Advise for Fans Of Escape Rooms

Escape Room Game Sydney

  • Keep track of time – you usually have 60 minutes before the session ends, though a few escape game situations run overnight.
  • Like life you should use all your senses. Anything odd might be a clue, or a misleading red herring.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that intelligence means just analytical thinking. This is only once factor. Many greater thinkers used intuition, lateral thinking, sometime daydreaming, and perhaps one or two mental processes that are yet to be labelled. As the saying goes, think outside the box.
  • Puzzles might require math, language, visual ability, concept association, historical knowledge and any number of skills to solve. Having a vast array skills in your team will be an advantage. Choose team members wisely.
  • Any member of a team who solves one aspect of a puzzle has proved his/her worth. If the rest of the team get stuck on one clue, the rest of the work is to no avail.
  • Look everywhere. Clues are meant to be hidden, often in the fine details. Yet at the same time they might be too obvious to see. As Edgar Allen Poe’s pointed out, the best place to hide a letter might be in a letter rack.
  • The point sometimes is not to think harder, but to think differently. If there is a theme, then everything will fit with that to a greater or lesser degree. What would the mad scientist do? What would the vengeful spinster do? What would the vampire do? They would have little in common with their methods or clues.
  • Any numbers or symbols might be a clue. The time on a clock, the circled number in a book.
  • Communication is paramount. Say anything that might be helpful. You might have the missing piece that makes sense of something important.
  • Guesses and wrong answers aren’t really a problem, though they take up a little time. Each attempt eliminates a dead end, narrowing down the possibility for a right answer.
  • Most escape rooms have about a 25% success rate, with some being even harder. If it wasn’t a challenge it would have little point.
  • Many game situations allow you to have a few clues given to you. The gaming facility wants you to enjoy the experience. So if you’re stuck, don’t be too proud about asking for help. It actually feels quite good to come away having solved most of the puzzles with minimal assistance.


Try an escape room as a company team building exercise or just an adventure with friends.