What to Look for in House Paint

red brush painting

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Paint Colour

This might seem obvious, but it is worth stressing. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and the paint job should last for years. We should choose carefully.


The colour of any room will not exist in isolation. You may want one room to be different to the others, or you may want them all to match. This does not mean the rooms have to be identical, only that they are different in ways that are coherent with each other. If you paint one room of the house you may find you want to paint others.


Colour sample sheet (swatches) will give some indication of what is possible. Computer simulation of a room (just using Photoshop) is a better indication.



The refers to the gloss or flat look of the painted walls. Gloss is easy to clean, but shows any imperfections and can be tricky with lighting.  Matt/flat looks good, though cleaning is a little more difficult. Semi-gloss and a few other options vary between these two extremes, but the most popular choice by far is eggshell, which both look great and make cleaning fairly easy.


Gloss paints remain popular for windowsills, doorways and other trim.



Without light there is no colour. Changing the lighting will affect the whole look of a room. Consider Natural light bulbs or other alternatives. They can change the whole effect of a room. Rooms that receive sunshine should be painted with this in mind.


Sydney Painting Services

If you are looking for house painters Sydney based Tiger Painting Services is highly recommended. The right advice is as important as the right technique. Talk to the experts and get the result you will want to keep.



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