A Classic Home cleaner

The two oldest cleaning agents still in use appear to be soap and bicarbonate of soda, combined with a little water. These both stay in use because they work in different, perhaps opposite ways.

Soap is essentially fat and ash, though modern variations use oils and other substances to create a more refined product. It works as a cleaning agent by making many substances soluble in water. But as a fat/oil it is of limited use in removing other greases.

Bi carbonate of soda has also been used as a cleaning agent for decades, with similar sodium compounds used for centuries before that. It is an alkaline like soap, but unlike soap it is not greasy. This makes it useful for removing many grease-like stains.

  • Crayon marks, especially on hard surfaces like wall, can be removed with a paste made of bicarbonate of soda and warm water.
  • Coffee and tea equipment can be cleaned with bicarb and warm water. Stubborn stains may require soaking overnight.
  • Kitchen sinks can be cleaner by scrubbing with bicarb of soda; use an old toothbrush or something mildly abrasive. For difficult situations mix vinegar and bicarb of soda and clean after 20 minutes.
  • Silverware can be cleaned with bicarb of soda paste; just mix bicarb with water.
  • Greasy grills from stoves or BBQs can be cleaned with bicarb of soda and vinegar. Leave the grill soaking in the solution overnight.
  • Fridges and whitegoods are sensitive to some cleaners; harsh products ruin the finish. A Dilute mixture of bicarb of soda and water solves almost all problems.
  • Fridges or cupboards that produce a bad odour can be remedied with bicarbonate of soda. After removing the source of the smell any open containers of bicarb will remove lingering odours.
  • Oil spills on hard surfaces like concrete can be cleaned up with bicarbonate of soda.

Home Cleaner

Some of these cleaning properties are in such common use we might forget that bicarb of soda is most often used for cooking. The fact that it is edible shows it is non-toxic (at lease in moderate doses), making it a safe cleaning option.

Always use rubber gloves when combining vinegar with bicarb. Though non-toxic the smell is unattractive.


Many developments in the mobile phone have been in function and software. Where advances in physical technology tended to be accompanied by different repair needs (iphone repairs are more complex than other mobile phone repairs) any advancements in software tend to not have this problem. We can include new apps and usually not suffer any issues, unless there are compatibility problems or virus threats. But viruses and compatibility problems are just as likely to be an issue if we keep our older phones; older phones do not have the latest virus protection, and will eventually be incompatible with other devices and networks. For the most part software updates do not affect phone repairs.

Some new phone trends for 2016 might have interesting repercussions for phone repair. One is the flexible phone. This refers to a phone that is physically flexible; the functionality in phones is already flexible enough. So far a physically flexible phone has been more a concept than a reality, but that might soon change. If so, all the issues with dropping and breaking a phone should disappear. A bendable phone should be a resilient as a piece of rubber. Batteries made in the fashion are already available. Once a touch screen is added the concept seems quite feasible.

Advances in phone cameras have progressed both in function and resolution. Many stand- alone camera have long since been made obsolete. HDR (high dynamic range) photography is a means of putting present resolution and function to greater use. The camera takes several identical shots at different exposure levels and combines them for a much higher contrast image. The hardware is the same, but this function makes better use of what is already there, and the results show the improvement.

4K is the super high definition standard for film and television. This is steadily becoming the standard for phones. With other imminent advances we might well be able to shoot films on a smartphone.

Wireless charging will probably become standard. This is not a new concept, just something that phones have not previously incorporated. It works by putting power through one coil of wire that is picked up by another coil of wire in the immediate vicinity; a process used in transformers for many decades. By putting the receiving coil of wire in the phone, and by putting the phone near a charging coil, we induce a voltage in the phone’s coil and charge the phone battery. This does away with the physical plug, meaning there is one less thing on the phone to break.

Mobile Phone Repairs

In the past new technology mean more complex devices and more repairs. With newer phones we may be able to avoid this trend. Phone will have better functions and repairs will be less necessary than in the past.




Cladding Pipe- Cladding joins two dissimilar materials in order to produce a product that has some, perhaps all, the advantages of both. Pipe cladding means pipes made from two different materials, usually to maximise strength and low corrosion properties.

Assembly- an arrangement of pipe cladding components made to form a structure

Pipe Flange- A pipe can end with a flat circular rim; this is called a flange. Two similar pipes can be successfully joined together by these flanges.

Slip on flange – Sometimes the flange is a separate piece of hardware that can be fitted to the pipe. Termed slip on flanges they are still used for joining pipes.

Other type of flanges, including threaded and socked welded, can also be attached to a pipe in order to join it to another pipe.

Cladding Flange Covers- These protect flanges for safe transportation. Flanges are quite heavy, and prone to damage to themselves or other objects if dropped. Covers prevent damage to the flange itself, though safe handling procedures are still essential.

Grommet- the rubber O ring used to seal the pipe joint.

Cladding Valve Covers- Literally a cover for pipe valves, useful for heat insulation or simply to prevent the valve from being tampered with. Correct covers can improve system efficiency and operation.

End Cap- Simply the piece use to seal the end of a pipe. A cap fits snuggly over the end of the pipe. Other methods of ending a pipe, like a full face flange, also exist.


print focus - corporate banners sydney

If you’re looking to make a sign then you have the option of choosing everything. This can be confusing if you feel spoilt for choice; a blank page can be rather intimidating. But the matter is not so much about personal taste as it is about finding what works for a business. You have a company so you want a sign, a logo, an approach that get your company to the customers. When you find the right design you will feel that you discovered something rather than invented it. You have a company and the idea that is behind it; the design is describes the company at a glance.

Create a unique look for you company across many platforms. Huge companies can be recognized by colours alone; or by the logo, or by the silhouette of the company icon.  Some logos and signs are so successful that the companies never fundamentally change them. Disney, Coke and Ford motors have been recognized by logos for generations, even if they do vary them gradually over time. ANZ and McDonalds are recognizable by colour alone. It’s sometimes hard to imagine the same company working had the designs been different.

Corporate Banners Sydney

If you already have a design a corporate banner is easy to produce. It’s also cost effective. While it is possible to pay huge amounts for websites and advertising it is a relatively small outlay for a sign. And signs can be used multiple times.

Pull Up Banners Sydney

Pull up banners are such a straightforward concept, yet so useful. A banner in a shop window or displayed on the kerb can make a small company look serious, and give the staff some solidarity. Large companies continue to use them; they are so useful for conferences, trade shows, employment fairs and anywhere one wants to display the company presence.

All huge companies started off small.  The company logo, the advertising, the image were all part of their success. Any small company can have its own team colours, and at least show the world that it there to do business.


DIY Hydronic Heating Kits

Given the proper parts it is not too difficult to install a hydronic system. Underfloor heating DIY kits are available for those who wish to undertake these projects themselves; they require a minimal amount of technical experience. While it is preferable to make installations during a building’s construction it is also possible to retrofit existing floors.

DIY Hydronic Heating Kits come with all pipe fittings, hydronic controls and valves, and any other relavent parts, including where nessesary:

Hydronic Separator.

These separate primary and secondary piping. Heated water piping systems may be used in more than one room, and many have secondary systems attached to service different areas.

Hydronic Separators will also filter out dirt and vent air, which cause wear and stress on the piping system.

Hydronic Manifolds  

These disperse the water from the boiler (or buffer tank) to the various individuals sections of the underfloor water heating system.

Underfloor Heating Thermostat.

Thermostats allow you to set a temperature for the room to settle at. The thermostat simply measures the temperature and increases heating when it is too cold and decreases heating when the temperature is too hot.

Hydronic Buffer Tank.

These are used to even out the temperature and flow of water in the heating system. Water returning from the underfloor heating pipes is mixed with water than has been heated. This prevents sudden temperature changes in the piping system.

A hydronic buffer tank is especially useful if there are several piping zones in the house that can be turned on and off. It will prevent the temperature fluctuation (and strain on the piping system) that can occur when a cold section of pipe is connected to an already heated section of pipe.

Heat Pump Hydronic

These are used to heat the water, as the name would suggest. What should be emphasised is how they use minimal electrical energy to absorb heat from the environment (even cold spaces) and use this to increase the temperature of the environment.

Heat pumps represent a very cost effective way to provide heating.

Talk to Hydrosupply for underfloor heating DIY kits that will suit your home. Electronic underfloor heating options are also available.


light heart wedding wedding videography

Wedding photography has changed over the last few generations. This is a combination of several factors, including the limits of the technology, the cost of photography and the expectation and taste of the public.

At one point there was a documentary look to photos. From early, bulky cameras to handheld 35mm models the photos had a staged, posed look. Everybody from the royal family to primary school children has to stand in neat rows and pose for the camera. Early photography involved skills with adjusting aperture and light; having a composed a set way of setting up photos meant there was far less to go wrong. There was also less variation and spontaneity.

Modern digital cameras allow an average person to take quite acceptable images; the digital technology will do a lot of adjustments for them. However, a professional will be able to do better than what the algorithm in the digital device allows. There are always artistic possibilities with contrasting shadows and light, something an automatic camera would falsely try to correct. The fact that a bride is often in white is enough reason to use a more advanced system and professional photographer; large white objects like wedding dresses are often falsely compensated for by digital camera algorithms.

Wedding Videography

Big bulky cameras that took boring long shots form the back of the room are long gone. So are poor quality 16mm film and uneven lighting (we hope). The shear bulk and weight of these cameras limited their use. Not interfering with the wedding (the photographer and videographer have to stay inconspicuous) only exacerbated the issue. Just being able to take the camera off the tripod made all the difference.

Modern video cameras are easily held in one hand. This makes it much easier for a videographer to capture a range of different angles. The image quality is much better too. The real trick to capturing a wedding is the art and skill in knowing what raw footage to record and how to make a coherent end product. This is why professional results are notably superior.

Wedding Video Packages

Many individuals can take a few images in isolation. But when it comes to making a continuous narrative, and a wedding video is a narrative, the task becomes much more difficult. Any film of a wedding must be a coherent whole, with each image flowing from the last. There need only be one poor join in a film and the result is ruined. A professional wedding videographer knows how to get the right raw footage and edit it in the right way to produce a film (or two) that is worth re-watching.

It is not uncommon for wedding video packages to include two video versions of the event- a short version for giving to the guests and other relatives, and a long version that lets the married couple re-experience more the day’s events. The low cost of DVD’s and duplication is another technological factor that has worked in the favour of filming these events



Retractable Fly, insect Screen Australia

Insect screens are great for keeping insects out of the house. Unlike many chemicals repellents they cause no environmental harm; and once installed they work for decades with virtually no maintenance. Outside of the house is a different matter. But there are a few environmentally sound tricks for helping here too.

Use white vinegar to get rid of ants. A spray bottle is useful for this. Vinegar on windowsills is effective for keeping ants out.

Eat garlic. Many insects, such as mosquitoes, avoid garlic.  Sprinkling garlic around any area has the same effect. Onions apparently work too.

Cinnamon keeps bugs out. If there are bugs entering through an opening in a skirting board put cinnamon across the path; bugs will avoid it.

Garden plants such as basil, catnip, lemongrass, garlic, mint, citronella, and bay leaves.

Citronella can also be used in candles, lanterns and torches. Use these when easting outdoors in summer.

Ants apparently avoid cucumber. As cucumber is perfectly acceptable around food it can be useful in kitchens or on picnics.

Avoid sweet smelling and fruity scents, including shampoos. Some of these attract insects. Many children have suffered insect bites because of these products, with nobody making the connection.

Personal repellent

Garlic or onions will work as a repellent, but they are not pleasant smelling. Spray on commercial repellents will work, but they contain strong chemical. Natural alternatives include vanilla and lemongrass extract. These smell very pleasant, and insects avoid them.

 Retractable Fly, insect Screen Sydney

Fly screens are designed to keep out airborne insects. They are also very good at keeping out crawling insects, provided they are installed well with no gaps around the edges. Unfortunately ants, spiders and other pests might get into your house via other means. Use good quality fly screens to remove most insect problems, and try a few natural remedies to get rid of the few remaining insect issues. It is not too difficult to have a bug free environment.