Some Storage Ideas



Bought Cookware Online Sydney?

If you have ordered some good cookware Online you might want to find some appropriate methods for storing it.


Hang Cookware overhead. Some pipes with hooks are ideal for storing pots and pans. This is especially effective in a walk in pantry. Just make sure the utensils are above head height but still easily accessible.


Some pots have lids, which probably don’t hang well. These can be stored neatly inside a cupboard door.  A pipe across the back of the door, like a towel rack, will hold lids without taking up other storage space.


Magazine holders will often accommodate a frypan or other shallow dish. A few magazine racks in a cupboard. Will let you store pans upright. If necessary you can secure them with blu-tak.


Many people have stored knives on a magnet attached to a wall or cupboard door. The same idea works for some pots and pans, provided that they are also magnetic.


Cookware Online Sydney

Buy some good quality cookware that will last a lifetime. Help cultivate the art of cooking by investing in some utensils to be proud of, avoid processed meals, and be healthier for preparing your own cuisine.

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