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Great home cleaners products.

  • Swiffer sweeper – for dry mopping hard floors, these pick up pet hair and fine particles that regular brooms and even some vacuums miss. Great for corners.
  • Bar keepers friend – for cleaning metal or hard porcelain surfaces without ruining the shine.
  • Negative ion generator- pulls dust and small particles out of the air. Leave it on in the background and it will clean up the air you breathe; highly recommended for asthmatics and people with allergies.
  • Vacuums that are designed to pick up pet hair. These are usually bag-less. Systems with HEPA filters are also recommended.
  • Silver polish for high end cutlery and fine-ware. Other products do not get the same results.
  • Bleach based cleaners for bathroom and kitchens. The disinfection aspect is enough to recommend this product.
  • Murphy’s oil Soap for wood. This does exactly what the name suggests; available as a concentrate or a spray.
  • Furniture polish: One that does not leave silicone build-up, but nourishes the wood itself.
  • Windex- for glass, mirrors, chrome, windows screens or anything that should not have streaks. These surfaces use to be a nightmare to clean.
  • Melamine eraser (magic eraser). For cleaning hard surfaces without fluids. Great for scuff marks, crayons, or anything that needs non-abrasive abrasion.
  • De-solve-it – Citrus based cleaner for grease and wax stains. You can use this on almost any hard surface to dissolve stains and adhesives. Avoid on organic products like leather. Pleasant smelling.
  • Goo Gone – similar to de-solve-it.
  • Kilrock – to remove lime-scale from taps.
  • Microfiber cloth– usually used on cars these are great of the surface has to have that mirror shine. Want to polish a grand piano – get a microfiber cloth. The slightest piece of grime on these will cause scratches, so replace after a few uses.

Choosing Wedding Cakes, Sydney

Practical matters:

You will have a certain number of guests, and each is to receive a piece of the cake. Either make sure it is large enough or talk to the baker about more cake in the same flavour. The cake on display need not be the only cake served. A 10 inch round cake (or tier) can serve about 40 small pieces; a 16 inch can serve nearly 100.

Is your wedding in summer or winter? Some cakes will stand the heat, others need to be kept chilled. A few venues can cater to both, so you will need to make some enquiries.


It is a no brainer to look at designs in wedding magazines, catalogues, and Google. This isn’t something to be analytical about – see what appeals to you emotionally. If you find common ground with your partner that’s a good sign.

He cake will not stand in isolation. It will probably be on a stand, and may have a backdrop. A cake with minimal decoration surrounded by matching decorations can create a very strong effect. People notice the overall effect rather than the cake in isolation. Wooden sculptures can work well with a cake, and make fine mementoes.

There are cake tastings available, which will cost you a small fee. Traditionally wedding cakes are more about the design than the taste, but this is less true than it used to be. Provided the cake is stable it can be decorated in almost any way you wish.

Budget is always a consideration, unless you are the part of the aristocracy. Yet while a cheap design will always be disappointing a moderate price can get something quite elegant. Some fine cakes are all white, or white with a single colour trim.

As with all parts of the wedding you will only have this opportunity once. The wedding photos will last forever, so have cakes and decorations that you want to be proud of.

Some venues and caterers also make cakes, but this never seems to be a popular choice. The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the day, and the new couple want something that really suits them. Any cake provided by the venue tends to come from a short list of options, though there might be one you find appealing. Otherwise, look at the options and find the style of cake you want show off in your photos for year to come.

Delivery of Wedding Cakes Sydney:

Always ask about cake delivery. This is a tricky matter, and should be looked after by those who produce the cake.

GIA HAIR – Balayage Sydney CBD Salon

If you choose a hairstyle the results are not permanent, but they are hopefully something that you want to keep. We don’t have unlimited options, but we can usually do quite a bit with the hair we have. It’s a combination of what you want and what suits you best; the choices are between you and your hairdresser.

A Common Mistake

A vivid colour might work if you are young, but is hard to make it look natural. This can be even worse if it doesn’t match your skin tone. A bright blond dye can make a woman look older; it just seems to make bring out any unevenness in the skin. A balayage, where a base colour has highlights swept over it, can look very natural. It is a popular style with young Hollywood stars, but it also looks good with more mature women. The two tone colour and layer style balayage looks like the natural result of the sun, but it covers up unevenness in the skin. It either makes a person look younger, or we simply don’t notice their age.

Getting the right hair colour is largely finding something that suits your completion. There are no hard and fast rules here, but you may well find that as your skin changes so your hair colour might need changing. The idea that the hair dye helps retain the original colour of youth is misleading; a lighter colour might suit you better over time. The feeling that ‘the pieces don’t fit together anymore’ as you get older can be alleviated if you change the hair colour and cut to suite your changing completion.

Balayage is only one aspect of a hairstyle. Any colour can be highlighted; many different cuts can have balayage highlights. Done correctly it can look effortless, natural, but really work well for the person’s face.

If you’re considering a new haircut or balayage, Sydney CBD salons have many options, and can help find the right one for you.





sk floor sanding - floor sanding sydney

What advantages are there with polished floorboards?

Carpets do have some advantages – they can be warm on the feet in winter and softer on the feet. But polished wood remains popular, having tis won advantages.

Carpets are a habitat for dust mites. These can be removed with regular treatment, but they still build up between treatments.

Carpets can sometimes be bad for people with hay fever or asthma; dust hair and the aforementioned mites are hard to remove from carpet fibres. Some allergies seem unaffected by these factors, others are aggravated by them.

Small physical objects are easy to lose in carpets. Pins, screws, bead, jewellery, small pieces of Lego are easily lost in many carpets, and rather hard to recover. This is especially bad with the elderly. The problem is almost non-existent with hard floors.

Spills and stains are easier to clean off a hard floor, especially one that has been properly sealed. Carpets can be steam cleaned, but this takes time and costs money. In general carpets do require more cleaning.

Carpets are quite permanent. You can remove them, but they are a major investment. Harwood floors can be added to with little difficulty; you can put a rug down in winter for warmth, and then do something different in summer.

Carpets will reduce the noise of feet, but you can achieve the same effect on hard floors by using a rug. Many of the disadvantages of carpets (losing small items, being able to only clean form one side) are reduced with a rug.

Many types of flooring emit chemicals. These chemicals, their smell and their effects do dissipate over time, but they take longer with carpets. Eco-friendly carpets are a lot better in this regard. Search Google for method of reducing formaldehyde.

Decking timber sanding Sydney

Hard floor timber decking can be used outside and still last for decades. Nobody even considers using carpets outside. As Sydney has moderate weather (no snow and moderate summer heat) decking timber last very well. Re-sanding every decade will rejuvenate the appearance of wooden floors.

Floor Polishing Sydney

Good quality hardwood flooring can last for decades, often longer than the original owners. Regular polishing is recommended, if only for appearance sake. Re-sanding every ten years will make the floor look like new. Though they are initially expensive hardwood floors are extremely durable and long lasting.

Bamboo flooring is not as long lasting as hardwood, but it is far superior to many artificial substances, and improved treatments technology means the latest bamboo products are better than previous types. Periodically polishing bamboo flooring will restore it to the appearance it had when first installed.

European Aftermarket Brake Pads Poor weather driving.

icer oceania european aftermatket brake pads

Australia, Sydney in particular, is lucky enough to have reasonably stable weather, at least in regards to driving. European countries have to contend with seasonal snow and other fluctuating conditions. Australians only have to deal with this if they are vacationing in Thredbo or visiting North Queensland in the wet season. Nonetheless it helps to have some knowledge of how to deal with difficult road conditions.

Under any conditions the brakes and tyres should be in fully functional condition. The tyres should have tread enough to cover a match-head; 5mm depth is about the minimum. Brakes should respond consistently; have them checked if they start to feel of behave in a different manner.


Wet Conditions:

If you are driving in wet conditions it can sometime help to wear polarized sunglasses. Polarization reduces glare, and glare from wet surfaces can be a visibility issue. If you find it helps, use polarized glasses. Obviously this will be counterproductive in dim light, so use your discretion.


It takes longer for your car to stop in wet conditions; put as much distance between yourself and the next car as possible, and reduce your travel speed.


Drive in the centre lanes if possible. Better roads are constructed so that they are higher in the centre, allowing the water to run off to the sides. As such, the centre lane tends to be less wet, if only slightly.


Turn your headlights on low. This is so other cars travelling in the opposite direction can see you. Don’t use high-beam or you will blind them with the glare.


Travelling through any body of water is too risky to try. Even if another car succeeded it is still a risk. There might well be a pot hole the other car missed, or a heavy 4WD might get away with something that a normal hatchback cannot. Avoid this mistake.


If visibility is too bad, just stop driving. It’s not worth the risk.


Snow, ice or Sleet.

Stop time for your vehicle in snow is even worse than in wet conditions. Put as much distance between yourself and the next vehicle as possible, and travel as slowly as is practical. Consider not traveling at all.


Show chains are a good investment if you have to deal with snow. As snow only occurs in a few remote parts of our country all drivers should be able to predict when the chains are needed.


4WDs are a little better in snow conditions, but not a lot. If the tyres have no traction on the icy road surface there is nothing that is going to help. 4WDs need show chains as much as any car.


Salt, kitty litter or gravel can help tyres grip in some snowy conditions. This is useful if you are stuck, but not if you are traveling any distance. Carry some of these for emergencies.


Always use quality parts for your car, especially for the braking system. Any Australian or European Aftermarket Brake Pads are available from ICER Oceania. We work with every current and recent model of car.



jinny makeup a little culture history

Wedding Makeup Sydney

We are both individuals and part of the culture we live in. Our choices reflect this, as even the most outrageous individuals today would not choose some of the white face paint and dark mascara fashions popular a few centuries ago. Some of these old fashions are interesting, though we are unlikely to derive much influence from them.


Egyptians apparently were one of the few early civilizations to have some gender equality, something which extended to makeup as both women and men habitually wore it. Yet this never really applied to weddings, as people married without any ceremony. Green and black eye makeup was worn by all genders and classes, as was red rouge for check and lips. This was all done for cosmetic purposes, but as beauty was tied to the spiritual so it was also a religious act. The makeup did have some medicinal properties, and helped protect the skin against Sun damage, but as much as these effects might have been noticed they were considered divine in nature.


Ancient Greeks used makeup, but only if they could afford it. How this worked out when they conquered the Egyptians (who’s lowest classes used makeup) is uncertain. Pale skin was considered desirable, as it showed one was not a manual labourer; unfortunately artificial attempts to dye it introduced lead into the body, which was quite toxic.

Single women wore their hair long and down, but put it up in a knot when married (this is not the source of the expression ‘to tie the knot’). They also liked to keep hair between their eyebrows, effectively making one brow over both eyes. Today’s women go to great length to avoid even a hint of this.

Bridal Makeup Sydney

Jinny Hinn provides wedding or event makeup that will make you the person you want to be naturally. Call Jinny and have yourself a little bit indulged for your big event.


Sydney airport shuttle – Airport Lounges

If you have to spend some time at an airport, because of a stopover or transport connection times, an airport lounge is a consideration. These lounges were once restricted to those with first class or business tickets. Now they are open to all paying customers, though it sometimes depends on who you are flying with.

There is a distinction to be made between pay–per-use lounges and airline lounges.  Airline lounges are for those who are travelling with that specific airline. Travellers with high end tickets receive complimentary lounge access; economy travellers need to pay a fee.  Pay-per-use lounges are open to any fee paying traveller on any airline. Facilities at these lounges vary a great deal.

Airport lounges usually have:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Good WiFi access
  • Meal and drink facilities, which can be complimentary at high end facilities.
  • Showers

Some airport lounges have:

  • Massage facilities
  • Sleep rooms
  • Recreational facilities like pool tables.

Another variation on this system is lounges for holders of various credit cards. Sydney Airport has a lounge open to users of American express.

If you are on a business trip and want to stay in good spirits, or if you want to keep a vacation as smooth as possible, use a Sydney airport shuttle and consider spending any stopover time in an airport lounge.