Appropriate Gifts for an Alcohol Lover !

My friend is turning 21 next week which is super because we get to party but I don’t know what to get her. But then I got this blog post and it gave me an idea ! I can buy her some alcoholic gifts, maybe a bottle of wine or spirits.

If you want some alcoholic gift ideas, check out today’s post !

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  • Group drinking games that involves taking shots every time you win or lose.
  • Wine bottle stoppers, especially novelty ones. Find one that suits their personality.
  • Wine bottle carrier – a tote bag, cool storage container, vinderalls … etc.
  • Novelty beer holder. Attachable handle for a beer can (yes, it’s a real thing !).
  • Wine barrels, personalised if appropriate.
  • Novelty ice cub trays. Some are designed to be shot glasses
  • Anything edible that goes with drinking – cheeses, chocolates, marshmallows, a night out … etc.
  • Bottle openers, one handed variety.
  • Spill-preventing glass; available for countless types of drinks. Check out spill-preventing martini glasses.</li
  • Giant beer steins
  • Coloured salt for margaritas.
  • Any appropriate type of drink dispensing device.
  • Whiskey stones. They work like ice but dissolve, so the whiskey doesn’t get diluted.
  • Wine pearls, same principle as above except they are stainless steel and work for champagne and wine.
  • Individual can coolers, USB powered.
  • Any book on mixing drinks.
  • Hip flask. For the discreet it can be shaped like a smartphone.
  • Brewer’s kit, wine making equipment or a homemade gin kit.
  • Any type of hangover cure.

  • So that’s some nice gift ideas for an alcohol lover, writing this post has made me somewhat thirsty. I think I might go get a drink now.

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    Thanks once again to Just Liquor Cellars – Soju, Plum Wine & Makgeolli Online for today’s post.

Assessing A Clients’ Needs & Wants

For residential home owners, ask the spouses to write down their requirements separately. Put these requirements roughly in order.

Have the spouses compare their lists and combine it into one final list. This list should also be in a rough order or priority.

As a builder you can assess this list and provide a quote. Look at what is possible and what is not possible or unrealistic. Look to see if anything has been inadvertently left off, and advise on this.

Be prepared for things to change dramatically after you advise them. Try to get things finalised as quickly as possible, but remember you are trying to cater to the client’s needs.

Let clients know that incomplete or insufficient information or supporting evidence slows matter down.

Any Preliminary tasks, such as site surveys, soil testing, drawing of plans, will require a Preliminary agreement on behalf of the owner.
Present designs from overall plan to the details – start with the general layout, the room size, and work down to the details: the light fittings and door handles.

Advise on the situation when obtaining permits and selecting services.

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Waterproofing Decks

Outdoor timber decking is exposed to all manner of weather conditions. Fine weather and poor mean strong sunshine to wet conditions, both of which take their toll on the wood. Poorly prepared wood will discolour, warp or just simply come apart.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays will weaken the structure of bonded wood, eventually causing cracks and breakages. Water saturation will cause swelling and contraction, which also weakens the wood. These can be minimised, prolonging the life of the wood, by various methods.

SEALING. These protect your wooded decking to a fair degree, but also need to be reapplied periodically. Clean stains can look very natural, or even make the wood seem more fancy that is actually is; but they need to be reapplied quite frequently, perhaps every 3 -4 months. More traditional paint may only need reapplication once per year, but is conceals the wood, hiding any natural appeal and making expensive timbers less desirable.

VENTILATION. wood will expand and contract with water. Leaving gaps between boards will prevent water pooling and reduce saturation. The will be less swelling and expansion if the water can drain between the board gaps, and much less buckling as the gaps allow room for the boards to expand horizontally rather than vertically. Ventilation that allows airflow also prevents mould and other moisture relates issues from developing. A 5mm gap between boards is usually a fair distance.

SHELTER THE BOARDS. Putting some roofing over the decking, even if it is only a soft cover, will greatly reduce the amount of wear and tear from the weather. It also prevents the accumulation of leaves and animal mess, and allows the decking to be used even if the weather is poor.

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Weak Wheat Diet Concerns

Hi all !

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Obesity, which is a real concern, is continually blamed on some isolated factor in our diet or lifestyle. The single factor in question changes as fashions come and go, or when the previously accused factor proves unsubstantiated. Such narrow thinking ignores the complexity of our diet and lifestyles, and encourages people to take a ‘quick fix’ by only changing a superficial factor in their diet. Real change involves healthy living at all levels, not the exclusion of one component of a system.

Lately wheat has been accused of causing overeating disorders, addictions and weight gain. But there are problems with this accusation. Obesity is increasing, yet wheat has been one of the most world’s most widely cultivated cereals for generations, long before the obesity epidemic occurred. People may be eating more wheat, but that’s a problem with eating too much food, not a problem with the food itself.

Artificial products such as high-fructose corn syrup may increase an individual’s appetite, but wheat is a natural product. Even if it is refined and processed the methods have not changed too dramatically in recent times. At worst one can buy wholegrain wheat products, which retain virtually all the nutrients and fibre of the original plant.

Wheat is quite natural, and unless one has an allergy or intolerance it should be part of a healthy diet.


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