Choosing Wedding Cakes, Sydney

Practical matters:

You will have a certain number of guests, and each is to receive a piece of the cake. Either make sure it is large enough or talk to the baker about more cake in the same flavour. The cake on display need not be the only cake served. A 10 inch round cake (or tier) can serve about 40 small pieces; a 16 inch can serve nearly 100.

Is your wedding in summer or winter? Some cakes will stand the heat, others need to be kept chilled. A few venues can cater to both, so you will need to make some enquiries.


It is a no brainer to look at designs in wedding magazines, catalogues, and Google. This isn’t something to be analytical about – see what appeals to you emotionally. If you find common ground with your partner that’s a good sign.

He cake will not stand in isolation. It will probably be on a stand, and may have a backdrop. A cake with minimal decoration surrounded by matching decorations can create a very strong effect. People notice the overall effect rather than the cake in isolation. Wooden sculptures can work well with a cake, and make fine mementoes.

There are cake tastings available, which will cost you a small fee. Traditionally wedding cakes are more about the design than the taste, but this is less true than it used to be. Provided the cake is stable it can be decorated in almost any way you wish.

Budget is always a consideration, unless you are the part of the aristocracy. Yet while a cheap design will always be disappointing a moderate price can get something quite elegant. Some fine cakes are all white, or white with a single colour trim.

As with all parts of the wedding you will only have this opportunity once. The wedding photos will last forever, so have cakes and decorations that you want to be proud of.

Some venues and caterers also make cakes, but this never seems to be a popular choice. The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the day, and the new couple want something that really suits them. Any cake provided by the venue tends to come from a short list of options, though there might be one you find appealing. Otherwise, look at the options and find the style of cake you want show off in your photos for year to come.

Delivery of Wedding Cakes Sydney:

Always ask about cake delivery. This is a tricky matter, and should be looked after by those who produce the cake.

Special Occasion Cakes, Sydney

Cakes and the traditions they tie to often date back to ancient beliefs and superstitions, Baking a cake was a little expensive and time consuming, so only occasional event qualified for a cake.

Birthday cakes: go back to at least the ancient Romans, and probably the Greeks before that. The round cake may have had something to do with the Moon, as did the candles to make it glow. But no one is quite sure of the facts here.

The Moon festival, or Harvest Moon festival, defiantly had the shape of cakes inspired by the Moon. Celebrated on the full moon in September or early October the tradition goes back several centuries before Christ.

Simnel cakes, made with marzipan or almond paste, are traditional for the Easter period on the United Kingdom and Ireland. They were given decorations appropriate to the occasion, such as depictions of the twelve apostles. The origin of the tradition is unknown, but goes back to at least the 13th century.

Galette Des Rois: a French cake eaten after Christmas. It is made of puff pastry topped with fine sugar.

Mochi cakes are rice paste cakes usually prepared for New Year’s Eve. It is easy to mould into different shapes, hence the variety of cakes made.

Red tortoise cakes are rice cakes made around a sweet filling, shaped like a tortoise shell and coloured red. Eating tortoise was associated with longevity and good fortune the cakes were eaten on Chinese New Year and on the birthday of a young child.

For many centuries cakes were usually round. As the events they commemorated occurred once per year the roundness symbolises a reoccurring event. Now special occasion cakes tend to be shaped and decorated according to the event or the individual in question, not the fact that the traditions occur annually.

Wedding cakes in western culture for the last few generations tend to be stacked tiers, almost always white. Modern variations can either borrow from other cultures of simply be creative with something of personal significance to the bride and groom.

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Weak Wheat Diet Concerns

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Obesity, which is a real concern, is continually blamed on some isolated factor in our diet or lifestyle. The single factor in question changes as fashions come and go, or when the previously accused factor proves unsubstantiated. Such narrow thinking ignores the complexity of our diet and lifestyles, and encourages people to take a ‘quick fix’ by only changing a superficial factor in their diet. Real change involves healthy living at all levels, not the exclusion of one component of a system.

Lately wheat has been accused of causing overeating disorders, addictions and weight gain. But there are problems with this accusation. Obesity is increasing, yet wheat has been one of the most world’s most widely cultivated cereals for generations, long before the obesity epidemic occurred. People may be eating more wheat, but that’s a problem with eating too much food, not a problem with the food itself.

Artificial products such as high-fructose corn syrup may increase an individual’s appetite, but wheat is a natural product. Even if it is refined and processed the methods have not changed too dramatically in recent times. At worst one can buy wholegrain wheat products, which retain virtually all the nutrients and fibre of the original plant.

Wheat is quite natural, and unless one has an allergy or intolerance it should be part of a healthy diet.


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