Keep Your Eyesight Healthy

Our eyes have to last us a lifetime. We have to make an effort to keep our eyes healthy, and make use of an optometrist to compensate for any vision problems we encounter.

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  • Get regular eye tests. The earlier a problem is discovered the better the chance of effectively treating, and perhaps curing it.
  • If you have any change in vision, even if it seems minor, have it immediately checked.
  • If anybody notices a change in the appearance of your eyes, have it checked.
  • Make a note of any family history of vision problems, and inform your optometrist.

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  • Buy a good pair of 100% UV sunglasses, prescription if necessary, and always wear them outdoors. If you buy a style of sunglasses that you like you will be more likely to wear them.
  • Smoking will affect blood circulation in the eyes and cause serious vision damage, as well as countless other health problems. Avoid smoking.
  • Wear safety goggles when using tools, cutting wires, or in any situation that might threaten your eyes.
  • If you use contact lenses follow all the hygiene and health protocols for keeping lenses clean.
  • Get some computer glasses with Blue light filtering. This prevents long term damage to the eyes.
  • Eat the healthies diet possible, avoiding processed food and eating vegetables and fruit. Ample vitamins in the diet can prevent problems later on.

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