Help For successful VISA Applications.



You need documentation for your work history. The more the better. Payslips and bank account receipts go a long way. Make sure you cover the whole work period. Tax returns are also good. More evidence is better.



If you give the wrong phone number, even by one digit, the number is useless. Accuracy on immigration forms is like that. The departments looking at these forms will pick up on these problems, and slow down the process to ask questions.



It can be a problem when you tick boxes on a form and find you don’t fit into a certain category, or fit into two at once! This will not disqualify you, but it will possibly slow the application down as they sort out the inconsistency.

You will tick a certain box for your type of employment. Make sure your (former) employer tick the same box, not the other box that looks similar.



The people who read your forms don’t know your personal history in advance. Make it as easy on them as possible, and keep is chronological. Have digital files labelled accordingly as ‘passport’, birth certificate’ …etc.


Social Media

The immigration will look as Facebook and other online sources. Make sure there is nothing compromising there, or anything that appears inconsistent with other information.


Submit everything for applications on time.


Immigration Lawyer Sydney

Only use a registered Migration Agent, Sydney has many. There are many scams in immigration, but a registered agent can be of legitimate benefit.


Each country if different, and has different immigration laws.  Most immigration laws are sensible; you cannot enter a country if you appear dishonest or might pose a threat to others. Some laws are odd.

Not being able to enter a country because of a contagious disease seems quite understandable. And we can extend this to a medical condition that is a threat to the immigrating individual; they would be better off with medical support in their home country, and not spending an overseas visit in a foreign hospital. We understand that no country wants immigrants to be a drain on the health care system. New Zealand takes this to the extreme and refuses entry to people who are overweight. As New Zealand

People have been refused visas for:

  • Texting a message that was perceived as threatening. Two British tourists were detained over a text hat said they would ‘destroy America’, by which they meant ‘party’
  • For making a lot of visits to counties considered a threat. Visiting a lot of Muslim countries (even those who have nothing to do with terrorism) can cause problems.
  • Writing research papers on illegal activities. Writing on and researching drugs or money laundering is probably not going to look good.
  • For criticising the government, especially the US president.
  • Being unable to prove you have sufficient funds. Apparently Bitcoin in not sufficient.
  • For old legal offences. Some people have been refused entry because they took part in protests 20 years before.
  • Looking like you intend to work. A work visa is a different thing. Some countries protect their jobs. If you carry a guitar you many need to assure them that you will not use it for busking.
  • Many student visas applications are not made through registered migration agents. Many visas are cancelled for this reason.
  • A study visa for one university may not be transferable to another. US authorities have sent students back home because the student had transferred university courses without making the appropriate change on the visa.

Just to make things complex, temporary visas and permanent residency are different. With a temporary visa you have to prove you will leave in the allotted time, before the visa runs out. With permanent residency you have to prove that you intend to stay. There have been cases of people in Canada being refused a visiting visa but them being granted permanent residency.