparation needed for trips away, neighbours look after the remaining few responsibilities.
  • Carpooling is fairly common.
  • Child minding is often quite easy if you get along with the neighbours.
  • You won’t have to worry about mowing or gardening.
  • Studies have shown that there are mental and physical health benefits for those either living in strata communities or living with families.


Strata cleaning

The common areas of strata are frequently cleaned and maintained. Common area strata cleaning is part of the contract. It is often possible to arrange for the private apartments to be cleaned by the same service providers, at an economical price.

Aluminium Cladding

Centuries ago there was not a distinction between art and science. It was considered quite normal for a mind to engage in both (think Leonardo Di Vinci); it was simply considered advanced learning.


Modern technology has reached a point where we expect products to be art and science; stylish and functionally advanced. We expect our phones to work without fault, and to look as stylish as any accessory. The same goes for everything from cars to computers. We can still make a mental distinction between art and science; we just expect technology and products to reflect both.


Aluminium cladding has seen a fair amount of use in architecture. Homes with aluminium cladding need not look like some retro-future design with brushed metal. The cladding colour can look like wood, or fibro, or any bright or neutral colour. Houses with aluminium often look no different to the houses around them, except that the aluminium cladding lasts much longer.


Furniture made from aluminium pipe cladding varies a lot. A bed made from pipes is not at all unusual, easily made to blend in with traditional furniture of the same style, or stand out should you want a brightly coloured bed. Coffee tables, stands, shelves, bookcases and many other items are easily made partially of entirely from aluminium pipes. The colours and design possibilities are enormous.


Traditional or modern, consider aluminium cladding for modern architecture and décor. The results can be immensely satisfying.

What to Look for in House Paint

red brush painting

Painting Services Sydney

Paint Colour

This might seem obvious, but it is worth stressing. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and the paint job should last for years. We should choose carefully.


The colour of any room will not exist in isolation. You may want one room to be different to the others, or you may want them all to match. This does not mean the rooms have to be identical, only that they are different in ways that are coherent with each other. If you paint one room of the house you may find you want to paint others.


Colour sample sheet (swatches) will give some indication of what is possible. Computer simulation of a room (just using Photoshop) is a better indication.



The refers to the gloss or flat look of the painted walls. Gloss is easy to clean, but shows any imperfections and can be tricky with lighting.  Matt/flat looks good, though cleaning is a little more difficult. Semi-gloss and a few other options vary between these two extremes, but the most popular choice by far is eggshell, which both look great and make cleaning fairly easy.


Gloss paints remain popular for windowsills, doorways and other trim.



Without light there is no colour. Changing the lighting will affect the whole look of a room. Consider Natural light bulbs or other alternatives. They can change the whole effect of a room. Rooms that receive sunshine should be painted with this in mind.


Sydney Painting Services

If you are looking for house painters Sydney based Tiger Painting Services is highly recommended. The right advice is as important as the right technique. Talk to the experts and get the result you will want to keep.