Allergies Helped by clean air purifiers

Air purifiers can help with many environmental allergies. Obviously food and drug allergies aren’t really helped by this, but allergic reactions to air-born particles can be reduced or removed with an air cleaner.


Pollen can be removed from the air with proper filtration. Outdoor pollen is obviously impossible to remove, but indoor air filtration can provide a safe haven for anybody stuck with pollen allergies.

Perfume can be removed, which a few individuals are allergic to.

Mould can be air-born. The source of the mould should be dealt with, and the air filtration used to remove the remnant.

Dust, linked to hay fever and asthma, is the most common pollutant removed with purifiers.

House dust mites: These thrive in mattresses and carpets. It is the faecal matter that is of real concern, so even if removal of the actual mites proves difficult the filtrations can greatly reduce the faecal matter that aggravates allergies.

Formaldehyde- It is ironic that new carpet and other furnishings may actually increase allergy symptoms, but the formaldehyde used in manufacturing takes time to dissipate. Dissipation occurs naturally with ventilated rooms, but Air purifiers can significantly speed up the process.

Pet allergies. You cannot live with a pet if you are allergic to it (though medication can compensate), but if you move to a residence previously occupied with a pet you can quickly get rid of any lingering problems by filtering the air.


Most allergic symptoms are obvious; we can’t help but notice puffy eyes, itching, nasal problems … etc. But finding the cause of these problems can prove elusive; there are many allergies that might cause the same symptoms. At the same time symptoms like mental fog, fatigue, hair loss or even weight gain might not be recognized as allergic reactions. There is still some speculation here, and it is possible that the medication for allergies rather than the allergies themselves are the cause of the problem; either way, removing the cause of the allergy can remove the problem, either directly removing the symptoms or removing the need for medication that causes the symptoms.


The best air purifier depends on the situation, but active charcoal filtering, SEPA filters, Ultraviolet light (UV) and Ionizers all have their uses. Have a Look at some air purifier reviews and find what is suitable.



Violin School

What makes a good Instrument?

It is easy to say the performer is more important than the instrument, and there is some truth in that. At the same time a faulty instrument will sound bad no matter who plays it. We need to be rid of the mindset that says one single thing is responsible for a good outcome. We need the both the worthy instrument and the hands that play it.

If you are violin player and looking for an instrument, if you have outgrown the hired one you have been learning on and are looking for a permanent replacement, here are a few tips.

  • Are there any cracks in the wood? This is reason enough to look elsewhere. Sometime a well repaired crack can save a violin, but any crack near the soundpost and the all is lost.
  • The Purfling (the line around the edge of the body) should be a legitimate groove, not something painted on. This groove prevents edge cracks spreading to the body.
  • Check to see if there is a soundpost, the piece of wood inside the violin between the front and back. Without this the instrument is cleverly compromised.
  • Do the strings all play at an equal volume? You don’t want to get in the habit of compensating for any peculiarities of the instrument.
  • Does the instrument stay in tune? This is not easy to assess unless you can spend time playing, and factors such as humidity and new strings can mislead you. Still this is an important consideration.


This is the real thing that sets the cheap instrument apart for the expensive ones. Unfortunately there are many factors at play here. A miss positioned soundpost will ruin the sound of an otherwise excellent instrument; an average instrument will sound quite good if set up by an expert. Recognizing a good instrument that seems bad because of a poor setup is quite a difficult task.


Second hand instruments can go either way. There are some good instruments that would make a good buy, but you will need an experienced player or teacher to tell the good from the bad. Sources like eBay can sometime be good, but you really need to examine the instrument first. Look for eBay listings that say ‘local pickup’ as this will let you try the item first and not be stuck with postage costs. Music and violins schools are occasionally a good source of decent instruments.


Brand names tend to be reasonably good bets, and have the advantage that they can be taken back if there is a legitimate flaw. At the same time there are some excellent violins made by small family companies. Google brand and model names and start reading as many opinions as possible.


If you are serious about playing then this is one time it is permissible to stretch you budget a little. When you buy the instrument you will be using it for a long time to come. Unlike electric guitars or some other instruments you will not be adding anything over time; with a violin you are buying a final product. If you’re still a teenager try combining Christmas gifts from a few relatives and put this towards the best instrument you can afford.  Else, remind yourself this is a long term purchase and put some time and research into things before spending some hard earned money.

If you are having violin lesson be sure to ask your teacher about purchasing a new instrument. Occasionally they might know someone willing to sell.  It’s worth spending a violin lesson learning about instrument mechanics and what to look for when making a purchase.





  • Violin Lesson
  • Violin School

Chinese Tea Online

Early myths on the origin of tea tend to be little more than entertaining tales, though they show the importance put on the drink. Where language or agriculture were divine gifts or the inventions of great minds, tea was an accidental, but fortuitous discovery. Shennong, the Emperor of China in 2737 BC was interested in herbs and either discovered tea in the process of his research or accidentally tasted tea when some leaves happened to fall into his boiling water. He was impressed by the taste and apparent medicinal qualities, and spread the word to his subjects.

The true origin of tea is apparently less noble than a serendipitous discovery by the Emperor of medicine. Tea was somehow discovered in the south-west of China and steadily spread. There are records of Chinese tea in the Iron Age, from 1000 BC till the birth of Christ. The Han dynasty around 200 AD used tea as medicine; the TANG Dynasty from around 600 to 900 AD used tea socially.

Having such a long history tea has developed into countless different forms. Processes such as fermentation, drying, picking tea at different times and adding other substances are all used to create different types of tea.

Oolong Tea (black dragon) – This is an oxidised tea, possibly discovered when some tea leaves were left unattended for too long. It is popular the South of China. Its taste varies, but it thicker than other teas, and can be heavy with honey or fruit scents.

White Tea: There is some contention about the definition of white tea. It is either made from young buds of the tea plant, or simply tea with minimal processing. The tea itself is pale yellow and contains a high proportion of antioxidants.

Jasmine Tea. This mixes Jasmine plant with green tea and some white and black tea. The Jasmine plant did not come to China till 200BC, and thought it was used to flavour tea its popularity did not widespread till the 1600s when tea was exported to the Western world.  It is a sweet fragrant tea.

Herbal tea– these stretch the definition of tea as they do not contain the actual tea plant, though they are prepared in the same way. They may have medicinal properties, though are usually consumed for taste and scent.

Different teas were once the specialty of different geographic areas, which could export to some other locations according to trade agreements. These days the availability of Chinese tea online has removed most of the barriers that limited availability.  If we can use the language of a website, we can order any tea that is grown.

Car window tinting, Perth


Heat Reduction:  Been in a hot car in Summer? Nothing good about that situation! Tinting the windows means the car won’t be nearly as hot when you get in, and you won’t have to wait for the air conditioner to set things right. Even better, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, meaning you save energy and money.

UV Protection: Do we need to tell you about what the Sun does to your skin? What about what it does to the car’s interior. Windows can block UV-B, but usually not UV-A; this is only partial protection. Remove the need to wear sunblock inside. Tint the windows and live with a little luxury.

Glare Reduction: It affects you visibility, and that is an issue when driving. Admittedly this is not too much of an issue, but even if it only makes the car slightly safer, isn’t it worth it.

Privacy: Prevent people seeing the valuables in the back seat, and reduce the risk of theft. Not a common problem if you keep possessions safely hidden, just another small benefit.

Preventing injury: If a normal window breaks it can split and spill into a thousand pieces. Safety glass is better in regards to this as the glass is far less likely to be sharp, but a broken window still means countless pieces of glass in your vehicle. The film of a tinted window will tend to hold the broken glass in one piece, which prevents it from hitting passengers and being lost in the car interior for the following weeks.

The right Tinting can just look great on your Car:  it depends on the colour of the paintwork and the style of car, but there’s a tine to suit every vehicle.


For car window tinting, Perth’s Hi Car is a great option.

Wedding Photo

Photography needs vision

Skill for any art must be intuitive. But intuition is not instinct. An instinct is something we are born with; intuition is the result of accumulates knowledge with some sort of order. We have learnt from experience, we tend to know what works without having to think about it. Amateur photographers learn that you can’t just point and shoot to get good results; the object gets in the image but not in the right way. Strangely, professional claim they just point and capture the image; they don’t realize how much processing goes on unconsciously. Once something is grasped intuitively it is like speaking; we don’t usually consult the rules of grammar when we speak, we have learnt to simply say what we mean. Good photography is like this.


If you want those incredible wedding photos you will need to be well versed in these kinds of images; you need to know what works and you will need to know the location(s). Knowing what is at the locations will help on the day when you need to grasp images in a hurry. It will also help if you know some good backgrounds for the staged shots. After a while this will become second nature.


This applies more and more to every job today. The specific couple will have some specific ideas in mind. At least a few ideas will be poor ones. It is an art to be able to accommodate all these different styles, requests and individuals couples. It is an art to be able to turn down an idea when you know it is a poor choice.

Get a list of images the bride and groom want. They will be impressed if you manages to get images that outdo their requests.


Do any research into classic paintings and you will see rough drafts and diagrams that divide the images up into boxes. Our brains see certain proportions as appealing, and value things like symmertry. If we see these proportions in images we tend to like what we see (though factors like lighting and colour are also important here); we are not consciously looking for it, we simply like the result. On the other hand this might be consciously put there by the photographer. Some modern cameras can overlay nine equally spaced boxes on the camera screen; they divide the screen into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Images that fit in with these boxes are off to a good start. Practice putting the desired image into this type of grid; you can use any part of the main subject, foreground or background to achieve this patterns. Then again, if an image looks great for no discernable reason, keep it anyway; it probably obeys some rule even if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Commercial Cleaning, Sydney

I didn’t plan for this, It just happened

Yes, the law of entropy. You’re running a business, the mess just ran in when you weren’t looking! Okay, you know you have to deal with this, but do you really want to spend time cleaning when you could be running the company. A successful business operation can be inspiring; a messy workplace isn’t, nor is the effort you have to put in to clean it up. Hire the professional and get on with what’s important.

Excuse the Mess, but we live here.

This isn’t really the situation. At home this is twofold. If you live there you feel obliged to clean it up. At the same time it just you and the family, so you aren’t depending on a goo impression in order to make a living. Business is different. If you lose a customer, even if the reason seems trivial, you probably won’t see them come back. This is lost business no matter how you look at it.

Good hygiene enhances sound well-being.”

If you have staff you know that morale is important. Come to a clean operating company each day and feel content with life, maybe even a little inspired. Commercial cleaning doesn’t just help retain the clients, it keep the staff happy.

 They say that cleaning can’t kill you, but why take a chance!

Actually cleaning is a health and safety issue. You don’t want to be stuck with an accident, or insurance problems that may or may not cover it. Professionals look after that for you, and accident are rare because we are trained to do this sort of thing.

A clean and health business site means fewer sick days for staff, which is money saved for you. No accidents also means money saved for the same reason. And your insurance premiums won’t be compromised.

Sydney commercial cleaning sets a fresh slate each day for you to run a tidy operation.

Airport Shuttle Sydney

‘Nothing a foreign visiting tourist likes more than the familiarity of something they could have had back home.’

‘Passport photos are clever. Somehow, in advance, the camera takes an image that looks exactly like you after the end of a long trip.’

‘After months at sea and land looks great. After a 28 hour flight I get the same feeling’.

‘Why don’t blonds like window seats on plane? The breeze might mess up their hair.’

Airplane travel is pretty safe. I asked how often a plane crashes. I was told ‘only once.’’

The propellers on planes keep the pilot cool. If the propeller stops the pilot stars sweating’

‘In life as in flying, when in doubt proceed upward; nobody can collide with the sky.’

Icarus and Daedalus

‘With an aircraft a good landings is one you walk away from. Great landings and you can even use the plane a second time.

‘Learn from other mistakes. I’m not sure how that applies to pilots and parachutes’

‘If you’re lost, then don’t pay your credit card bills. Believe me, the credit card company will know how to find you.’

The bulk of mankind is as well equipped for flying as thinking.

— Jonathon Swift

Which is now a more hopeful statement than Swift intended it to be.

Enjoy travel more with an airport shuttle, Sydney airport or cruise terminal to any part of Sydney CBD.