Environmental Wood


It is easy to get the wrong impression and think that use of natural resources like wood is detrimental for the environment. But growing trees is beneficial for the atmosphere, and continually growing and replacing trees is even better. Harvesting wood is good for combating climate change.


Trees absorbs carbon from the atmosphere as they grow. About half the weight of the wood produce from a tree is carbon. About 95% of this carbon stays permanently stored in the wood rather than the atmosphere.


Established forests have already absorbed a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. But a forest that is in the process of growing is absorbing even more carbon. It makes sense to keep growing new forests, and to use the wood for building. As long as the wood is not burnt almost all of the carbon remains stored.


Wooden homes are also faster to build than metal structures, requiring less energy. And because wood is a good insulator is can be used for energy efficient homes, providing that the overall building is designed for efficiency.


Sydney bamboo flooring

Bamboo is a grass rather than a wood. But as it is fast growing is both absorbs a lot of carbon from the atmosphere and is ready for use as a building material in under 7 years. Regular growth and harvesting of bamboo should have a great benefit for the environment, and bamboo floors are quite similar to quality wooden floors.


Responsibly sourced wood is a renewable building material. Processing of wood required less energy, thereby producing less carbon, than almost any other building material. Growth of wood actually removes a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Houses build from wood can be designed to be more energy efficient than most alternatives, which is a further advantage for the environment.

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