Some Basic Good Dietary Habits for Teeth

  • If you must have sugary drinks then use a straw. This lowers the amount of sugar that reaches the tooth surface.
  • Tea, especially green tea, seems to be good for teeth. But it contains stimulating caffeine, so avoid late night consumption.
  • Rinse after eating citrus fruit. It is very healthy, but the acidic content is hard on teeth.
  • There is a diet trend that recommends lemon water or apple cider vinegar drinks. These may have health benefits, but they are hard on teeth. Rinse afterward.
  • Cashew nuts contain some compounds that benefits teeth, with no real drawback other than the calorie content.
  • The basic content of chocolate, the cocoa or raw cacao, is good for teeth and our health in general. It is only the sugar that causes decay. Find chocolate with high cocoa/cacao and little or no sugar. 70% coco is ideal, though it is a stimulant.
  • Eat crunchy salads, fruits and vegetables. These clean teeth, and have other heathy benefits.
  • Sugar is bad for teeth even if it bypasses our mouth. Just having it in our body’s system seems to cause problems; it circulates and feeds bacteria. Individuals with better circulation inside their teeth suffer far fewer effects.teeth

Lack of Wisdom Teeth


Our wisdom teeth are the third molars that usually emerge when we are in our late teens or early twenties. Not all people develop wisdom teeth. Genetic makeup means some populations and some individuals only have two molars. This is can be a blessing in disguise as wisdom teeth often cause problems when they do not emerge properly. This means have them extracted. Recently studies suggest there may be another reason why some do not develop these later adult teeth.


Aesthetic administered in childhood may prevent wisdom teeth from ever developing. Though the wisdom teeth do not emerge till much later they initially start forming in the jaw between the ages of 2 and 6. Some studies have suggested that children receiving aesthetic in the lower jaw around this age are less likely to develop wisdom teeth when they are older. The pattern, which is still speculative, has previous gone unnoticed due to the long time between the administrated aesthetic and the resulting lack of tooth development several years later. Statistics do show a pattern, but the cause is still under discussion.


As many wisdom teeth are causing problems this discovery may lead to a procedure that prevents them from every forming. We usually do not need these extra teeth, and often have to have the removed. A simple injection that prevents the problem from ever occurring might be welcomed.


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Healthy Habits that have a negative impact on teeth.

Drinking Juices – Whether home-made in a blender or shop bought all juices contain sugar. There are probably health benefits in most juice, but the sugar is very harsh on teeth. Sugar content of juice is often similar to soft drink. Try to rinse with water after drinking anything containing sugar. And make sure juice has some fibre in it for the sake of a better GI effect. Drinking with a straw minimises the decay problems.

Brushing Straight After Meals – Many foods will soften tooth enamel, especially if those foods are sugary and acidic. Brushing straight after eating these foods will damage the softened enamel. It is better to rinse your mouth with water after eating, and brush 30 minutes later.

Bottled Water – Tap water contains fluoride, which gives teeth that extra bit of help that they need. Bottled water does not contain fluoride, so drinking bottled water means we miss out on this benefit. Dentists have noticed the general increase in cavities since bottled water became popular. Gargeling with tap water several times a day might reverse this trend.

Cough Lozangers – We might need these for a sore throat, but they are full of sugar. If you need to use them, rinse your mouth with tap water as often as possible.

Sports Drinks – These may or may not be healthy. They claim to rehydrate you and provide energy, but if the energy is a sugar rush you end up feeling more tired when it wears off.  Sports drinks might be fine during half time of your once-per-week compeditive game, but that’s about their limit. Drinking with a straw will minimise the bad effect on teeth.

Water with Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar – Many claim this is a great source of energy first thing in the morning, and it supposedly detoxes the body. But the acid content is very harsh on teeth. If you do drink water with lemon or vinegar, use a straw, and rinse your mouth with water afterwards.



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Wisdom teeth are still something of a mystery. They are the third molars that emerge later in life, usually by our late teens or early twenties. For some individuals these are just an extra tooth filling a space at the back of the mouth. For many others there is insufficient sufficient space for these third molars to properly emerge, and the teeth end up buried in the jaw or partially covered by the gum. It is often necessary to remove or at least uncover these partially emerged teeth. We are not sure if the teeth every really had a particular function.


 Wisdom Tooth Removal Sydney

Unattended wisdom teeth can be extremely painful. Teeth will always cause some discomfort when emerging, but teeth that never fully emerge continue to feel worse over time. As if this pain was not bad enough the partially emerged wisdom tooth is prone to infections and decay; it is very easy for food to be caught where the tooth and gum meet. Complications and problems vary greatly; healthy teeth can be pushed out of alignment or damaged by poorly emerging wisdom teeth.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Some individual are free from any problems with wisdom teeth; some never individuals or ethnic races never develop wisdom teeth at all. But if there are any issues beyond the initial discomfit of a new tooth emerging the problem should be attended to immediately. Wisdom teeth should be removed before problems get worse.


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Wisdom Teeth at Carlingford Dental.

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that emerge later in life, generally in the late teens or early twenties. In some cases they are simply an extra tooth at the back of the mouth, but many individuals find that one or more of their wisdom teeth causes problems. Wisdom teeth are notorious for not emerging properly into the mouth and remaining partly overgrown by gum. This tends to produce ongoing pain and leave the individual open to infections and decay where the tooth and gum meet. In some cases more serious problems can occur.

It is not always widely appreciated just how beneficial dental care has been to the population. Dental problems that could have been fatal in earlier periods of history, such as an abscess, can presently be treated with minor inconvenience. Problems with wisdom teeth, which have been found in archaeological sites dating back several thousand years, could potentially lead to fatal infections. With so many people suffering some form of wisdom tooth problem it is modern dentistry that has prevented at least some of them from dying prematurely.

In addition to the few individuals who have no trouble with emerging wisdom teeth some individuals never develop wisdom teeth at all. This is a genetic trait; wisdom teeth are almost unknown in some indigenous populations such a Mexico.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Carlingford

It is best to have wisdom teeth looked after at the first sign of problems. The inconvenience is short lived and soon forgotten. It has been endured by almost all individuals at some point; most never have any related issues after that time.

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Carlingford dentist at North rocks has the latest 3D X-ray machine. This provides the best way to assess a dental problem and ascertain the best solution. Talk to the Carlingford dentist at the first sign of wisdom teeth trouble.



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Bad Breath

Few people get through life without experiencing this on a few occasions. If you are ill any bad breath is probably just a side effect. If the bad breath persists, there is an underlying cause that needs addressing; dental problems are often the cause of bad breath though there are other possibilities. Mouthwash can remove some causes of bad breath, though it might just cover up the smell without removing the cause.

Drinking water with lemon juice can help detox your body. Adding a teaspoon of chlorophyll also detoxes your body; gargling chlorophyll can help dental problems, but it does stain mouths green (and clothing!)

Bad breath issues not treatable with brushing, mouthwash and chlorophyll should be brought to the attention of the dentist. Bad breath can sometime be caused by serious conditions such as abscessed teeth or mouth cancer.

Tooth decay
This comes as no surprise; tooth decay is the reason most of us eventually force ourselves to go to the dentist. We can prevent, or at least drastically reduce, decay with the basic activities we were taught as children.

  • Brush and floss twice daily.
  • Gargle water after eating sugary foods; brushing too soon softens enamel.
  • Use mouthwash, especially if it is too soon for brushing.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Have sealants placed. These can cover the tooth and prevent decay, at least on back teeth.
  • Chew sugarless gum, which increases saliva flow to reduce decay. Be careful of artificial sweeteners though; these cause allergic reactions in many.

Oral Cancer

Not as rare as we would have believed, oral cancer kills 300 000 every year. Smoking and drug use increase the likelihood of this problem, but all people are at some risk. Any change of colour or soreness could be a sign of cancer. The only good news is that oral cancer is no too difficult to treat if caught early, with survival rate near 90%.

People with the HPV virus suffer an increased risk of oral cancer. Ask your dentist for a simple test to determine you HPV status.

Dentists want to treat dental problems before they become serious. Regular visits and good habits can prevent problems entirely. The results last a lifetime.