JINNY MAKEUP – Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Makeup Sydney


Should I have a Trial?

For the Bride, definitely. For the bridesmaids and mother, quite probably.

The trial is the chance to find our exactly what works for you. To bring photos of both styles you like in others and the occasional photo of yourself where things look just right. The wedding is a one off event; make it the definitive event by being yourself at your best.

The makeup trial often tries several different makeup styles, giving a range of options for the big day. This takes all the guess work out of the wedding preparations. We take a few photos and make notes about the makeup used, and give you the same thing on the morning of your wedding. Deciding in advance makes the process much quicker.


What Preparations should I Make?

For your trial, bring photos of your intended wedding dress and any jewellery or headpieces; this help us ensure that everything will match.  Bring photos of makeup styles that you like.


Hair tends to style best when it is almost perfectly clean rather than absolutely perfectly clean. Wash your hair the day before rather than the day of the trial.


You skin will look best if you look after it. Ask about some healthy routines and diet advice. Seriously consider a facial.


What are the Unforseen complications?

Sometimes, if the trial was long before the wedding, a bride’s hair has grown considerably. Obviously this can affect the styling. Sometimes this is deliberate; sometimes it just creeps up on us because we didn’t think about it. Having the hair cut a few days before, to restore it to the length it was at the trial, can be a good idea.


If you have ever had an allergic skin reaction to any makeup, please advise us in advance.

Advise the makeup artist if you intend to have you eyelashes extended or perform any other cosmetic alteration.


Bridal Makeup Sydney

Friends, siblings and others all have advice, some of which is helpful and based on personal experience. Your bridal makeup artist has more than a few useful tips based on the experience of many past customers.

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