Special Occasion Cakes, Sydney

Cakes and the traditions they tie to often date back to ancient beliefs and superstitions, Baking a cake was a little expensive and time consuming, so only occasional event qualified for a cake.

Birthday cakes: go back to at least the ancient Romans, and probably the Greeks before that. The round cake may have had something to do with the Moon, as did the candles to make it glow. But no one is quite sure of the facts here.

The Moon festival, or Harvest Moon festival, defiantly had the shape of cakes inspired by the Moon. Celebrated on the full moon in September or early October the tradition goes back several centuries before Christ.

Simnel cakes, made with marzipan or almond paste, are traditional for the Easter period on the United Kingdom and Ireland. They were given decorations appropriate to the occasion, such as depictions of the twelve apostles. The origin of the tradition is unknown, but goes back to at least the 13th century.

Galette Des Rois: a French cake eaten after Christmas. It is made of puff pastry topped with fine sugar.

Mochi cakes are rice paste cakes usually prepared for New Year’s Eve. It is easy to mould into different shapes, hence the variety of cakes made.

Red tortoise cakes are rice cakes made around a sweet filling, shaped like a tortoise shell and coloured red. Eating tortoise was associated with longevity and good fortune the cakes were eaten on Chinese New Year and on the birthday of a young child.

For many centuries cakes were usually round. As the events they commemorated occurred once per year the roundness symbolises a reoccurring event. Now special occasion cakes tend to be shaped and decorated according to the event or the individual in question, not the fact that the traditions occur annually.

Wedding cakes in western culture for the last few generations tend to be stacked tiers, almost always white. Modern variations can either borrow from other cultures of simply be creative with something of personal significance to the bride and groom.

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Shine Newington Dental

How things are better than what they once were:

  • Digital X-rays: Less radiation and quicker to make. Easy to store electronically and email as an attachment.
  • Air abrasion: Painless removal of minor decay problems. Patients fell the difference.
  • Imaging software to create replacement teeth. More natural looking than ever, and less time for a crown.
  • Cavitron- ultrasonic cleaning tools
  • Intraoral Camera- to get magnified images form inside the mouth.
  • Invisialign and other invisible braces systems. The social stigma of a metal mouth was sometimes the only issue that held us back from great looking teeth. Now this is almost gone.
  • Selants which protect back teeth from being clogged up with food-matter. These have been advancing over time, but even older ones have laser 5 years or longer.
  • Isolite- instead of overhead light the illumination can be in the patient’s mouth.


  • Mobile phones that detect bad breath, alcohol or other possible problems in your mouth such as a diseased tooth.
  • A Peptide that causes teeth to heal small cavities. It doesn’t seem to be up to restoring nerves and blood vessels, but minor problems might be easily treatable.

Ask your Auburn or Ermington dentist on the latest advancements for keeping your teeth healthy.

Seoul City Tours


One of the may transport option in Seoul, busses allow you to get around quite cheaply. These depart from various blue sign poles around the city, and cost about $10.oo (10 000 won). The guide will give some information on the various parts of the city as you pass through them, and this is get for those wanting a brief introductory overview. Find the places that interest you and spend some more time there later

Busses depart 9am to 7pm all days except Monday. A late nigh run between 8 and 10 pm also operates.


There are the places designed for tourists and there are the places the locals eat at, though we do a disservice if we imply these are completely separate. Traditional restaurants are popular with locals, but tend to be a ‘special occasion’ venue. At the same time many small eateries serve traditional food, and are very cheap by western standards. Many Koreans eat out on a regular basis as it is quite economical to do so; sit down meals can be as little as $5.oo. Strangely, you can pay as almost much for a cup of coffee as for the main dish.


Street food is something to try in Korea. Very different from the fast food we have in western culture (though they do have Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin Donuts) it seems closer to a small size buffet. Street foods are part of the Seoul city Tour experience.

Fish cakes are popular and won’t seem too odd to western tastes. They are usually boiled and eaten with some soy sauce. They are occasionally fried.

Fish cakes should not be confused with Fish bread, which is merely shaped like a fish. These are a little like a fried donut with sticky red bean paste inside.

Walnut cakes are something like a muffin but with azuki beans and walnuts inside; good for a sweet tooth.

Many street foods on the Seoul City Tour are spicy items on a stick. But if you find this a little extreme you can find corn dogs or popcorn chicken, all made a little differently because of the local influence. While the traditional foods continue a lot of mixed dishes arise because of the cross cultural influence. Try various local ice creams or Koran waffles.

A few Health Benefits of tea

People in China, and much of the world, drank tea for the pleasure of the experience. Yet there have always been those who claim it has health benefits; a third century medic named Hua Tuo claimed bitter tea helped one think more clearly. More modern studies in Japan link green tea with longer life and better health, especially in women, though it is unclear if other dietary factors are at work here. Most probably tea is part of a healthy lifestyle.


Green tea contains Catechins, antioxidants that prevent cell damage. It also seems to improve blood flow, blood pressure, stabilize sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Rumours of weight loss seem unsubstantiated, though it is preferable to calorie heavy alternatives. Claims that green tea helps prevent cancer have a small amount of support, but nothing is conclusive. No one is claiming it has a negative effect.

One of the best things about green tea is how little it is processed. Processing tend to remove some benefits. Green tea very much retains its ingredients and positive health aspects.

For best results green tea should be steeped at 80- 85 degrees Celsius.


Black tea has been popular in Britain for many generations; the British Empire introduced black tea to India and Ceylon. It seems to have a subtle but steady benefit for stress, concentration, immunity, digestion, blood-flow, and bone development. It seems to lower the risk of heart disease and cancer slightly (though these are still open to further study), but the 70% reduction in type two diabetes seems valid.

In addition to a lack of calories and the many antioxidants black tea also seems good at reducing plaque in the mouth, preventing tooth problems.

Black tea needs to be made at a temperature as close to 100 degrees Celsius as possible.


Pu-erh tea is a Chinese variety of fermented tea, sometimes available online. Unlike some teas which claim to be fermented, but are actually only oxidized by enzymes within the plant, Pu-erh tea is truly oxidised by the action of yeast and other substances.

Pu-erh has a long history of claimed health benefits, but only in the 20th century did studies suggest it really did have some benefits for weight loss, cholesterol reduction and triacylglycerol levels. Its levels of theanine and caffeine are low, but the combination of the two seems to help concentration and relaxation.

In China, Pu-erh is something of a gourmet item. A great deal of importance is placed on the quality of the product. The better quality teas seem to have then greater health benefit.

The caffeine content of tea tends to be between one quarter to one half the caffeine content of regular coffee.

It is possible that some of the historical health benefits associated with drinking tea came from boiling the water. Boiling helped in areas with contaminated water, so drinking tea was preferable to unboiled water. The fact that many other beverages were also boiled yet did not have reported health benefits tends to undermine this idea.

Visit your Chinese tea house in Sydney for a fine selection of various teas, or buy from our online Chinese tea store. Wholesale Chinese tea is also available online.

Get your Bond Money Back

AAA Cleaning is a professional cleaning service in Sydney that is reliable and efficient. AAA Cleaning provides both residential and commercial cleaning. One particular type of residential cleaning is end of lease cleaning. When your lease expires, it is important that you leave the vicinity on a good note with the landlord. The tenant needs to make sure the house is tidy for the future tenants, just how they found it when they moved in. As with moving house, a bond would be attached to the rent, it is important that everything is clean to assure the bond is given back. AAA cleaning is meticulous when they clean; they take extra care in cleaning the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Place to Memorise

The Hunter Valley has something for everyone; nice walks, great place for picnics, eating, relaxing, wine tasting and the scenic views. It is not surprising that weddings are commonly held here. Splendid Photography has extensive photography experience in the Hunter Valley as they capture the perfect moments; the backdrop of the wide and open landscape with the wedding couple as the focus.

Massage benefits and side effects

Benefits are the whole reason for doing anything.

For acupuncture they include:

  • Lower stress
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Better digestion

Side effects are things that were not intended, but appear anyway. Some are pleasant, some are nor pleasant but are insignificant compared to the real benefits.

  • Healing crisis. The symptoms get worse before they get better. This occurs in many areas of life. Confused and depressed patients initially feel more depressed as their confusion lifts, but become less depressed as the increasing clarity allows them to sort things out. Frozen or cramped muscles feel painful when they come back into action, but this is a sign that the bod is moving again.
  • Fatigue: Feeling ‘wiped out’ after an acupuncture session is a sign that you already need rest. After a good night’s rest you will feel better than you did prior to treatment.
  • Muscle spasm: sometime a muscle will twitch after or during an acupuncture session, even if that muscle wasn’t being treated. This doesn’t appear to pose any threat.
  • Light-headedness. Rather rare, but not unpleasant. Eating before the treatment will all but prevent this. As long as you don’t drive this shouldn’t pose a problem.
  • Emotional release. Actually this is part of the aim of the treatment, not a side-effect. If you experience an emotional release it is because you needed it. The penned up emotion was affecting you, even as you did not know it. It should not be as much of a problem after that.

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