Coated Tongue

A coating on the tongue without other symptoms is not a sign of anything serious. It is a build-up of bacteria and debris due to a dry mouth, mild dehydration, or as a side effect of not eating or talking. Drinking more water and removing the coating with a tongue scraper is usually sufficient to solve the problem

Occasionally a coated or discoloured tongue really is an indication of a more serious problem. Some oral infection are characterised by a white tongue. Infections like scarlet fever can produce red spots on the tongue. Smoking can produce a coated tongue and dry mouth amid all its other side effects.

Individuals should consult a dentist if their tongue changes colour or a coating appears for no apparent reason; if their tongue feels sore in any way; if a coating on the tongue persists for any length of time, perhaps two weeks.

Discoloured patches that develop on the tongue or cheek may be a reaction to irritation in the mouth, possibly from recent dental work, possibly from teeth that aggravate the surrounding tissue and need dental work. In rare cases they are linked to cancer.

Discolouration and coatings are usually not harmful in themselves, but may indicate other health problems in the individual.


Drugs or Acupuncture?

A study in Melbourne emergency departments has found that methods of acupuncture was as effective as drug treatment for at least some forms of pain. The study focused on back-pain, migraines and sprained ankles; patients compared the amount of pain reduction after one hour of treatment. The results show that the relief was similar for both acupuncture and drug treatment.

Oddly, a combination of treatments seemed to have no real advantage. Drugs treatment or acupuncture were equally effective; combining the two saw no discernible improvement.

The use of acupuncture seems appropriate for some situations, though it may not be appropriate for all. Research in the future may focus on which areas it is most effective. It would have an advantage for patients who wish to avoid drugs and their side effects; pregnant women are a prime example, as are areas of medicine where conventional drugs have proved ineffective.

Patients treated with Acupuncture seem to have faster recovery times, and adverse effects seem to be rare and minor.


Benefits of Massage

Throughout our lives we go through different things which may affect both our physical and psychological mentality. During these times we can often do some reckless things just to ease the pain. Many people have different safe places and ways to solve their issues but many feel like they are lost and don’t know what to do.

Might I suggest having a massage, it not helps you relax but also affects your health in a positive way. If you don’t believe me, have a quick read over these following points and I’ll let you be the judge.

  • We tend to spend a lot of time sitting than our ancestors did, especially if we have a desk job. This can lead to a weak lower back. A massage can compensate for this.
  • Massage eases pain. It increases circulation. A hard knock is more painful if the body part is cold, because circulation is poor under these conditions. We instinctively rub a bumped appendage. Massage eases pain in the same way, but over more of the body.
  • Anxiety and depression are also eased by massage. Great in combination with another treatment. Cure the cause and the symptoms, which can interact and just make things worse. Aching because your stressed, and the stress gets worse because of the ache. Massage can get you back to optimum.
  • Get a better night’s sleep. Get a better night’s sleep for you infant, and he/she won’t wake you during the night. Infants who are lovingly touched tend to grow better, sleep better and cry less.
  • Massage seems to boost immunity, apparently by boosting white blood cell count.
  • Headaches can be greatly relieved by massage, especially if due to tension. Try booking a last minute massage.
  • Look better because improved circulation is feeding you skin. Get nutriants in your body to the areas your body needs them through better circulation.
  • Just feel and function better. No weird tricks, just your body at optimum. Be alert.

There are some reasons as to why massages may be helpful in life. If you don’t prefer massages, why not try something else like acupuncture?

From that list, I found that relieving depression and anxiety is the most important point about massages.

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