Korean Alcoholic Beverages

Fermentation has been used by many cultures for most of civilization. The results have usually been enjoyed for their flavour, and occasionally for their intoxicating effect. In some cases the results of fermentation are actually healthy; early beer was sometimes the only source of vitamin B, and Korean Kimchi (fermented) has been shown to be health and extremely good for the immune system.


Alcohol at Korean Restaurant Sydney

Varieties of Korean alcohol are not too far removed from many western beverages. Their ongoing popularity is probably due to this.



Apparently the most consumed alcoholic beverage in South Korean, and the world; over 70 million cases are sold annually. It tastes a little like Vodka, but with a slightly sweet taste.

Soju is basically alcohol and water, produced by distillation of any grain, though rice is the most common variety. The alcohol content is usually about 20%, but can be anywhere up to 40%. It is usually drunk neat in Korea, but Westerners have discovered its use as a mixer.

The mid-range alcohol content of Soju allows an interesting loophole. Being lower in alcohol content than any spirits it only requires a beer/wine license to sell and serve. This allows many otherwise authorized restaurants to sell cocktails, provided that they are made with Soju.


Fruit wines

There are many varieties of fruit wine, making this an umbrella term for many drinks. Some are a combination of berries and fruit with an alcohol base; others use rice and grapes, sometime a combination of the two. Plum wine, Green Plum and Raspberry wine varieties seen to be the more popular variations with western diners.


Rice Wine

Again, this term applies to a set of different beverages. Fermented rice and barley are the base ingredients. This is often flavoured with honey, or fruit such as plums or mangos, though some patrons enjoy the rice wine without additives.




Korean Restaurant Sydney CBD

Many of the best Korean restaurants Sydney has to offer server Korean alcoholic drinks. Some are reason enough to visit, even if you are nor hungry enough for a meal.

Appropriate Gifts for an Alcohol Lover !

My friend is turning 21 next week which is super because we get to party but I don’t know what to get her. But then I got this blog post and it gave me an idea ! I can buy her some alcoholic gifts, maybe a bottle of wine or spirits.

If you want some alcoholic gift ideas, check out today’s post !

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  • Group drinking games that involves taking shots every time you win or lose.
  • Wine bottle stoppers, especially novelty ones. Find one that suits their personality.
  • Wine bottle carrier – a tote bag, cool storage container, vinderalls … etc.
  • Novelty beer holder. Attachable handle for a beer can (yes, it’s a real thing !).
  • Wine barrels, personalised if appropriate.
  • Novelty ice cub trays. Some are designed to be shot glasses
  • Anything edible that goes with drinking – cheeses, chocolates, marshmallows, a night out … etc.
  • Bottle openers, one handed variety.
  • Spill-preventing glass; available for countless types of drinks. Check out spill-preventing martini glasses.</li
  • Giant beer steins
  • Coloured salt for margaritas.
  • Any appropriate type of drink dispensing device.
  • Whiskey stones. They work like ice but dissolve, so the whiskey doesn’t get diluted.
  • Wine pearls, same principle as above except they are stainless steel and work for champagne and wine.
  • Individual can coolers, USB powered.
  • Any book on mixing drinks.
  • Hip flask. For the discreet it can be shaped like a smartphone.
  • Brewer’s kit, wine making equipment or a homemade gin kit.
  • Any type of hangover cure.

  • So that’s some nice gift ideas for an alcohol lover, writing this post has made me somewhat thirsty. I think I might go get a drink now.

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