Korean fashion


A few Korean fashion clothing items we like the look of:


Shoran Gold Stud Shoes

Black shoes, tiny dots of light, with a gold coloured point at the toe.


Puppy Dog Belt

A thin belt with two tiny dogs as the buckle. The dogs appear to be touching noses.


Chris Mark Jacket

A loose, hooded jacket that reaches to the thighs. Popular with younger women who want to be casual yet neat.


Why Now Napping Dot ops

A simple cut black dress with large white dots. There is something rather retrofuture about this. Think of 1950s comics that didn’t really reflect the fashion of the time. That fashion is now here.


Avec Gold Zipper Jacket

A women’s jacket with a zipper that circles around the waist. The sleeves both have zippers at the same level. The gold zipper is part of the look, but you can choose to wear the item at two different lengths. Available in black and red.


Kiss Jumpsuit

Shoulder to ankle black suit, with only a zipper at the back. Surprisingly elegant, especially with a single piece of neck jewellery.


Korean Fashion Shop

You can find Korean fashion online. As well as items you can use every day there are Kdrama fashion wear and Kpop items made popular through the Korean television and music industries.