Weak Wheat Diet Concerns

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Obesity, which is a real concern, is continually blamed on some isolated factor in our diet or lifestyle. The single factor in question changes as fashions come and go, or when the previously accused factor proves unsubstantiated. Such narrow thinking ignores the complexity of our diet and lifestyles, and encourages people to take a ‘quick fix’ by only changing a superficial factor in their diet. Real change involves healthy living at all levels, not the exclusion of one component of a system.

Lately wheat has been accused of causing overeating disorders, addictions and weight gain. But there are problems with this accusation. Obesity is increasing, yet wheat has been one of the most world’s most widely cultivated cereals for generations, long before the obesity epidemic occurred. People may be eating more wheat, but that’s a problem with eating too much food, not a problem with the food itself.

Artificial products such as high-fructose corn syrup may increase an individual’s appetite, but wheat is a natural product. Even if it is refined and processed the methods have not changed too dramatically in recent times. At worst one can buy wholegrain wheat products, which retain virtually all the nutrients and fibre of the original plant.

Wheat is quite natural, and unless one has an allergy or intolerance it should be part of a healthy diet.


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