Environmental Wood


It is easy to get the wrong impression and think that use of natural resources like wood is detrimental for the environment. But growing trees is beneficial for the atmosphere, and continually growing and replacing trees is even better. Harvesting wood is good for combating climate change.


Trees absorbs carbon from the atmosphere as they grow. About half the weight of the wood produce from a tree is carbon. About 95% of this carbon stays permanently stored in the wood rather than the atmosphere.


Established forests have already absorbed a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. But a forest that is in the process of growing is absorbing even more carbon. It makes sense to keep growing new forests, and to use the wood for building. As long as the wood is not burnt almost all of the carbon remains stored.


Wooden homes are also faster to build than metal structures, requiring less energy. And because wood is a good insulator is can be used for energy efficient homes, providing that the overall building is designed for efficiency.


Sydney bamboo flooring

Bamboo is a grass rather than a wood. But as it is fast growing is both absorbs a lot of carbon from the atmosphere and is ready for use as a building material in under 7 years. Regular growth and harvesting of bamboo should have a great benefit for the environment, and bamboo floors are quite similar to quality wooden floors.


Responsibly sourced wood is a renewable building material. Processing of wood required less energy, thereby producing less carbon, than almost any other building material. Growth of wood actually removes a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Houses build from wood can be designed to be more energy efficient than most alternatives, which is a further advantage for the environment.

Strata Cleaning


Strata buildings are multilevel apartment blocks, with private ownership of individual apartment. They have many shared facilities even as each apartment is private property.


Advantages and disadvantages of strata buildings and apartments vary between individuals and the strata building in question. Different people and families may simply prefer one situation over another. It is just personal taste and suitability.


  • Strata tend to have several facilities that a private home would not have, including larger outdoor areas.
  • Strata can often be quite social; you are part of a community.
  • Accommodation tends to be quite secure
  • There is little preparation needed for trips away, neighbours look after the remaining few responsibilities.
  • Carpooling is fairly common.
  • Child minding is often quite easy if you get along with the neighbours.
  • You won’t have to worry about mowing or gardening.
  • Studies have shown that there are mental and physical health benefits for those either living in strata communities or living with families.


Strata cleaning

The common areas of strata are frequently cleaned and maintained. Common area strata cleaning is part of the contract. It is often possible to arrange for the private apartments to be cleaned by the same service providers, at an economical price.

Karate Facts

Many people believe that Karate started in Japan. This is misleading. The Ryuku Islands, which are now politically tied to Japan without being part of the mainland, developed a fighting style in the 14th Century under the Influence of the Chinese. This was not introduced into Japan till the early 20th Century.


Of course there is a lot of pre-history to this. The Chinese martial arts that influenced the Ryuku Islands date back many centuries. They may have come from India centuries before that. The exact point where Japanese Karate separates from Chinese Kung Fu might be difficult to pinpoint stylistically; it helps to point to historical events (such as the first introduction to a country) in order to make find some dividing lines.


Karate is a striking art, using punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, grappling, locks, restraints, throws, as well as open hand techniques. It growing popularity in early 20th Century Japan may have been political; the ruling powers at the time were pushing Japanese militarism, and personal combat systems were being promoted as noble pursuits.


Karate did gain some influence in the west over this time. But it was not till after returning American Soldiers from the Second World War and Korean War that the martial art really gained popularity. Karate received a far bigger wave of popularity in the late 60s and 1970s when films featuring other martial arts appeared in the United States. The popularity of these foreign films was so influential that Hollywood soon started incorporating martial arts in many action films.


In 2016 it was decided to introduce Karate to the 2020 Olympics. This is highly appropriate as these Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan.

Korean fashion


A few Korean fashion clothing items we like the look of:


Shoran Gold Stud Shoes

Black shoes, tiny dots of light, with a gold coloured point at the toe.


Puppy Dog Belt

A thin belt with two tiny dogs as the buckle. The dogs appear to be touching noses.


Chris Mark Jacket

A loose, hooded jacket that reaches to the thighs. Popular with younger women who want to be casual yet neat.


Why Now Napping Dot ops

A simple cut black dress with large white dots. There is something rather retrofuture about this. Think of 1950s comics that didn’t really reflect the fashion of the time. That fashion is now here.


Avec Gold Zipper Jacket

A women’s jacket with a zipper that circles around the waist. The sleeves both have zippers at the same level. The gold zipper is part of the look, but you can choose to wear the item at two different lengths. Available in black and red.


Kiss Jumpsuit

Shoulder to ankle black suit, with only a zipper at the back. Surprisingly elegant, especially with a single piece of neck jewellery.


Korean Fashion Shop

You can find Korean fashion online. As well as items you can use every day there are Kdrama fashion wear and Kpop items made popular through the Korean television and music industries.

Advantages of Black & White


Some of the best wedding photography, some of the best photography, is in Black & White. There is some debate as to the reason why, but for the most part many people just seem to like the look of a well composed Black & white picture.


Best Wedding Photography in Black & White

  • Colours can be distracting and complicated. We are sometime drawn to a noticeable colour even if it is not the subject of the image. Black and White avoids this.
  • Light and shadow are effective in Black and White.
  • Many famous painters would base portraits on geometric patterns. This underlying geometric pattern is a little more prominent in a black and white image
  • We seem to have an association between monochrome images and classic looks, or artistic merit. Black and white is thought of as Classy, or at least feels historical.
  • Just being in black and white gives a certain mood to an image, and this mood is there whether the picture is happy, melancholy, bittersweet or tragic.
  • White wedding dresses and dark bridegroom suits often translate well to a Black and white image. They do not lose much impact when they lose their colour.
  • In going to black and white we tend to lose some imperfections. We can lose minor facial details and are left with the look that defines the person’s face.

Best Wedding Photographer

Of course I’s all digital these days, few images are originally taken in black and white. But the best wedding photographer will Photoshop an image into black and white if s/he sees the potential there.