Advantages of Steel Construction

In high school I really enjoyed my industrial and technology classes, more specifically “Engineering Studies”. I did engineering studies for four years and continue to do engineering with my degree. Till this day I still enjoy it, I like every aspect of it. One aspect of it being identifying a material’s properties.

Today’s guest post revolves around the advantages of steel construction. This post has been supplied by Balustrade & Pool Fencing Services – VOHC Sydney.

Advantages of Steel Construction

  1. Rapid Construction: The predictability and accuracy of steel components allow more rapid construction than similar sized concrete frames. This translates to less disruption to surrounding areas during construction, lower cost in reduced construction time. If the project is completed sooner the building will be operating as well as earning money sooner.
  2. Good Quality Steel is cheaper than it used to be, and prices tend to be stable. Even before you factor in the money saved in faster building times, steel is more economical to build with than other mediums.
  3. Steel is recyclable. There are no wasted offcuts. Steel is a green product
  4. Durability: Steel-framed structures are highly durable, and can last decades before refurbishment is needed. Modifications are always possible and are relatively easy.
  5. Safety: According to industry surveys, steel building construction has an excellent safety record.

From reading this, I remember in school that steel would be used to strengthen many structures as the steel would be used as a frame inside the concrete/cement.

Our guest post was supplied by VOHC, for all your steel construction services, visit VOHC for more information.

Our Favourite Reasons For Putting Labels on Personal Items

Today’s post has been supplied by Custom Kids Name Labels & Stickers – Name On It.

We have created a list as to why our custom kids name labels & stickers are perfect for you!

  1. It makes a generic item unique and personal
  2. Labels give a child a sense of ownership
  3. A child is a little more likely to look after an item that has their identity attached to it; it gives a sense of responsibility
  4. A child learns some boundaries when some items are labelled “theirs” and other items are somebody else’s
  5. Items with your label on them become part of a set, no matter what they are
  6. In a new environment, a familiar item is reassuring, especially if labelled
  7. An allergy warning on a child’s label is one more safety measure in looking after the child’s health
  8. Easy to sort washing that is labelled, especially with multiple children
  9. More artistic than permanent markers
  10. No real risk of labels showing through clothing as there is with permanent markers
  11. The obvious matter of losing items

Above are many great tips and reasons as to why you should be getting Name On It’s stickers and labels. Even if you are not a child or a kid, these stickers are great for everyone!

Get prepped for next year’s schooling year with Name On It.

11. Neat Cleaning Hacks

Shoutout to Bond Cleaning Brisbane – Cheapest Price – JKP Cleaning for this week’s post.

  1. Get rid of grease on hard surfaces (like walls) using chalk. Just cover the greasy stain with chalk, wait a few minutes, and wipe away with a damp cloth
  2. Clean dirt barbeque grates with half an onion. Put the onion on the end of a fork and rub over the grate when it is hot
  3. Coca-Cola can be used for more than just a nice drink. Use it for grease stains on hard surfaces like cement or metals
  4. Silica Gel Packs, the type that are used in vitamin packets and other consumables. These are great for any area of your house or belongings that attracts moisture, and hence mould or damaged woodwork. A few silica gel packs will get rid of the moisture without worry. I even put a few in the piano to prevent this problem
  5. Alternatively, you can use a sachet of dry ice to soak up moisture. This will rid you of any problems with moisture inside gumboots or rubber gloves
  6. Clean coffee stains with baking soda. Bicarbonate Soda, sometimes with vinegar, cleans a multitude of stains
  7. Need to dry some clothes in a hurry? Put the clothes in the dryer along with a dry towel. The towel soaks up a lot of the moisture, and the clothes dry much faster
  8. Clean conventional ovens by leaving a bowl of ammonia inside overnight. Clean microwaves with a bowl of water and a little vinegar. Use the microwave to heat the water solution for a few minutes, and then wipe the inside of the oven
  9. Glitter can be removed from many surfaces with clay, play-dough or something similar
  10. Nail polish can be soaked up with sugar. Pour sugar on while the polish is still wet
  11. Mirrors can be cleaned with a combination of 2 cups water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of corn-starch. Wipe with a newspaper
  12. These are 11 neat tricks which you can use around your household. Just because we’ve told you some neat tricks doesn’t mean you can solve all your cleaning problems. Make sure you head over the JPK Cleaning’s website. For those harder cleaning jobs, hire JPK Cleaning to solve those problems.

    What other neat tricks do you know that wasn’t listed here? Make sure you leave a comment below!

SBHI Services – Strata & Office Cleaning Sydney

About SBHI

SBHI was first found in 2002 and till this day has been expanding its business solely relies on referrals from existing clients.

Without advertising or promotions.

Why Choose SBHI?

Satisfaction Guarantee

All their works and services are guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with any of the services, feel free to contact them and they will redo your cleaning job to your satisfaction.

Wide Range of Skills

Their specialised teams consist of trusted members who specialise in a wide range of skills. When your property requires a specific skill, they seamlessly manage and integrate specialists into their services to deliver perfect results, everytime.


Over the past 10 years, SBHI have provided their services to numerous clients and continue to do so til this day. SBHI have provided their cleaning services for brands such as Appetito, The Rocks Cafe, Newton Gym, Audio Products Group, Bar 100, eFinity Group as well as Guylian Chocolate Cafe.

All of the clients listed have been extremely impressed by the services provided at SBHI.

Chang and his company have been cleaning our gym for over 10 years and during this time they have been the easiest cleaning company to deal with. Nothing is an issue with Chang and he is happy to help and fix anything that we ask of him and his employees. The quality of their work is very consistent and we, and our customers, are extremely pleased with the cleanliness with which our gym is maintained.
Kerri Jones (Newtown Gym)

When I got the quotation from Chang (SBHI Services), there wasn’t a huge difference in price compared to what I used to pay. But when they started the job, the quality of their service was totally different. The place became spotless after they took over.
John Shrestha (Guylian Chocolate Cafe – The Rocks)


  • Child Care Centre Cleaning
  • Gym Cleaning
  • Medical Centre Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Pub & Night Club Cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Retail Shop Cleaning
  • Strata Cleaning

For more information about SBHI Services, feel free to visit their website:

SBHI Services – Strata & Office Cleaning Sydney

Hana Timber – Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Hana Timber – Sydney Timber & Laminate Flooring Specialists

Bamboo flooring was first originated in Asia, more specifically, China. In these regions, the Moso bamboo type is the most commonly used for flooring.

Bamboo flooring has been known to be an alternative flooring option because of its physical structures. Their advantages are their strength and durability as well as their resistance to insects and moisture. Bamboo flooring is often in a beech wood colour but it can be processed to obtain a darker shade, similar to oak. However the natural bamboo colour, provides the material with the strongest attributes.

Hana Timber is “A Proud Timber and Bamboo Flooring Business in Australia”.

Hana was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and respect in all aspects of the business. They take pride in supplying you with a superior product range and they are continually sourcing quality brands to add to their extensive range.

Why choose Hana Timber?

  • Extensive Hardwood, Laminate & Bamboo products available
  • High Quality products
  • Experienced Tradesmen
  • Increase the value of your home
  • 3 Year Written Guarantee – Covers Workmanship and Materials
  • For more information, feel free to visit their website. They also provide hardwood flooring, floating timber floors and laminate flooring. This service is only available in Sydney.
    Hana Timber – Bamboo Flooring Sydney