Advantages of Steel Construction

In high school I really enjoyed my industrial and technology classes, more specifically “Engineering Studies”. I did engineering studies for four years and continue to do engineering with my degree. Till this day I still enjoy it, I like every aspect of it. One aspect of it being identifying a material’s properties.

Today’s guest post revolves around the advantages of steel construction. This post has been supplied by Balustrade & Pool Fencing Services – VOHC Sydney.

Advantages of Steel Construction

  1. Rapid Construction: The predictability and accuracy of steel components allow more rapid construction than similar sized concrete frames. This translates to less disruption to surrounding areas during construction, lower cost in reduced construction time. If the project is completed sooner the building will be operating as well as earning money sooner.
  2. Good Quality Steel is cheaper than it used to be, and prices tend to be stable. Even before you factor in the money saved in faster building times, steel is more economical to build with than other mediums.
  3. Steel is recyclable. There are no wasted offcuts. Steel is a green product
  4. Durability: Steel-framed structures are highly durable, and can last decades before refurbishment is needed. Modifications are always possible and are relatively easy.
  5. Safety: According to industry surveys, steel building construction has an excellent safety record.

From reading this, I remember in school that steel would be used to strengthen many structures as the steel would be used as a frame inside the concrete/cement.

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