Professional dental care services

Dental Focus prides themselves as a leading family dentist based in Sydney. Their clinics provide a range of dental care services; including cosmetic and specialty dentistry. Dental Focus’s team of dentists have extensive experience in the industry and are professional in their respective fields. They are passionate about their work and their knowledge is demonstrated on their blog. All treatments are explained in detail about procedures and reasons why someone may need that specific treatment. Dental Focus offers dental implants for patients that have lost teeth due to decay, with special methods of aiding dental care so the patient can be operated upon in comfort. They also offer orthodontics services for crooked teeth, with high end technology such as the invisalign so that the braces are less noticeable on the teeth.

What is Spirit?

The etymology of the word ‘spirit’ is ‘breath’ or ‘wind’; the Greek word ‘Pneuma’ and the Latin word ‘spiritus’ can both mean spirit or breath. As there are other words in these two languages that have overlapping meanings (‘anima’ in Latin can mean breath, wind, soul or mind) so the whole area becomes confusing. Perhaps there are several distinct phenomena referred to by these words; a soul and a spirit might be two different things. Else, the same word might refer to different things in different contexts. It is further complicated by the use of the word ‘spirit’ in a metaphore.

Spirit can be used to refer to an individual’s general behaviour and attitude. It does not refer to an individual act or comment but an ongoing part of the person’s existence; the tendency to think an act a certain way is a pattern that we can refer to as their spirit. The spirit does not refer to their physical body, but the ongoing way they act, the ongoing way that they are.

In a similar way the word spirit can refer to the attitude of society. The term ‘Zeitgeist’ or spirit of the times (attributed to G. W. F. Hegel) refers to the attitude of the society at a particular point in history. With this understanding the spirit of early 20th century Europe and America was optimistic and inclined towards progress; the spirit of famine stricken medieval Europe was pessimistic and believed the world was ultimately unchanging. Spirit here refers to the overall perspective and not one isolated event.

We are used to hearing phrases such as ‘spirit of the law’ or ‘written in the spirit of’. This is a metaphoric use of ‘spirit’ which juxtaposes a literal interpretation of a law with its intension, or seeks to find the mentality that produced certain written work. Again, the spirit refers to an overall tendency rather that an individual element,

The link between ‘spirit’ and ‘breath’ are understandable given how essential breathing is for all living beings. If we die we stop breathing, and the spirit departs. This is true no matter which understanding of spirit we prescribe to. Those who believe in the supernatural can claim the spirit continues elsewhere; others, that the spirit has died too.

Ultimately spirit always seems to refer to something that is not explained, or not explained easily, by the existence of physical matter. It is invisible, but produces visable effects. This need not imply the existence more than the physical, of something supernatural, only the acknowledgment of the mental, or something that results from the extreme complexity or interacting matter. As a noun refers to an object so a verb may refer to an action performed on or by that object. A materialist ‘physical matter only’ understanding of the world could loosely equate nouns with matter and verbs with spirit; spirit would be a process of the physical matter. Acknowledgment of the supernatural, however, can put the spiritual first and make matter subordinate; matter is moved by the spirit that inhabits it. Some confusion still remains as many religious writings use the word ‘spirit’ in both supernatural and physical senses. Context should provide some clue as to the intended meaning.

Thanks to ‘The Procession of the Holy Spirit’, a dissertation submitted to the UCS University of California.
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Give your car the treatment it deserves

Does your ride need cleaning? A new fresh layer of paint? It can sometimes be a hassle to wash your car; you need to gather sponges, detergent, a strong hose and time! It may be easier to go to a car wash company and reduce the stress and effort of cleaning your car. Hi Carwash is a professional car wash and detailing company that operates in Perth, Western Australia. Popular services that they can provide to their clients are window tinting and hand car wash. Aside from car wash and tinting services, they also provide sensor fitting services to assist rear and parallel parking; this is conducted by a FM7 Australia technician.

Embroidery Quotes

  • Sewing mends the soul.
    – Anon
  • Sewing – making a piece of string into something I can wear.
  • Really I don’t dislike to cook, but what you cook is eaten so quickly. When you sew, you have something that will last to show for your efforts.
    – Elizabeth Travis Johnson
  • Sewing is a hobby that fills my days, not to mention the closets, bedrooms and most of the house.
    – Anon
  • I’m in therapy and sewing is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
    – Author Unknown
  • The term ‘Embroider’ means to beautify, or to ornament with needlework, or to add detail to. Embroidering cloth does all these things at once.
    – Anon
  • I look at the time taken to make a bedspread and think, the person who made that is no Quilter … I mean quitter.
    – Anon
  • As you rip, so shall you sew!
    – Anon
  • Fabrics doesn’t make exquisite dresses, it is the stitches.
    – Anon
  • If two people have exactly the same problems, except that one does embroidery as a hobby, I can tell you straight away who is less corrupted by their problems.
    – Anon
  • Hospital and metal patients with the home made quilt, embroidered items and photos of family do better than patients with an empty bedside table.
    – Anon
  • When life throws you scraps, I make a quilt.
    – Anon
  • A material girl and self-made, it comes from sewing.
    – Anon
  • Blessed are the piecemakers, they shall inherit quilts.
    – Anon

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Reddish – online grocery shop

With the increased competitiveness in groceries, it may be worthwhile shopping online. It is cheaper, more convenient and a wider variety of goods to choose from. Reddish is an online retailer for Asian groceries based in Sydney which fills this gap in the market. They supply fresh ingredients to the front of your door. They do same day delivery for those living in the city and offer 10% off the first order. The advantage of online Chinese retailers definitely lies with the packaged food. There is no difference in quality and there is a clear advantage. It is however important that the consumer tries non-packaged food and purchases it in smaller amounts (trial run) before buying in bulk. Reddish also supplies cooking ware and general household consumer goods such as shampoo and body wash. Weekly specials are presented every week. Definitely give this a go!

Improved transport on roads

There are two primary way to improve road transport. One is to improve the infrastructure; the other way is to improve how we use it. These categories overlap to some extent, and advancing technology helps in way that were often not previously possible.

The infrastructure of many modern cities has been limited by factors established generations before; roads and buildings that were constructed when the city was first built can be very hard to change later on. Where a city was originally well served by a two-lane road it may now have expanded to the point where it needs more than four lanes. This is difficult to achieve without removing buildings or other structures, and may be pointless unless every part of the roadway is equally expandable; imagine the bottleneck if a four lane highway funnels into a two lane road. Methods to get around this type of limitation often need to be creative; removing factors such as trams can help speed up traffic flow; installing and encouraging people to use trains can also reduce traffic. Allocating dedicated bus lanes also helps, and though this requires at least two lanes on each side of the road it is more flexible than trains as busses can go almost anywhere that cars can.

Dedicated bus lanes work to the advantage of shuttle busses; they often allow fast transport even when the other traffic lanes are full. The ability to accurately estimate travel times is another advantage here. Accurately estimating travel time is important for airport transfers and other situations where deadlines are imposed.

Intelligent cooperative computer systems in cars take everything to another level. We are all familiar with in car GPS, which at least gave us a map and estimate of the shortest route. These progressively improved so that the shortest route factored in the time of day, and then factored in the weather report. Once we had to rely on the radio traffic report; now we are getting use to systems that keep track or far more details. If the Sydney harbour bridge decides to change lane allocations when there is more traffic coming out of the city than going in then the modern car navigation systems will take this into account; a car navigation system knows the shortest route can change or many reasons, and the driver gets rapid updates on the best option.

What has also been researched in Europe is the information going the other way. Intelligent traffic systems will know about approaching vehicles advance and adjust accordingly; lane allocations, traffic signals and recommended car routes will change in order to prevent problems, rather than respond to problems after they have already occurred. Furthermore, the individual car systems will communicate with each other; each car will optimise for the conditions in their immediate vicinity. Estimates about present conditions based on past conditions will be replaced by detailed information about the actual here-and-now.

Sydney airport shuttles, already helped by bus lanes and GPS systems, will benefit further by this improved technology. Airport transfers will be quick and efficient, based on the exact traffic circumstances of the moment.