Gl academy – Notes on Second Language

A disproportionately large number of enrolments in selective schools come from students whose family come from overseas. The reasons for this are uncertain. It may be partially because established Australian families are more likely to send children to private schools, reducing the competition for selective placement. But there may be other reasons.


Children whose families speak a foreign language at home are regularity given extra English lessons at primary school, even if their English is already satisfactory or above average. This extra tuition may give them an edge. All written exams depend on language skills. No matter what the topic a student must be able to write proficiently in order to do well on an exam. The foreign student with extra English coaching probably performs near their potential on any written exam, hence their ability to do well on selective tests.


It also seems that learning a second language is beneficial for intelligence. There are a small number of activities that seem to increase an individual’s IQ score; learning a second language and become proficient on a musical instrument are two of these activities. The benefits to intelligence seem legitimate, but the amount of effort requires for language and music proficiency is considerable. Nonetheless, individuals required to learn a second language by their circumstances will have an edge over the average person. This may account for the larger number of dual language students in selective schools.


IELTS Tutoring

We are all individuals, we learn in different ways and have had distinct past experiences. A private IELTS Tutor can be a great advantage in finding the particular needs of a particular student. If a university of career position depends on a good IELTS score it is worth investing in some IELTS tutoring.



Karate Breathing

Correct breathing seems to be a factor in all martial arts. If we get this wrong we compromise everything. Breathing is almost as fundamental for martial arts as it is for life. No breath, no life.


Exercise spends energy. The only ways to make more energy is by eating or breathing. Exercise will give us an energising effect by improving circulation; it utilizes the energy already in us. And in the long term the cumulative effects of exercise will allow us to have more energy at our disposal. But correct breathing and eating are essential for energy.


Our lungs are fairly large.  Many people get into the habit of using less than half of their lung capacity. Our lungs can be divided into 5 lobes, most people having three on the right. If we get into the habit of only using the lobes at the top of the left and right of our lungs we are only operating at part capacity. Over time it becomes harder to change breathing habits; older people may show atrophy in their lower lungs.


Karate Breathing Exercises

  • Find an area that does not have any pollutants in the air.
  • Find a comfortable position, lying down or sitting in a chair. Standing is ok if you have no other option.
  • Place your hands below your navel, so you can feel your abdomen move.
  • Breathe in slowly through your nose, and hold the breath. Fill your lungs up completely.
  • You should feel your abdomen expand as you breathe, not just your chest.
  • Breathe out through the mouth, taking 50% longer to breathe out that it took to breathe in.
  • Some people advise a 1-4-2 rule for this breathing – Note how long it takes to inhale; hold your breath 4 times as long as this. Then take twice as long for the exhale as it took for the inhale.
  • Try to do this three time a day.


As you learn some karate moves you will learn to exhale at the right time in order to optimize your strength.

Korean Red Ginseng – Growing Ginseng


Ginseng varies in quality, partially because of the difference between various varieties of plant, partly because of the growing conditions. Proper aging and processing are also considerations.


  • Ginseng typically takes eight years to mature. It can be harvested in less time, but the herb’s beneficial qualities are notably compromised. Yet there are some farming methods that till the soil and provide artificially shade, resulting in a faster maturing crop. These tricks are less popular that expected s they are labour intensive, and therefore more expensive.
  • Soil for ginseng must be loamy and moist, with acidity levels of 4.5 to 5.5 pH (though some experts disagree and prefer 6-7 pH). Calcium levels must be about 0.35 kg per square meter, and phosphorus with at 0.01 kg per square meter.
  • Sown ginseng seed in the early winter, in moist ground after rain.
  • It is often illegal to harvest wild ginseng. Check local laws before searching for wild plants.
  • Ginseng seeds must be kept moist; dried out seeds will not sprout. Countries such as Australia have strict laws about importing seeds, but ginseng seeds can be purchased locally.
  • The Planted ginseng must be covered with mulch.
  • It will take about seven years for ginseng root to be ready for harvesting, unless you use specialized methods. Extraction is difficult as the whole root must be drawn out. This not fruit to be picked, the main body of the plant is the point. The root often grown at a 45 degree angle and splits in into several sections. The entire piece must be uprooted together.


Best Korean Red Ginseng

It is presently very difficult to import high quality Korean Ginseng seeds. Quality Korean Panax ginseng seeds have been banned from export since mid-2014. It is now far more cost effective to buy the Korean Red Ginseng as an already grown product.



JINNY MAKEUP – Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Makeup Sydney


Should I have a Trial?

For the Bride, definitely. For the bridesmaids and mother, quite probably.

The trial is the chance to find our exactly what works for you. To bring photos of both styles you like in others and the occasional photo of yourself where things look just right. The wedding is a one off event; make it the definitive event by being yourself at your best.

The makeup trial often tries several different makeup styles, giving a range of options for the big day. This takes all the guess work out of the wedding preparations. We take a few photos and make notes about the makeup used, and give you the same thing on the morning of your wedding. Deciding in advance makes the process much quicker.


What Preparations should I Make?

For your trial, bring photos of your intended wedding dress and any jewellery or headpieces; this help us ensure that everything will match.  Bring photos of makeup styles that you like.


Hair tends to style best when it is almost perfectly clean rather than absolutely perfectly clean. Wash your hair the day before rather than the day of the trial.


You skin will look best if you look after it. Ask about some healthy routines and diet advice. Seriously consider a facial.


What are the Unforseen complications?

Sometimes, if the trial was long before the wedding, a bride’s hair has grown considerably. Obviously this can affect the styling. Sometimes this is deliberate; sometimes it just creeps up on us because we didn’t think about it. Having the hair cut a few days before, to restore it to the length it was at the trial, can be a good idea.


If you have ever had an allergic skin reaction to any makeup, please advise us in advance.

Advise the makeup artist if you intend to have you eyelashes extended or perform any other cosmetic alteration.


Bridal Makeup Sydney

Friends, siblings and others all have advice, some of which is helpful and based on personal experience. Your bridal makeup artist has more than a few useful tips based on the experience of many past customers.

What to Look for in House Paint

red brush painting

Painting Services Sydney

Paint Colour

This might seem obvious, but it is worth stressing. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and the paint job should last for years. We should choose carefully.


The colour of any room will not exist in isolation. You may want one room to be different to the others, or you may want them all to match. This does not mean the rooms have to be identical, only that they are different in ways that are coherent with each other. If you paint one room of the house you may find you want to paint others.


Colour sample sheet (swatches) will give some indication of what is possible. Computer simulation of a room (just using Photoshop) is a better indication.



The refers to the gloss or flat look of the painted walls. Gloss is easy to clean, but shows any imperfections and can be tricky with lighting.  Matt/flat looks good, though cleaning is a little more difficult. Semi-gloss and a few other options vary between these two extremes, but the most popular choice by far is eggshell, which both look great and make cleaning fairly easy.


Gloss paints remain popular for windowsills, doorways and other trim.



Without light there is no colour. Changing the lighting will affect the whole look of a room. Consider Natural light bulbs or other alternatives. They can change the whole effect of a room. Rooms that receive sunshine should be painted with this in mind.


Sydney Painting Services

If you are looking for house painters Sydney based Tiger Painting Services is highly recommended. The right advice is as important as the right technique. Talk to the experts and get the result you will want to keep.



HI CAR WASH – Car Advertising Perth

hi car wash

Advertising Car Wrapping Perth

The benefits of car wrapping on company vehicles are fairly easy to understand – a sense of solidarity for the employees, free advertising when they drive on the road. But there is another commercial use – simply advertising on cars.


Advertising need not be on vehicles owned by the company. There is a trend where a company pay other drivers to display suitable advertising on their private vehicles. The drivers must be out and about on the roads for a sufficient amount of time, and the general routes they take are noted. If eligible, that can display advertising on their car appropriate for the area they drive in and the demographic most likely to see it.


The drivers collect a fee for this, but not a particular large one. Companies pay $2000.oo for their advertising to be displayed prominently on a private car, which breaks down to about $40.oo per week. This is not a huge outlay for the advertiser compared to some mediums. And it may not seem a huge income for the driver; yet it is supplemental income, and the driver need not do any travel that they weren’t already doing.


Car Window Tinting Perth

A car is physically and metaphorically cooler with tinted windows. It we take some joy in the details of life we should take some joy in looking after the car we drive. Make your car better with just the right tint of windows.


Car Detailing Perth

Car detailing looks after all the little factors that make a vehicle so much better to drive. Take pleasure in the details of life.




Trying to use an orbital sander to resurface a wooden floor is a big mistake.


Finishing sanders are not designed to rapidly remove wood- they are designed to do very fine sanding. The small amount of wood they remove is a side effect; the less wood removed the better.


There are other types of sanders;

Random Orbital Sander

This is a very popular and otherwise versatile sander. It rotates a sanding disk while simultaneously moving it in an elliptical pattern. This is highly useful as it prevents the swirl marks common to other types of sanding systems, common problems especially if one goes against wood grain.


Orbital Sander:

This has a similar tittle, but without the orbital name or function. This uses a spinning sanding surface to rapidly material from the wood. It is not designed to give a wood floor finish, and will tend to leave marks that vary with the wood and the direction of its grain.


Finishing Sanders.

These are designed specifically for finishing wooden floors. They cover a large amount of surface area in a fairly short time, removing the top finish of the floor with as little disruption to the wood as possible. They are finely tuned machines that do one type of job extremely well.


Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Few people have the tools for proper floor finishing; fewer still have the necessary skills to achieve the best results. Even handypersons tend to have trouble floor sanding as it is so different to other DIY activities, and they have had no past experience to learn from. Call professionals for Floor Sanding and Polishing, Sydney based SK floor sanding are highly recommended.