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Prefinished timber is easier to install than many other options. There is no need for sanding, there are no odours to dispel, and the pieces fit together so installation is quick. And the nine layers of finish make the floors durable and easy to maintain.

Timber Decking Brookvale

Many Australians have taken to the benefits of outdoor structures to improve the look and function of their houses. It effectively gives you extra space without major extensions on your home.

Timber decking is great for balconies, Gazebos, covered outdoor dining, picnic areas and even around swimming pools. With good timber and quality sealing materials an outdoor structure can last for decades with only minimal maintenance.

Raw Wooden Floors Dee Why

Raw solid timber is finished onsite, stained and sealed in a variety of styles. Tough best installed by professionals this is a versatile option, adaptable to the individual room, sandable to a very flat surface. Borders and edges can be finished in a manner not possible with pre-cut flooring options.

Floating Floors Brookvale

Floating floors use pre-cut flooring material above a fixed floor. They are not attached to the underlying floor, allowing greatly improved sound isolation. Being pre-prepared flooring they are well suited to DIY projects.

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Time and experiences has shown us a few things about the cookware we use. Some of the products that demonstrated great benefits later proved to have unfortunate side effects. A few cooking materials are now being banned.



This was very popular in the 1980s. Its non-stick properties looked impressive to those people who were used to scraping food out of cast iron pans. Unfortunately Teflon will give off toxic fumes if overheated, and the PFOA chemical has found its way into almost everybody’s bloodstream. Due to possible links with cancer these cooking products have been phased out of production.



This has heating properties for cooking, but copper cookware gets copper into the food. Our bodies need a small amount of copper, but high levels will cause ill effects. It is uncertain whether our bodies can dispose of excess copper; it seems to vary between individuals. Occasion use of copper might be fine, but avoid products with nickel, which is harmful to our health.


Cast iron cookware

The most popular choice for many years, these are heavy but reliable. When properly prepared with oil these cast iron pots and pans work quite well. They will leach a little iron into the food, but out body need iron; we become anaemic without it.


Glass Ceramic and enamel cookware.

These often contain lead. Avoid cooking in them. They are fine for serving food, and for decoration, but do not cook or heat food in these.


Stoneware Cookware

This is a combination of materials that are designed to be both easy to cook with and completely non-toxic. They are also extremely long lasting.


Cookware online Sydney

Ordering cookware online is a fairly safe bet. If we know the materials that make up a pot of pan we have a good idea how safe the product is. Order some stone cookware, take pride in your cooking anilities, and know the products are as safe as anything on the market.

Some Storage Ideas



Bought Cookware Online Sydney?

If you have ordered some good cookware Online you might want to find some appropriate methods for storing it.


Hang Cookware overhead. Some pipes with hooks are ideal for storing pots and pans. This is especially effective in a walk in pantry. Just make sure the utensils are above head height but still easily accessible.


Some pots have lids, which probably don’t hang well. These can be stored neatly inside a cupboard door.  A pipe across the back of the door, like a towel rack, will hold lids without taking up other storage space.


Magazine holders will often accommodate a frypan or other shallow dish. A few magazine racks in a cupboard. Will let you store pans upright. If necessary you can secure them with blu-tak.


Many people have stored knives on a magnet attached to a wall or cupboard door. The same idea works for some pots and pans, provided that they are also magnetic.


Cookware Online Sydney

Buy some good quality cookware that will last a lifetime. Help cultivate the art of cooking by investing in some utensils to be proud of, avoid processed meals, and be healthier for preparing your own cuisine.